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  1. Sakison

    256 SSI Glove Box

  2. Sakison

    256 SSI Glove Box

    Has anyone ever replaced their door? It is made out of a hard foam and mine is starting to come apart. I found an aftermarket one on ebay for 100 but didn't know if that is way to go or not.
  3. Sakison

    2018 267 SSX

    Why did they move the molded swim platform up on the newer models? Like the 257SSX in the link above? My 2004 SSX sits right on the water.
  4. Sakison

    2007 256 SSI with radar arch camper enclosure pics

    How much $$ would it cost to get a boat like ours repainted. ( I know it is gel coat but didn't think Gel coated was a word)
  5. Sakison

    Out Drive Chatter

    It would be awesome if it was the ladder cover. Don't think so but Ill check it.
  6. Sakison

    Out Drive Chatter

    I have the bravo three. I cant hear it on the inside.
  7. Sakison

    Out Drive Chatter

    Just recently I have noticed a chatter coming from under the swim platform when the boat is in neutral and idling. The outdrive seems to operate normally under speed. I am wondering if maybe the linkage is out of adjustment and the outdrive is not 100% disengaged, The prop is not rotating while the boat is in neutral.
  8. Sakison

    Need Some Info

    So has anyone reset or replaced their tachometer?
  9. Sakison

    Need Some Info

    No alarms. The tach was tested before the props were repaired. The tach is still off. Just wanted to check with someone that had the same set up as myself.
  10. Sakison

    Need Some Info

    Yes I already had some dings in the props, so I sent them out to get reconditioned. They came back shiny and perfect. My real question was for anyone that had a 256 with a 350 mag. Curious to know the relationship between MPH and RPMs on their boat so I can figure out if I am running in a similar range. As I said, my tach is reading 400 RPMs too high.
  11. Sakison

    Need Some Info

    2 mechanics looked at it. Said it was fine, The marina serviced the lower unit and said all looked good. Don't know if I may have hit something in the water or what-We have had a lot of rain and there was some debris in the lake that weekend.
  12. Sakison

    Need Some Info

    OK. I need some information from anybody that has a 256 SSI with the 350 Mag. So, 2 weeks ago I take off cruising fine. About 15 minutes in I get a terrible noise like something slipped/grinded. Shut throttle down quickly and opened hatch. Boat is running good. Put it back and gear everything is quiet. Ease back to 15-20 MPH and boat feels a little sluggish and the RPMs are too high for this speed. Scared me so I basically just idled around and back to the house. Called my mechanic and he rode with me said he didn't think anything was wrong but the tach was probably off. Second mechanic said the same thing, hooked up his laptop to the engine and my tach is off 400-500 RPMs. The tach used to jump around and I could tap it and it would go back to normal. Now it is stuck at the higher RPMs. So, MY QUESTION is, what is the relationship on your boats between MPH and RPMs? Seems like I used to cruise with a light load at 25 mph at around 3000 RPMs, but I really cant remember. Now at 25 mph, the tach is reading around 4000 RPMs. Also is there a way to reset the tach or how hard is it to install a new one? Also, I did use some lower gear fluid that wasn't merc brand previously so I had the lower unit serviced and my props reconditioned. Ran it this weekend and it seemed fine but with the tach being off my mind keeps telling making me think something's wrong. Any replies would be appreciated.
  13. Sakison

    Factory Cockpit Covers

    The other reason I asked about factory was because the originals had felt where they contacted the seats, two LARGE vents near the windshield, vented material in the back where the walk thorough is and they used the loops rather than snaps. So I gather from the responses that even if you order factory, they have to be custom fit to the boat.
  14. Sakison

    Factory Cockpit Covers

    Has anyone on here purchased replacement covers for their boat? My 2004 256 sits in a non-covered slip most of the summer, I had some replacement covers made locally a few years ago and they are made of some sort of vinyl. The covers are beginning to mildew on the inside which I believe is causing my seats to mildew, It seemed as if my original sunbrella covers did a better job breathing and were just better all around. I am guessing that a replacement set would be very expensive.