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  1. radrob

    Wakeboard Tower help

    the 13th floor tower does mount to the rear of the boat and that has not been a problem. However, I have the Bravo III and it never had a issue getting on plane. By the tower being to the rear it is out of the way for everything else and can be used for the bimini mount. Yes...preferences....
  2. radrob

    Wakeboard Tower help

    13th Floor towers....look at their website and you will see several on Chaparral Sunestas. I have a 02 233 and the bimini top attaches to the tower on the back. Also, you can still get to the top of the tower to attach/detach the tow rope.
  3. radrob

    Please add Arkansas to this group

    I totally agree rzrbckchapas we are always left out!!!
  4. radrob


    What kind of tower is that? It certainly does not look good on the boat! Should of got a 13th Floor tower...much nicer and the Bimini top uses it for the back support!!!
  5. radrob

    Color of your boat

    White with Gold and Black stripes...never gets old!!! 2002 Sunesta 232, 5.0 TPI Bravo III, 13th Floor Tower, Memphis amps/speakers, Prestige trailer Located in Camden, Arkansas