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  1. Got it Fixed, I checked all the grounds and cleaned them, replaced the starter relay, replaced the battery and tightened and clean battery cables and the problem has gone away. Thanks for all the input it definitely made the trouble shooting a lot easier. Now on to the upholstery shop next week so we can be on the water for memorial day.
  2. I tried to crank it with the plugs out last night and still no luck. I can turn the motor over by hand even with the plugs installed. The plugs still look good and don't show signs of any water intrusion.
  3. I tried to crank my boat for the first time and the starter made a loud clicking noise so I replaced it and the motor turned over a few times so I cut the key back off. Then I went to start it again and heard that the same loud clicking noise. What in the world could be causing this?
  4. I'll third that motion. A mid to late summer date would definitely work out better for our crowd.
  5. We got my belts off last night and took those mercruiser part numbers and matched em up with some new ones. I think it may have taken quite a while to just match em up by hand. Thanks for those part numbers by the way, saved the parts counter jockey a lot of trouble. We put tightened everything back up and now were back in business. We did the impeller last week along with a new prop and now she is ready for a memorial day camping trip.
  6. I was wondering if anyone had the part numbers on the two drive belts on my mercruiser 89' 4.3, its time to replace them and i'm having a hard time looking them up. Any ideas? If i could get a belt size or some kind of cross reference so I could pick them up tomorrow. Thanks.
  7. I have that same 187XL in blue, let me know which top your order and send me some pics after the install. We have been wanting to put one on this year but wasn't sure about it being in the way with all the jumping and swimming like what you stated.
  8. Yea let me know if you had time. I'm gonna try and tackle it this weekend. Thanks for all the technical advise. It was a big job to replace all the bellows and shift cable so I'm pretty confident I can nail this down. Thanks guys.
  9. I'm having a problem with my trim switch and the indicator gauge. I took the sending unit limiter switches off the outdrive when we replaced all the bellows, shift cable and boots. I even took one completely apart just to kinda learn how they work. Now the gauge is not working right and the switch stops the lower unit from coming up as far as it used to. The trailer mode still works. I guess i need to know how to set them so everything works again. It all worked fine until I took it apart and didn't mark where they were at.
  10. Well lets get this thing rolling. Were definitely in and gonna make the reservations next week. I think were gonna stay at Val Monte Resort. I would like to help with anything I can. I'm from NC but if if you guys need some ideas or anything else count me in. I would really like this to be a great weekend.
  11. Yea I'm going to purchase that service manual this weekend. I cal a local shop and the quote was a small heard of deer. I'm pretty mechanically inclined so I'm gonna try and get it started this weekend.
  12. If I Disconnect it and push it by hand what should I be looking for, and could the cable be good and that shift interrupter switch that all the cables mounts to be bad.
  13. I had to replace the tires last year when I bought the boat. The guy I bought it from had it down towards the bottom of his land under a canopy kinda half exposed. There was a foot of pollen dust and bird poop covering everything. I had to yank pretty hard on the trailer to pull out from under the canopy and one of the tires were so dry rotted it wouldn't hold air. So I had to jack up the trailer and pull the wheels off and carry them to Manny Moe and Jack for new tires. It was Sunday so there wasn't a lot of other places open. You should check out the pics I posted of it when I brought her home. I looked over the trailer pretty good and it was in pretty good shape so we hauled her home that day. I greased the bearings in the guys yard hooked it up and rolled on. The trailer is not the original, the boat was on a lift in some lake in Michigan were he lived about ten years ago. That was the last time it had been run. I just did some general maintenance things to the motor, slapped on a new starter and she was hammer down all summer last year. My tow vehicle is on the next short list, i'm gonna have the transmission serviced early spring. I'm pretty confident with it, the only issue I had was blown head gasket in late fall this past year. Two new Vortec heads were the rememdy for this one. The truck has about 185,000 miles on it and I it drive about once a week on the weekends. So with triple A in my back pocket were hoping for the best.
  14. Whats up with the itinerary, I'm sure its already been posted if some one refresh me a little with it. We will be checking that out and trying to commit here within the next two weeks. I mapquested it and its gonna be a nine hour haul but you only live once.
  15. The boat was on the muffs when I ran it Saturday, if I shifted slow or fast or any other which way it always did the same thing. So there was no load, and as for the thermostat deal we put a new thermostat in the motor last year and I ran it and changed the oil to check for any water in it and I believe we should be good with the intake manifold. I also don't run the boat in any salt or brackish water its just inland lakes and the engine is only showing 235 on the hour meter. I also need a good site to pick up that shift cable if anyone has any recommendations. I'm also gonna drain the drive oil this week and load it with some fresh lube, were trying to get the boat ready for the SECRU. I get really busy at work in the spring so if I don't do it now it would be a big rush later. Were almost ready to make our final decision on attending the raft up and the girlfriend loves Alabama so she is not too deterred by the nine hour drive but I think it will be one of the best boating vacations we could take this year. I have only one request while were there. I just wanna sit on on someones big Sig and drink an ice cold brew to check out what it feels like so I can prep myself for a few years down road we can pick ours out. I would hate to walk into that blind, they don't let you drink beer at the dealerships yet.