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  1. dave denny

    SGBoating Phuket Rendezvous 2010

    Hi everyone. There is another way to consider that was mentioned to me just recently. You can HIRE a skipper to take your boat to Phuket for you. You can even give instructions on the speed you want them to take (ie not over 20knots etc) and provide them with a debit card (or cash) so that they can stop at various marinas along the way for refueling. I was told it would normally take about 4 days for them to complete the trip in this way, allowing you the luxury (is air asia considered luxury??) to fly to phuket with your boat there waiting for you. A lot of newbie sail boat owners have done a similar arrangement so i see no reason why it couldn't be arranged for power boats. The only question is, where to find the skippers? regards Dave COOL CHANGE I
  2. dave denny

    What is the age of your boat and engine hours?

    2008 SIG 290 - 64 hours on the engines.. Just bought the boat 2nd hand in Singapore. My first boat and loving it..
  3. dave denny

    my first boat

    2008 - 290 Signature Cruiser
  4. dave denny


    this is my first ever boat 2008 SIG 290 with only 62 hrs on the engines..
  5. dave denny

    Cool Change