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  1. Andreas

    Chap-Newbie from Germany says hello!

    "New" is relative ... my initial posting is about three years old. Once the weather here in Germany changed into summer mode while the last weeks, I managed to prepare the boat again for the (short) summer season: new antifouling, polishing the gelcoat, new 12V electric installation, new land power supply (230V here in Germany with lots of security guidelines to be met), even a small chartplotter (Garmin GPSMap 620) and an AIS receiver are aboard now. Since last Thursday, I'm floating again - I have a mooring berth for the summer at the yacht harbour of Duisburg, at the river Rhine. Not that easy to stay out of the way of the larger vessels here - the Rhine is about 0.2 miles wide here, and the business vessels are overtaking both up the river and down simultanously, so you have up to four vessels next to each other sharing the navigable channel deep enough for them. And such a business vessel is often a pushing unit with 6 or even 9 barges in front of it, approx. 270m (~0.1mile) long. These barges are sometimes even anchored in the river for loading/unloading or even waiting, so space is further limited by them, Using the AIS collision alarm does not make any sense here: you are almost always within <100m range of some solid steel when driving the Rhine. But it's still fun to go out cruising for an hour or two after work - who else can manage that in a city approx. 250mls from the coast? I'm still very satisfied with the Chaparral and the 1.7 diesel engine: last season I used up approx. 140 liters (~37 gallons) of diesel fuel in the whole year, with several weekends cruising on the river Ruhr (12km/h ~ 8mph speed limit) and some afterwork sessions on the Rhine. With a fine V8 engine, 140 liters would last for a single weekend (at best), I guess. But of course the sound of a small 4 cylinder car diesel engine with a screaming turbo is nothing compared to a big V8 at relaxing cruising revolution.
  2. Andreas

    Chap-Newbie from Germany says hello!

    Hi, no, I'm actually from Dortmund (in the western center of Germany, part of the "Ruhrgebiet" / Rhine-Ruhr-Area). Our trip to Fehmarn was a long weekend trip with almost 600mls of driving with the trailer. Normally I'm boating on the river rhine near Dusseldorf, Krefeld and Duisburg which is quite tricky - lots of industry vessels, sometimes four ones next to each other (overtaking each other both upriver and down), a current of about 4-6 mph downriver, lots of waves due to the industry traffic ... it's good to drive a boat with a perfect V-shape for this kind of swell. Trailering to the river Rhine is a good hours drive from my home and the boat's barn. Driving the diesel engine is indeed a fine experience in economy and torque, even if the max speed is not that spectacular. Thanks for your welcome!
  3. Hi there, my name is Andreas from Germany and I'm new to both Chapparal boating and this forum. I bought a used Chaparral 205 SSe (the layout with straight back seat and without back-to-back seats in the front) just a few months ago and had my first driving experiences while the last weekends - first in a local river, and last weekend on the Baltic Sea (around the isle of Fehmarn). My Chap is powered by the small Mercruiser 1.7 DTI diesel engine. Originally powered by a 4.3 V6, the engine got switched after importing the boat to Germany by one of the former owners. The boat is doing about 50 km/h (~ 27kn, ~ 31.25 mph) which is not that much, but enough for me and my wife. We prefer staying dry even without calm seas to breaking speed records ... On the other hand, I've serious trouble to empty the 170 l gasoline tank (~ 45 gallones) within some weekends of boating. I'm looking forward to sharing some interesting information about this boat.