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  1. I just called him and he said the issue with the noise was that a bolt holding down the starter was loose. Thoughts? And he said that the issue with it continuing to run after i turn the key off was due to a couple of wires touching each other that he has since separated. We will see how it goes when i put it in the water tomorrow evening...
  2. thanks for your help. I dropped it off to him again tonight. He did mention flywheel. Could it have been damaged by him connecting the spark plug cables incorrectly? You are right, I need to find another guy. The guys on the lake charge /hr and he is ....but i guess you get what you pay for....
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did bring it in to NAPA and they told me it was perfect. The starter is a marine starter as I picked it up at NAPA on Saturday. He used a file to clean all of the wires. Another thing about the radio, and trust me, I am not crazy....3 times last year, when the boat was in the yard, the radio powered on by itself. Does this help?
  4. I have had an issue with my 2001 Chaparral 183 SSE for the past couple of years. Most recently, the problem is that I am out on the lake and the boat is running fine and when we go to start it, it won't turn over. My repair guy told me it was the starter and has changed it 4 times in 2 years. We launched it on Saturday and it started fine but when we accelerated it shook violently and would not get up to full speed. I called him and he came over. Said that a couple of the wires were crossed. I know, he should know better. We dropped him off and it sounded better and got up to full power
  5. Thanks for the help thus far. Heading out on the lake now. Will see how it goes. How tough to replace the key switch? I am fairly handy but no expert.
  6. I have a 2001 180SSE. Have had this problem off and on for a few years now. Marina can't seem to fix it consistently. I turn the key and 9 times out of 10 it doesn't even attempt to turn over. I have to try it several times before it finally turns over and starts. I know its not the battery as it doesn't even turn over. Then when i turn off the engine, it continues to run for 5-10 seconds before shutting down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kerry
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