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  1. When coming out of the water I use an additional strap on the bow hook to help take stress off the winch strap. I’ve been using a rod saVer tue down strap but after 15 years it broke. Haha. What do you fellow trailer boaters use?
  2. Removed damaged carpet. Pressure washed and scrubbed. Will leave the piece on the swim locker and at the foot rests so not stepping on snaps. Will have to live with it until I can afford seadek. Will look like #$^% at the end of the day, but easy to wash out at least
  3. I need to swap out my trim Tilt senders. We be checked and cleaned them but still guage does not work . Does anyone have a link to a good step by step pictorial on how to do this on a 2005 Merc 5.0 Alpha? I know the out drive has to be pulled etc and on my 210ssi chaparral sport I’ll have to disassemble the rear of the boat and fish wires.
  4. Well after 15 years of trailering I guess it was bound to happen. It would appear that the Starboard side farthest back snap came undone. It would appear that after 70 miles of interstate travel the corner flopped around and the snap vacated , and the carpet frazzled and the rubber backing is gone. I found another post similar to my situation. ive never been a fan of the carpet. The rubber backing in the Deep South suns makes the carpet get so hot you can hardly walk on it. im a retired LEO and on a very limited budget. A new complete set of carpet for my 05 210ssi is over $600. So for the rest of this year I’m just going to remove the carpet and live without it. i glued the snaps down so removing them from the floor may not be an option. Plus I used double sided carpet tape on leading edges so it wouldn’t blow out ( ask me why) So please keep a lookout for a Gray used main carpet piece for the cockpit . I don’t know if they sell just this piece by itself or if you can even still get these. Other than that feel free to suggest any COST EFFECTIVE options for my boat. Would love to do the boat with seatek but can’t afford that. Just doing without it would sure make cleanup easier but with kids in and out at the sandbar the boat looks like #$^% . I like carpet or that breathable mat material . I have a good friend that owns a carpet business and may see if he has some options. My boat stays undercover in a garage so durability does not have to be that great. Thanks so much
  5. THANK YOU WINGNUT. Was sure I tore something up!!!! THANK YOU !!!
  6. Thanks ,. Sorry for the knee jerk question without research. I googled and think I might still be ok. It looks like it should lock in forward but not reverse. Getting conflicting results. In forward gear turns with clicks CW, locked CCW In reverse turns CCW with clicks but locked CW ?????????
  7. 2005 Mercruiser 5.0 2bl Alpha. 1 if the boat is in forward gear with engine off should the prop be able to turn or should it be locked completely? It’ won’t turn backward but will turn forward with a ratcheting feel to it. i screwed up the other day while cleaning and bringing it out of hibernation. I accidentally put into gear quickly and rev it up. I heard a terrible grinding noise. I backed off and shut it down. I was just wanting to rev it in neutral but was in gear. The boat is on the trailer. So I started it today and all seemed good. But it’s been my experience that with the boat in gear and engine off the prop should not turn at all. Again it will turn forward with a ratchet feel to it but won’t turn backward. When I put it into reverse with the engine off the prop won’t turn forward but will turn backward with the same ratchet feel. My boating area is 70 miles away so don’t won’t to get there and be broken. Does the lower unit have some sort of “slipper” clutch? In neutral it turns smoothly with no slack etc im afraid I’ve stripped something in the lower unit. With the engine running it shifts into forward and back and the prop turns. Thanks in advance , hope I haven’t broken something
  8. in a 2005 Merc 5.0 2bl V8 alpha 1. What say you? Its hot down here in Mississippi
  9. one last thing..................... Can someone supply a link to a diagram of the whole shifter assembly. I was going to remove it to lube behind it but the 3 screws I turned did nothing.
  10. solved for now hopefully. Could not ever get the nerve to hamfist that button so just sprayed WD40 in every orifice I could find on the handle assembly. Now its working. Followed up with white lithium grease. So we will see how it goes
  11. Ive tried to remove the button but I dont want to break it. looks like it just would pop out with some encouragement with a small screw driver. obviously its not pushing in far enough to release the lever for neutral
  12. Well need your help again. Hope its simple 2005 Mercruiser 5.0 2bl carb. Alpha 1 outdrive. Shift lever has neutral button in center, trim switch on side and gear engage button on top Boat will shift forward and reverse fine. Will neutral fine. But when I push the button to push the lever forward to fast idle or rev the engine out of gear it wont go. Are there any user serviceable parts in that lever or is something out of adjustment? With no forward into neutral how would I get the button and the two small plastic cover pieces in front and behind the lever off. Thanks in advance======== thank God for this forum ham fisted friend insisted on driving the boat off the trailer and thought the center button was the engage button, hope he did not break something !
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