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  1. Yep, saw it yesterday and cringed a bit. Tho it's a salt water boat so I'm not too concerned we missed the deal
  2. Sorry, I know you're serious but this is making my laugh.... we don't have local police around here. We have state police with a barracks 30 minutes away at best and they certainly aren't interested when I'm going out on my boat lol! If I am going out alone I DO however make sure someone knows where I am and when I expect to be in.
  3. Thanks for all the great advice! Please keep it coming if anyone thinks something critical was missed. Re: the head, I'm sure we'll use it, but we insisted on the vacuflush because there was no way I was dealing with a bucket lol! Being on a septic system my whole life, there's not even a second thought about feminine products going in a toilet. MSII - do you have a fresh water system too? I'm thinking we'll just periodically swing by Lighthouse periodically for pump out and maybe a water fill? Or just bring jugs or something to add to the system. With the vaccuflush, how long can "stuff" stay in the holding tank? I mean I know there's a max level but do you pump after each use or..... Maybe all these years I've made an assumption I shouldn't have but we have dock lines and we have boat lines. Our dock lines stay at the dock and just have hooks on them (we're bow in now, that'll change) so we just have a line up front that stays hooked to either side of the front and then we just clip to the bow eye and then either side of the fingers in the back and hooks go to the points in the back of the boat. Then we have 6 - 1/2" x 25' lines in the boat with a loop factory made in them for raft ups. It never occurred to me that some people don't just keep their dock lines fixed in place. What a PITA! Our 6 fenders we carry on the boat I THINK are the 6 1/2" diameter Taylor made ones but I'll have to check. Last year we put things right on the dock which was awesome! Didn't have to hang the fenders on the way in. The new boat will have 8 pull up cleats so either way, we should be ok there. I'll have to get a tool set together since we carry very limited things now. I for some reason thought on the B3 the impeller couldn't be changed in the water, is that not the case maybe? In which case I'll definitely carry a spare. Anchor comes with the boat because it fits in the locker. I've never really had to do much anchoring so that's something we'll need to practice with and we'll plan on 100' of rode and some chain. The deepest we'd be anchoring in is maybe 30 - 40' (for now) so I may do 100' with a shackle on the top in case another line had to be clipped on to it. But I'm glad someone mentioned a second anchor, that could be good to have just in case even if it's just because the bottom eats my primary one (lots of fallen trees in our lake) No power allowed on our docks or any on the lake (which is odd since the lake is owned by a power company, you'd think they'd happily sell us power back) so an onboard charging system won't work. We will technically be yacht certified but I'll still plan to pick up some of the "cheaper" jackets to have on hand in addition to the 6 good ones we have now. We don't really do any water sports tho with easier access off the platform, that may change. I'd love to get back on skis but with bad knees and too much beer, not sure how that'll go lol! We're having the GPS put in it and while our lake doesn't really have use for VHF (except hailing TowBoat US, of which I'm a proud member on channel 16) but I do plan to pick up a portable one especially for when we get to traveling with the boat. I will have to figure how to tie up at dock. We'll be stern in so I get the crossing in the back but I'm not sure there's a good way to cross up front. We have very little wake as we're well in the no wake zone and no tide to worry about but I do plan to have a spring line from the end of the dock that I can pick up and put mid-ship on the cleat near the helm on the way in. I'll have to take a look at how some of the others tie up near us. Guess I'll be getting a shopping list together!
  4. Hi all, So our new boat is expected to arrive in April sometime. Currently, we have a 30 year old boat with a simple engine so we carry limited tools/filters on board. As we start planning for the new season, I want to start thinking about what we may need for the new boat. We have to get more life jackets just because of the ability to have more people on board. I know we'll need a fire extinguisher even tho we'll have the auto system in the engine area. We have paddles already. Dock lines for tying up will have to be changed - what size diameter are recommended for a 26' boat? Would you do 3/8" or 1/2"? How 'bout fenders? We have ones on the floating dock but we also carry 6 in the boat for floating with others and if we do a dock and dine. Do we need bigger ones than we have for the boat now? What tools/filters do you carry? It'll be the Merc 8.2L 380HP engine. Actually saw it on a display at the NYC boat show this weekend, that thing looks big and complicated. Tho I'm happy to see they're putting the oil filter right up front now vs where it used to be. It'll have a head which I am saying is only to be used in extreme emergencies but it's vacuflush so what kind of TP is used? We have a septic system at home so I'm used to sandpaper LOL! What other things might I need on the new one that I didn't much have to think about before? thanks in advance!
  5. It's a Solaire Infrared grill. I just researched this and I could find the grill (about 500 - 600) but I couldn't find the angled pole and such so that may be a custom Chap deal in order to get it where they want it placement-wise. Page 16 here http://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/partGuides/Sunesta/2018/264-Sunesta-2018.pdf has all the part numbers that you may be able to call Cecil marine and talk to them about getting.
