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  1. Nope, boat is in the midst of shipping. Can't be a very big hole so maybe I will just end up doing it even tho it won't be the highest point anymore.
  2. You had me wondering but I just pulled up my pictures from our factory tour 2 weeks ago and our actual boat on the line and nope, no socket
  3. Hmmm.... not very high but it might work on one of the grab handles on the transom.
  4. Except for my comment about not wanting to drill holes in the new boat
  5. Flag doesn't stay up when at the dock so it's never in dark. If we're out at nite, it goes up when the stern light goes on. Otherwise it's not up.... but the new boat presents two issues.... one, no more pole in the gunwale and two, I'd like to be able to fly it all the time, I just don't know from where.
  6. And I'd prefer not to immediately cut a hole in my new boat if anyone was going to suggest installing a base in the gunwale.
  7. So in the pursuit of getting things ready for the season (which WILL eventually get here in NE PA), I'm picking up some odds and ends. On our current boat, the stern light pole goes into a socket on the gunwale and we clip the flag to that. On the new boat, the white light is up on the tower. Where do folks with new stern light poles fly your flags from? The tower tubing is too big for the clips and if I wrap something around that I'd be worried about chaffing.
  8. And trying to protect myself against some moron trespassing somewhere on my 100 acres of land that I can't even see and sure as he$$ didn't invite on the property from suing me when he trips and falls and gets hurt boggles my mind. I have to pay more to protect myself from someone else's illegal behavior. Oy!
  9. Interesting, I just asked my guy about this and here's what he said: Replacement value option stays on the boat for about 4 - 5 years, then it switches to actual cash value (that would include depreciation. They pay the cost for a new boat, even if the cost in the future is more than what you paid for it. Agreed value is a pre determined amount agreed upon by us and the insurance company. It sets the max amount they will pay for the boat each year, not necessarily replacement cost. Agree value fades after the boat is a certain age as well, back to actual cash value. So in order, best to worst would be replacement cost, then agreed value, then actual cash value.
  10. Definitely agree about shopping around, that's what got me started on the BoatUS path. Our agent has our quad with Progressive because of how it played out, which I always thought was interesting since the sign outside his office says "Nationwide" LOL. We left Erie about 8 or 9 years ago because well, one the agent wanted to do nothing but collect checks, and two, they got too high for no more coverage. At least our Nationwide guy is proactive as renewals are coming and will email and say "hey let's talk about changing XYZ before the renewal" etc. Plus now with having to switch things over from my mom to us, 2 houses, 5 vehicles (2 others insured with Grundy), trailers, backhoes, 100 acres of land, boat, quad, etc.... I feel like it's pretty nuts in my insurance world. LOL!
  11. Yep, so just talking to my Nationwide agent, the umbrella requires 500k for liability so that's why he set it to that on the boat policy quote. Since if it's not insured by Nationwide it isn't covered under the umbrella at all, even if I got Boat US up from 300 to 500, it's still not going to hit the umbrella coverage. He revised a few things so I think I'm going to try to go back and have BoatUS re-quote it (they only had medical at 1k which isn't going to get you very far at all) thanks!
  12. Hi all, We're getting ready for the season (it'll start in NE PA eventually, right???) with the new boat and taking a look at insurance. We have Nationwide for everything, including our umbrella policy. In the past Boat US has never been able to beat their coverages/prices but now on the new boat, they are a bit better on price ($50/year) but coverages are different. I'm leery of switching because if it's not insured by Nationwide, it won't fall under our umbrella policy. What kind of coverages do you all have on say liability, un/underinsured and Medical. The quote from nationwide has a replacement cost value (so I assume depreciated) and a comp and collision deductible of 500/1000 respectively. I also noticed that the nationwide one has no coverage for personal effects and I think it should have about 250 - 500 coverage just in case some idiot steals all the life jackets or something. thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  13. Can't say as I've ever heard of Bryant. Will be interesting having the dealer do the maintenance on this one (at least while under warranty). Current boat has an omc that I maintain myself with help from my husband when I can't get the darn oil filter off lol! All the new systems and such on the new boat VS the old had me wide eyed. A depth gauge, I'll have a depth gauge!
  14. We actually tried to look at other options. On our lake we also have monterrey, regal, crown line and cobalt and for layout, finish, stitching detail and all we just kept coming back to chap
  15. That was cool as heck. We had Ashley as our tour guide and she knew a ton. I loved how they let you see everything and walk right up to things. Got to see and board our boat (the wet bar was being installed) and take some pictures. Also got some nice swag at the end. Just confirms why we're staying in the Chap family.