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  1. Maybe go around them?
  2. Omaha area Missouri River.
  3. I have done the Omaha to Smithville trek a few times! I had a lot of fun on Smithville Lake in my Chap. Married a Gower girl!
  4. I think the biggest problem was the side winds. We were heading from Nebraska to Missouri in pretty much an interstate running through a cornfield. I can safely say this kid ain't never doing long hauls with it up again! My straps were tight, it just seemed to get side slapped enough to violently protest said wind!
  5. A thousand herd of deer later, I learned to never tow long distances with mine up (not deployed). It literally disintegrated, and tore up my gel coat while flying apart like a dollar watch!
  6. Hey! Are there any Omaha area Missouri River Boaters out here?
  7. First: 2001 Mariah Diablo 180 Second (and current): 2007 Chaparral 220 SSi
  8. All I can add to this topic is this: When Wingnut speaks of anything lubricant related...LISTEN AND HEED! Further research is not required. He is THE MAN.
  9. Before I put my drive shower on, which has totally eliminated any chalk-like residue, I used to use NauticalEase outdrive cleaner religiously.
  10. Man, I'm glad I am GM kind of guy! I WILL NOT even consider any boat that does not have that black outdrive! Sometimes brand loyalty actually works out. It has worked fabulously for me on the streets, and on the water for many many many years!!
  11. I have definitely noticed over the few years I have been a Chap owner/forum member that Shepherd is the Man in all things affiliated with anything that floats and has an engine! He gives good info that even us knuckledraggers can put to use. There are quite a few people on this forum who are very helpful. Shepherd is just the PhD version! I am really eyeballing an ESP, but it has to be Chaparral. Currently, I am having a dealer out here who used to be a Chap dealer see if any of their stores has one leftover from their days of Chap.
  12. How did you get your swim platform ordered? We used to have a local dealer here in Omaha, but not anymore. Did you contact Chap in Nashville, GA directly or go through a dealer? I have a 220 SSi that needs one, but I will only use OEM on my cars, trucks, boats, etc! Thank you. Jerry
  13. My Chevrolet Silverado does perfectly fine...And the frame doesn't twist, the bed doesn't try to attack the cab when hitting bumps, and the tailgate doesn't rip at the seams with more than 200 pounds of weight put on it!! And, for a bonus, the frame will not be rusted beyond use in 10 years!
  14. Who cares anyway? I wonder how many gallons of water/oil/gas/tires it takes to haul a weekend's worth of NFL players around and to play their games? MLB teams? NBA teams? Oh, I forgot, they don't burn fuels while running up and down a field/court all day long. Eventually, politics will be removed from America's ability to harness energy, and we will get our oil right from under us. That corn crap fuel probably requires more energy/carbons to produce than it saves. MSNBC just hasn't told half of America that yet. Reminds me, I need to get some non-ethanol gas for my Camaro SS, Silverado, Impala SS and top the boat off for storage. Meh.
  15. Yes, the drive shower does prevent the beloved white chalky build up. My 2nd time in the water with it (33.6 miles of tubing/high speed runs) and no white chalky build up. I have bought my last bottle of outdrive cleaner. Yes, the girl will get her normal post boating washing, but mineral dissolving solvents will no longer be necessary.