  6. After much deliberation in the past year or so and asking a ton of questions that you guys have been very helpful in answering, we just put the deposit down for the order on the new 264. Chap kicked in $1,000 for the deposit cash incentive thing going on. Now we wait.... Still have to figure out a vehicle to pull it and sell the old one but it'll be a good summer. Going to the boat show tomorrow to see the bigger ones we can't afford lol!
  7. Oh wow! Definitely couldn't get the 8s in the "tubs" by the cup holders
  8. Oh wow. That's cool. 264 is a gas option
  9. Why would the factory grill need a battery when it's a gas? Ok I'll have to try to track it down. This will be the Merc 8.2L engine Unfortunately, AC at the dock is not an option. Power company owns the lake and they don't allow it even if you have your own dock vs at a marina. Maybe I won't worry about this right off the bat. I have to go do some reading on how the switch in the boat works (1/2/all). We typically run a bit, then float, the run a bit more on the way back in. With the current boat, single battery, I just kept it idling while we were on the hook but not going to keep doing that. I was thinking that we'd start on 1, switch to all for the running around (assuming make before break switch), then 2 on the hook, back to 1 to start, then all to cruise home. In my head that all run time would provide some recharge.
  10. Good to know! I guess I thought one would be a different size than the other. With the standard wiring on the switch, if you're running on #1, does 2 get any charge or do you have to be on all for that? Or is "all" just to help out if one is low and you want to start easier?
  11. Hi all, I'm just trying to think of all the things I might need to know related to this new boat purchase. Wondering what people have in their 264/257 size boats as far as batteries? No idea what comes stock other than we're having 2 put in with the crossover switch. Anyone ever add a 3rd? Not sure if we need to, we'll have the sound system going on the hook for several hours at a time but I don't know realistically how much that uses. I know you can put a 3rd in parallel to the house battery just connecting reds and blacks but wondering what others do. For the start it'll have an amp, sub and 4 speakers but we would have to add another amp if we add tower speakers down the road. Just looking to see what kinds of batteries people have, how many, etc. Anyone with solar chargers for when you're in the slip? (We don't have power on our lake).
  12. Awesome, this is very helpful info. Being this seems like a solid system at a "reasonable" price, I think we'll just let the factory cut the big hole and do the upgrade LOL. The sound upgrade requires the dual battery and crossover switch which we were getting anyway so it sounds like we'll be good even if we wanted to add another amp and tower speakers later. I don't like where the factory tower speakers go on the 264s (down too low and it's fine on the starboard side since we're getting the wetbar but it's not good for the port side) so we'd do that after so we can mount them around the tower tube up higher.
  13. I'm always ultra paranoid since it's a 30 year old with an OMC in it so we pull the block plugs, ream them out, pull off the 4 hoses from their bottoms, drain them. Then I have a tub set up that the outdrive sits in with a bilge pump we activate while we run it on the AF (I use purple, did I mention ultra paranoid?). Then I use a refractometer to test what's coming out the exhaust to be 100% sure and THEN we take the hoses off at the top and fill whatever tiny bit of space is left with more purple. But like MSII said, I know guys that just drain the water, somewithout even blowing the lines and say "air don't freeze".
  14. OH!! Ok I've definitely been reading the WS site wrong then. So then since the Chap guy told me they're 6.5" and REVO, they have to be the REVO6s. Got it. Maybe I'm understanding this all wrong. If the amp is 600W, how does it get 300W to the sub if I've also got to send power to 2 or 3 pairs of speakers. If those are 100W speakers, assuming 2 pairs, doesn't that eat up 400W right there of a 600W sub? Sorry for being so dumb. In pricing things out on Crutchfield/retail, the 1,600 benjamin's Chap wants doesn't sound too bad given I would buy those parts for 1,400 and there's extra wiring and more install time. Even if you knock off some for the stock speakers that would already be there. Another question - is all this ok on one house battery? Would a battery need to be added if we add tower speakers and another amp down the road?
  15. This is very helpful info (and I was secretly hoping you'd reply given your extreme knowledge lol!) I think I'd HAVE to have a dedicated amp for tower speakers right? Since as I understand it, each speaker get a channel and a sub takes 2 so that would max out this amp right off the bat? Apparently the REVO8 is a 6.5" speaker (or can be) with a higher RMS tho I'm not 100% clear on what the RMS numbers mean. One thing I am wondering about based on my internet reading (always dangerous), will this sub be powered enough with 4 other speakers already on it? Something I read said you need 75% - 150% but I'm not sure if that means total (i.e. this amp has 600a total, but it's 100a x 6) or not. So if it means total, then it's all good but if it's split across channels, assuming the 2 channels combine to 200w, then I need 225 to 450 (for the 75 to 150% of 300 for the sub) and will be short. Maybe I'm over thinking this? Not sure where I'd put another pair of speakers in the boat, other than up on the tower.