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  1. Having a hard time locating a trailer part, not even sure how to search for it. Looking for a replacement rubber piece with the anti-skid raised dots / the rubber piece that goes on the fender step so you don't slip. I have a 2001 tandem axle EZ loader custom trailer. Thanks for any suggestions or links.
  2. getting close to that time of year. anyone have any direct experience with winterizing your boat yourself vs. what you spent at the dealer? Want to weigh costs vs. headache and time. I have a 233 sunesta with carbourated 5.7 alpha one. I know I have a couple small holes in the exhaust bellow that will need to be replaced, and I know I could do the work, just not sure it's worth the savings.
  3. Thanks Shep. Where would I go to see some pics of the factory ESP's and get options, costs, etc.
  4. My local Chap dealer told me that Chap does not recommend putting an extended swim platform on as aftermarket. He said the transom of boats sold w/out the ext swim platform does not support the weight? Anyone heard of this and anyone had any success putting one on a 2001 sunesta 233? I know there are a couple aftermarket swim platform websites showing pics on sunesta 233's. So is there truth in the dealer saying the transom will not support one?? much thanks
  5. I purchased a 2001 sunesta 233 w/ 200 hours on it last 4th of July. Alpha One carbed 5.7L - I put a merc 19P Hi Five SS prop on it - love it. Great hole shot for water sports, does about 47 mph w/ very light load. Good boats if that's the advice you're looking for.
  6. +1 for listen to Shep and agreed that you dont have the right prop now. in my personal experience, I landed with a merc high five stainless steel 5 blade on my 01 233 sunesta, hole shot is great and I only lost 1 mph on top end, and it brought my rpm's up close to the high end of suggested rpm range.
  7. snap in carpet as others suggest or http://www.corinthian-marine-carpet.com/aquamat/jr-berber-driftwood. I spent about a third of the deer for other berber carpet online (had a sales on driftwood). They will loan you a snap tool as well. Got colored snaps from canvastraining.com, and installed in a few hours. Don't rely on their carpet template for you boat model though. I got burned using what they said was my template, and it's a little big, overlapping other sections in places. But for the deer I will live w/ it.
  8. beautiful, jealous on many fronts - the boat and you get to take out Sat
  9. I've been one of the guys that lost a cover on I-65 in Louisville. Tore the @#$%@# out of my cover and straps, and needless to say pretty freakin scary. I actually drug the entire cover about a mile down the interstate, hanging on by only 2 transom straps. Not fun.
  10. ordering new snap in carpet. will need to get snaps and install them to ensure good fit. did a google search and have found only 1 site that has colored snaps. anyone know where to find colored snaps?
  11. welcome to the forum. I love my 233, can't wait to get her back out. I picked it up early last summer, drove about 6 hours to make the deal. it has alpha one 5.7L carb., new mercury high five 21P, does 47 on GPS. nada guides do not include the value of the trailer - you'll have to do it separate. do a web search for the year and model you want, should get some results. Good luck.
  12. I'm w owensound on this. I was lucky enough to find a dealer that let me tested several different props, 3/4/5 blades. I have a 233 sunesta w/ 350 carbed. 4 blade revolution was too heavy and agressive, 3 blades got just a little more top end and finally settled on a 19P 5 blade Hi Five and love it. Bullet hole shot and only lost about 2 mph top end. I would be more concerned about your rpm's. I learned on this forum different rake/pitch props have different effects on engine rpm. You want to be in the upper limit of your engine's recommended rpm range w/ light load on board (2 boaters & normal gear). 5 blade may work good though.
  13. trailer axle spindle / hub blowout results: trailer place (Dukes AW in Louisville, KY which I would highly recommend) polished up the existing spindle. There was no damage where the bearings ride. Installed new bearings, backing plates / brakes, hubs on both sides with a new brake line. Ready to be mounted which will be my weekend project after touching up the new black drums with hunter green rustoleum. Out the door w/ tax for [no pricing permitted]. better than [no pricing permitted] freight, and I feel comfortable with their judgment. DOn't think they'd put me on the road otherwise. Any advice on bleeding brake lines, never done it? thanks again for all the insight. Mike, Crestwood, KY.
