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  1. thanks!!! So now it's just a question of these torsion axles (which I think is standard on the trailer we're looking at) and if these vault hubs are good/worth it.
  2. Think we're leaning towards the LoadRite. Looking at their AB Aluminum bunk line 8,400# weight capacity. Has the target bunks, LED lights, aluminum rims, stainless hardware, PVC guides, surge brakes on both axles (anyone know if PA requires both axles to have them or not? I can't get a clear answer with an online search). It'll also include torsion axles (I assume that's in place of leaf springs, don't know much about them) and "vault" hubs. From what I'm told that is like a permanent or really long bearing buddy?
  3. Was mainly asking because we found a 2013 with 59 hours and all options we want except the underwater lights (no big deal) and bigger engine and teak color VS blue (another no big deal) plush had the old style arch (in case I haven't mentioned I hate the look of the new style lol) Drove over 4 hours yesterday to take a look after reviewing pictures and asking dealer questions over the phone. It was a brokered boat and it was a mess. Bumps and dock rash all over plus some obvious hits with gouges into the fiberglass on the teak colored gel coat and other spots. Bow cover not on properly and was damp and filthy inside. Mold in the nooks and crannies. For Pete's sake if you're going to sell something at least clean it up. Had high hopes because it had most of the right options but if that's how he took care of the boat I can only imagine how he treated it during break in period etc Oh well, at least we got to see the American side of Niagra Falls
  4. Wondering if anyone has the 264 with a Merc 6.2 in it. Would like to send a pm if possible
  5. We had started looking between the 256 and the 264 but the wetbar option and starboard side access vs center is what put us over to the Sunesta line. There's sentimental attachment to our current boat which we/my parents have owned since new, but after 30 faithful years, it just doesn't serve the purposes of how we're boating these days (more friends, wanting to be able to go out on the weekend and not get tossed around, wanting to be able to travel with the boat) so the time has come. Right now we're just waiting to see if we can still get the old style tower on the new boat as we REALLY don't like the look of the new tower..... I'm not holding my breath but since we have some time before we'd need to order, you never know.
  6. Well I do have a backhoe but I'm hoping that's not necessary, yikes. Have to do some research.
  7. Haven't committed to anything yet (probably should be committed tho lol) and when this search started a few years back we were leaning towards VP because of what we'd heard about ease of working on them but our local place does nothing to very little with VP which makes us strongly look at the Merc. We hit 55 today with 3 adults on board tho I don't know what props other than a 3 blade and a 4 blade but no idea on pitch.
  8. So.... The 264 is our next boat and while we've seen them dry we've never been in one (or any boat that size) in the water. The local dealer took us out on one today with the 8.2 in it and I know I'm stating the obvious to many of you but holy heck the difference from our current boat is crazy. Aside from how it handles wakes much better than our current boat (didn't have to throttle down to feel safe going over anything) and the sheer speed, you can really feel the weight of the boat and how different it is from ours. It was crazy to actually feel. No prop walk with the duo-prop and even in reverse, I'm much less leery of learning how to back into the slip. I took a look in the engine compartment and have no idea how anyone works in there. Now, we do our own maintenance and winterizing but I look at this and am like um.... I hesitate to even think I could winterize the #%^$&%$ thing but I guess that's where a manual comes in handy. Realistically how "safe" is it for a handy person that's mechanically inclined to work on these?
  9. Congrats! We are eyeing a 264 as our next one. Just today we had a chance to ride in one and I seriously can't believe how it moves and handles VS our current one lol Best of luck with it!
  10. Just told the local dealer yesterday the new 285 looks like a Monterrey to me. Especially with the notch at the bottom of the tower and the way the lines are. He took another look at the brochure and agreed with me.
  11. Sorry I should have been more clear, this is going to be going under a 264
  12. Hi all, Starting to get into the nitty gritty here and need to know about trailers. We have a Load Rite single axle no brakes now and it's been fine. Local dealer seems to lean towards Venture. It'll be aluminum. Default is surge but I'm thinking of going E over H (overkill?? Won't do a lot of long hauling but want to be able to go a few hours away, maybe once every few years and much longer trip PA to NC and back). Any comments on Venture vs Load Rite? thanks!
  13. And we're soon approaching a holiday weekend where it's great to sit in my boat at the dock with a drink and watch this demonstrated every few minutes at the ramp
  14. I swear they should tie the docking light switch to a throttle sensor that won't let them even come on unless you're doing under 5mph or something. It's absurd.
  15. Right?? There was one last nite down by Kip island and I swear he went past me doing at least 55 - 60. CRAZY $hit!