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  1. 2strokemerc

    Quality of gas- Canada vs US

    Some of our gas contains as much as 10% ethanol. But not always. I do believe that the gas in US depending where you buy is not that good. We drove to Florida a couple years ago from southern Ontario. Twice on the way down and twice on the way back the check engine light came on. Made me a bit nervous. Happened right after filling up and would go off again shortly after the next fillup. Only thing I could think of was a higher than normal ethanol content. Took about a week for it to clear when we got home after filling in Michigan. The check engine light was never on before and has not been on since.
  2. 2strokemerc

    Prop Repair - and a depressing photo

    This is the old marine railway at Big Chute. Quote from The Waterway.ca "Did you know that, although The Big Chute Marine Railway is the only one of it's kind in North America, there is actually 2 of them? The second sits a couple hundred feet to the north and was the original, much smaller marine railway. Built in 1911, it is only used if the current one were to break down, or need servicing. The current one was constructed as it's replacement in 1977. - See more at: http://www.thewaterway.ca/severn_region.html#sthash.iL6xHdpx.dpuf"
  3. 2strokemerc

    New owner of a gorgeous teal and gold 2130ss

    Don't loose faith, you'll get out eventually. On the bright side, you can boat most of the year in Florida. Around here I'll have to start thinking about winter in about a month.
  4. 2strokemerc

    New owner of a gorgeous teal and gold 2130ss

    Nice looking boat. Good luck with getting her running right. Hope you can get out out on the water before summer is over.
  5. 2strokemerc

    210ssi fuel removal question

    I think you're going to have trouble cleaning the entire tank. It probably has baffles and getting past them will be difficult. My crew chief is having trouble with debris in his fuel tank, (not a Chapparal) and when he removed his fuel sending unit he could only get to one area of the tank.
  6. 2strokemerc

    Fuel Tank Cleaning

    I would try this with a 1/4 tank of fresh fuel. And a new 10 micron filter on your water separator. This stuff is suppose to clean the tank while you operate the boat. It will probably clog up the filter so have a second on hand to replace the first. It's available at West Marine. http://www.westmarine.com/buy/star-brite--enzyme-formula-fuel-tank-cleaner-64-oz--5617840
  7. 2strokemerc

    new member from Smyrna, Tn with 88 198c xl

    A friend of mine was a little slow winterizing his boat one year. Cracked the block so he went from a 5.0L to the bigger 350ci engine. As far as I know they are both small block Chevys so it should fit no problem. Some one will chime in with a definite answer.
  8. 2strokemerc

    New Boater, Old Boat!

    With a lot of elbow grease you can make it look decent but it will never be like new. Nice boat by the way. I wish mine had the 140.
  9. 2strokemerc

    Fried Alligator

    That's a good size perch. We get lots of them around here. There is a perch tournament in the spring just north of here and another in the fall here where I live. I've had alligator in Florida once, thought it was pretty good. Kind of like chicken, but different.
  10. When I did my impeller last spring the kit came with extra stuff.
  11. 2strokemerc

    New to me '84 187

    Pictures are good. When I first got my boat the trim was tempermental. A retired marine mechanic said that the solenoids were a common item to fail. I had done some wireing and voltage checks and could never find anything wrong. So I bought a new solenoid and the problem persisted. My problem ended up being the trim limit switch and would only act up after being in the water for a while, always working good sitting on the trailer. If I were you I would first see if you're getting 12 volts to the solenoid when the button is pushed. You could swap the solenoids top to bottom and see if the problem follows. My boat came with a rebuilt prop. At slow speeds I had a vibration that would go away when I increased speed. I put on a new prop and I also greased the u joints after removing the drive, made sure they were smooth. The vibration went away. Not sure what was causing the vibration and in the end didn't care as long as it was gone. I don't know if any of this will help you, just my experiences.
  12. This might help a bit with your steering problem, http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=21939&hl=
  13. 2strokemerc

    1986 178XL Bimini Top

    My current top isn't tall enough for me to stand up straight and I wish it was longer towards the rear. My wife likes riding in the boat but has fair skin and doesn't like being in the sun. That's why I was looking at that bimini you're looking at. Also for the same reason as you have, I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I hope to upgrade to a larger boat sometime soon.
  14. 2strokemerc

    1986 178XL Bimini Top

    I was looking at those last year but never did pull the trigger. I can't remember the measurements but was confident that 46" atop the gunwale would allow an average height person to walk upright and not bump head. I think for the money it's a good deal but definitely not the best available. I always keep my boat parked with a cover on so the bimini would only see sunshine a few times per year. Probably last long enough to cover the cost, best part is wife would be happy and I could stand up.
  15. 2strokemerc


    Photobucket. Free to open an account, then once you have the photos you want to share transferred to photobucket just click on them, copy the image tag and paste it here in your post.