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  1. Thanks. I did not try it with a runabout....it's a deckboat. Do you think it is still accurate?
  2. Hello, I just bought a new to me Sunesta 243 and I need some info on what prop would be ideal. I'm not sure if the prop on there is ideally suited for my needs. It currently has a 26 pitch. We tried to slalom ski behind it and the hull shot left a little to be desired. Boat specs: 2002 Chaparral 243 Sunesta Mercury 350 MAG 300 HP Bravo III outdrive with 2.2 gears Ran it today at 4200 rpm WOT @ 42 mph @ 1700' elevation I am looking for the best hull shot because we want to ski behind the boat. I will be taking it to Lake Powell in a few weeks and really want to make sure the prop is good for the higher elevation there (3630') I have searched all over the web for the info with no luck at all. Also, the Mercury Marine website prop selector does not seem to work with my set up??? Is anybody an expert on this? What prop should I be running? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!
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