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  1. 275ssi

    2012 285SSX

    Get the wiring diagram and double check everything behind the battery switch panel. Mine was right messed up from the factory. Always had dead batteries. Ever since I double checked and re wired everything all is good now.
  2. I see they have dropped the big Cuddy Cabin ( 285 SSX )from the line up. Anybody hear if there is something new in the works?
  3. On my 2011 285 SSX ( Same Hull ) my Arch lowers to be about a foot higher than the windshield with the brackets attached. It will go lower but you would have to wrap the tower very well and then let it come down further to rest on the dash and winshield...
  4. I went with the 8.2 Mag HO on my 285 ssx and am glad I did. Like it was said further up, nobody complains they bought too much power. This weekend with full tanks of water and gas, 6 people and a lot of gear, It was a good 15 seconds to plane. Very happy I went with the big torque option.
  5. Duane, I just keep a tiny 2000W Yamaha generator on board in my floor locker for the times I need to charge up my batteries. Very quiet too!
  6. it's a 2012 Chap bow rider inboard. only ever in fresh water and only in the water from Jun to end of Oct. My main question is Why are they still using wood in boats like this? I say sell it while the getting' is good!
  7. Hey everybody! Helping out a buddy this weekend putting a thru hull in for a raw water wash down system and when we drilled through the transom we found that the inner wood was damp. nNot dripping wet but damp enough foe the saw dust to clump together. To me this isn't good at all. fairly new boat too. How long will he have before this transom is totally rotted? Thanks
  8. 275ssi

    New Boat woes

    I'd bet any money that crappy Eagle ( HLT Manufacturing ) Trailer had something to do with it
  9. Stay far far far away from Eagle / HLT mnfg brand of Trailers
  10. I used one of these to get and keep my hatch open wide on my 285 SSX while doing rewiring and installing LED lights and better stereo. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/lil-45900/media/images
  11. Seems we have a new Chap dealer in Kelowna called Malibu Marine. Hope they do well with the line and the others that they represent.
  12. Welcome to the club! Great looking boat and trailer package
  13. Thanks Big Fun! Baum's Aweigh, I found the same info last night. Found a case in 2004 on the Hot Boats forum where a guy paid and ordered a trailer and never got it and was sueing.... I figure they owe me at least a couple big deer. I'll never see it but if I can cost them a couple of Trailer sales , I'll be happy. Even made them a new Facebook page last night and emailed a link to them ! lol been 6 hours and still no reply. They are probably out of business already. Have a great day everybody! http://www.facebook.com/eagletrailer.hltmfg
  14. Thanks Guys! Richard W, Very good point about welding at the very bottom edge . Smart guy! We actually did that and left a drain area on both sides of the bottom weld. Sorry I didn't post a pic of that. I'll take one and update the post. Very good call buddy :-)
  15. Now onto a Spot Blaster to sandblast off what the angle grinder couldn't reach All ready for final prep and Cold Galvanizing Spray A quick red Scotch pad and a wipe with wax and grease remover and we're all set This is what I went with for my protection coating. As this trailer is all one piece when welded together, I was unable to send parts out for a fresh Galvanize dip. Yay!! Not a bad match up for color etc and will not be a total obvious stand out repair when done. Now the inside of the crossmembers couldnot be reached so easily and I need as much protection as I can get in this uns
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