  14. thanks again for the feedback - the $436 that I was quoted was from EZ Loader spring axle with drums, backing plates, brakes, bearings, etc preassembled and ready to mount. + $200 for freight from Midway AR to Louisville KY. I will wait and see what the trailer place says about the condition of the spindle (FYI the race was stuck on it - would not pull off so I know there is some damage where the bearings ride). Option 2 for me at this point is let a certified welder weld a new spindle on and purchase brake drum bearing kit and install myself. I am out on business for a week but will post after that and let you know an update. thanks, Mike
  15. thanks for the feedback. taking the axle to a trailer place now to see what they think. FYI - i know the bearings need to be packed each year - I just got the boat from an individual late July this year, had it winterized and was trailering to put up for the year. would have maintenanced the trailer prior to next season.
  16. bearing or brakes engaged and blew entire hub in half, threw tire / hub / brakes / bearings, etc. Thank God it was in the neighborhood. I had 4 people look at these attached pics or in person and gotten 4 different opinions. Anyone had trailer spindles successfully put back on or even resurfaced w emory cloth? I'm getting mixed opinions - obviously I'd rather not spend $440 + freight to get a new EZ loader axle here, but not sure I feel completely comfortable towing my family around if there's any doubt a welded (w/ aligner) spindle won't hold. I'm dropping the axle in the meantime and taking it to a couple trailer shops to get their opinions. Need some help / suggestions. thanks, Mike
  17. 19P High Five it is. Great hole shot and mid range acceleration. 47mph on GPS with 4750 rpm, in not so flat water on the Ohio River yesterday. Thanks to Joe and Toby from MO and all others for their feedback. I'm sure the dealer can't wait to hear the words, I'm buying.
  18. thanks Joe, great insight. thinking the High Five 19 is best fit. I'm going to have to stop looking for the perfect fit since the dealer will probably go nuts when I return two $600 rev4's and ask him if I can get the High 5. Give and take, as long as there is cold beverages on the boat and it is in the water with the people you enjoy, life is good.
  19. sorry, the rev4's were 14 5/8 14 1/4 black max 21 3 blade 14 vengence 19 13 1/2 high five
  20. All right final prop testing in. I'm ready as Joe said to back up the truck and test the whole kit and kaboodle. I tested 2 other props, both rev4's and still not sold on a prop. Toby from MO might have the ticket in trying a 19P High Five. 21P 3 blade AL Mercury 47 mph @ 4200 rpm WOT - OK 19P 3 blade SS Vengence 48 mph @ 4500 rpm WOT - could live w/ hole shot, decent top end 17P 5 blade SS High Five 44 mph @ 4950 rpm WOT - loved the hole shot and handling but not top end and felt like the prop was slipping @ WOT trimmed UP 19P 4 blade SS revolution 47 mph @ 4300 rpm - too low rpms 17P 4 blade SS revolution 46 mph @ 4600 rpm - still thinking there's a better fit. Besides the 19P High Five, my next best guess would be the Enertia 19P. Last call as I'm sure the dealer is at the end of his patience. Any other thoughts?
  21. I agree w/ morgan1, ask the seller. When I bought my 233 sunesta he had to send the carpet up (albeit the middle section largest piece was missing which he told me - on that note, best price i can find on the center piece of carpet is $325 - anyone have ideas on where to get). you could check w/ your local upholstery shop - they might need the work and get you a good deal. I have not used the aft cushions either.
  22. chief plasma, no where in this tech sheet did I find a recommendation for my prop. I'll have to drink another then try to read this techy stuff. Just kidding, thanks for the info, very interesting. Hope my guess is right w/ the rev 4's, at $500 it better work! BTW - my boat actually was originally purchased from the Chap dealer there in Nashville, Modern Marine (still have the paperwork).
  23. thinking since the hi 5 17 got me 4950, a 19 or 17 rev 4 will get me somewhere between 4700 / 4800. Chap suggested try both these. I hear what you're saying about the Vengence and the weight of the rev 4. The dealer is ordering me both a 19 and 17 rev 4 to try, hopefully one of them puts me where I need to be, since I told him I would buy one of them. He's trying to sell me but said there's no comparison between Mercury props and Stilletos and other aftermarket ones - he said the closest in quality to Merc was Turbo. I had a Turbo prop on an old 19' runabout w/ small V8 and it ran about 53 mph. We'll see. If they don't work I'll go 19 hi five. At any rate thanks again, will let you know end of next week or first of the following.
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