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  1. Fiction520

    new boat

    Yes! Don't tell us about your new boat without posting pictures! And congrats. I think about sizing up from our 18 footer all the time, we just love the #%^$&%$ thing so much though.
  2. Fiction520

    Lazy Lake Tahoe Day

    Had some friends out over the weekend and while I love visitors, it was great to unwind with just my wife yesterday. Tahoe crested the 70 degree mark and it is friggin' lovely.
  3. Fiction520

    High five props

    I have a high five and I would hardly call it an all-around prop. I bought it to rip the arms off my friends while wakeboarding at the expense of top speed. It's a 21p and was great in the lakes in AZ but useless in Tahoe @ 6200' where I do most of my boating these days. Brick has you steered in the right direction with a lower pitched, 4-blade prop. I'm running a 4/14.5/17p and it's a great mix between a good hole shot and decent high-rpm speed. It worked great at 2000' and it's my best prop up here. I might drop down to a 15p though.
  4. Fiction520

    Soft Deck - what's under the carpet 1995 2335ss

    I have a 97 180le and I just did my carpet. If your floor is anything like mine, it'll have the thinnest layer of chopstrand and resin on top of ply. Along the center walkway, that thin layer of glass had turned to dust and the ply was deteriorating a bit leaving the floor feeling "springy". I patched what I could with some two-part wood filler, sanded, and reglassed the problem area with woven fiberglass mat. Floor is solid and strong again. It was a pain in the $^& but completely worth it. The light tan is wood filler and the wet looking parts is where I laid the new glass. And all done
  5. I just finished replacing my serpentine belt on my 1997 merc 4.3 which included swapping the plastic pulley for the metal one. I installed the new pulley with the dished side in, which matches all the pictures I could find online, but the pulley is no longer flush with the shaft. My alignment method was to hold a straight edge along the 3 red points below at adjust the pulley until the 4th blue point was also aligned. Everything looks and sounds kosher with the motor running, I just want to be sure that it's normal for the shaft to now be inset. And thanks guys, I haven't needed to post here much because there are many questions that I have had and found answers to that have already been covered.
  6. Fiction520

    Water in Bilge

    My nearly 20 year old 180le stays dry as a bone when slipped. If your boat is just sitting there, minding its own business, it should stay dry. When it's me and 5 other friends getting in and out of the water, over the course of 6-8 hours, yeah, a good deal of water can accumulate down there. When you're beached, are people constantly in and out? If that isn't the case, and that bilge is still kicking in there's a good chance something is not right. And for your concern about slipping, I'd say that is perfectly normal. Up until this year I was a day tripper myself. I just moved from AZ where I went from a 3 hour haul to get to the lake to being 30 minutes from a dock at Lake Tahoe. So I decided to get a slip for the summer. Even with fresh batteries, a new 1000gph bilge pump and auto switch I know I should be fine. But the anxiety I had the first few nights was insane. Ultimately, all for nothing. If you figure that everything is A-OK, get that slip. It's freaking spectacular not having to tow anymore. You may get anxious for the first week or so, but that will fade.
  7. Fiction520

    Water in Bilge

    EDIT: Moved my response to the thread that already has replies.
  8. Fiction520

    lets see those boating dogs

    My pup Telly. She's still working on those sea legs but does fine while stationary on calm water
  9. Fiction520

    Have you been out yet ????

    Got a late start this season. I was waiting for the marina here to finish dredging a channel since Tahoe's water is so low. I was finally able to put in on 6/30. It's been a great first two weeks out there so far.