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  1. A Hail Mary act of pure desperation! Not going to work. Might even make his case worse. Just a awful accusation to put on somebody.
  2. He didn’t mentioned anything specific about the incident. Just a general statement -I’m paraphrasing- about it being a privilege and honor to represent the Rooney family and the Steeler organization and that he has to be better the next time. I appreciate the classy move from he and the Steelers to make that statement but I’m totally okay with both if they didn’t make it at all. In fact, I kinda wish they didn’t. In case you weren’t aware, they play right around the corner again 12-1. Not that I expect some big kind of retaliation but I think baker mayfield better keep his head
  3. First off I want to say that I’m a Steelers fan so take my opinion with that in mind. What kills me is all of the pundits that were asking where’s Rudolph’s apology?! What should he apologize for? The beginning of that type skirmish happens all a lot in the NFL. Especially involving the quarterback position where they perceive someone taking shots at them. And let’s face it, the qb position is coveted and protected in the league. Right or wrong. They know it and act like it. So, Mason Rudolph issued a statement today apologizing for his role in the skirmish. I know that migh
  4. I found two things out when having similar questions about performance last year on a 09 216 5.0 carb, 130 hours. 1. Plugs needed changed. No typical signs of underperforming plugs, at least to me. My Merc. mechanic even said they boat was performing as it should and a plug change wasn’t necessary. But he doesn’t operate it and I knew it was off. I insisted on the plug change and it blew my mind the difference. There wasn’t any missing or hard starting. Smooth acceleration. But hole shot was suffering as well as wot. Felt like it was new again. 2. I always knew a dirty
  5. Now a raised, covered slip is utopia!
  6. The convenience of a slip isn’t debatable, imo. Now the work on the boat in the off season to keep it nice, definitely is! Lol
  7. I have had a uncovered slip since my first season in 2010. No doubt about the exposure is worse being uncovered. I bought new and struggled putting it in a fresh water wet, uncovered slip. What I have found out is as long as you are willing to put in the work in each off season to keep it up, the effects are greatly minimized. Only use bow and cockpit covers. I use Overton’s hull cleaner on the bottom. Then collinite cleaner followed by their wax over the entire boat, hull included. My bottom is not painted. I treat the covers every other year with 303 fabric guard. Still haven’t
  8. Sorry no suggestions but I’m looking to buy a pair as well. Interested to hear what others have to say.
  9. Boat looks goid. Seems that you did really well with the purchase price. Good luck and enjoy!
  10. I get your rationale. I used to do the per trip cost and got smart enough to stop. Lol Took the fun out of it boating. So I understand your math. But the longer I keep my boat and the more trips I get out of it in its lifetime, or as long as I own it, the per trip cost come down. The longer you keep it, the numbers get better. At least that’s how I do the math lol
  11. I kinda agree, kinda don’t. To your point, everybody’s situation is different. I definitely see your point though. I purchase most things to keep for a long time. In my experience I bought new, a leftover 2009 in 2010. I admit I was very apprehensive in doing so, especially being my first boat purchase. Depreciation is a big factor. I do everything I can to keep the boat in the best shape possible. I like to think my boat is still in incredible shape as far as appearance and mechanics are concerned. But what I think I’m seeing is that as the price of buying new is skyrocketing, it’s h
  12. A@@holes at all lakes! Last year I was pulling my 8 year old daughter and a friend on a tube and I had a boat in front of us launching water balloons at them with some sort of sling shot mechanism. Needless to say once I approached them they quickly realized they picked the wrong boat to screw with. If they didn’t handle my reaction correctly, somebody was going to be in need of medical attention and I was going to have problems with the law. And these two adults couples looked to be late thirties or early forties. Not young kids by any means. On the 4th, my friend had a wave runn
  13. Have fun and be safe. That water in the pic super clear! Just how I like it. Unfortunately, Cheat Lake, WV rarely looks like that.
  14. Happy belated Birthday!! I don’t post much but I do check in almost daily. I enjoy your posts and your sense of humor. For eighty years young, it appears you still have a awesome zest for life that a lot of people your age has lost. IMO
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