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  1. watson524

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    @Hatem I have to tell you, I just read these last few posts over my morning cereal and I hope my cereal stays down. It was like reading a suspense thriller until I got to the giant hole. I commend you, now way I'd have the stones to do that kind of cutting. Can't wait to see it finished. P.S. Congrats on the win from your local boys...... but really, "New York, New York" in the locker room???? (I'm a Yankess fan LOL!)
  2. watson524

    Carpet that doesn't snap in?

    Appreciate all the comments about snaps, how to fill them in, tow with carpets, etc etc but I wasn't asking for a work around, I was hoping someone had experience with carpets that just do not snap in. I'll check out the milliken carpet link tho.
  3. watson524

    Carpet that doesn't snap in?

    Oh I would never expect to tow with it in. I don't even think I'd tow with snap in carpets in. I don't think there's a need to put that kind of stress on them
  4. watson524

    Carpet that doesn't snap in?

    We've been toying with something like that for the platform but debating if we want something permanently stuck down in the cockpit.
  5. watson524

    Boat cleaning/waxing questions

  6. watson524

    Boat cleaning/waxing questions

    It honestly wasn't so bad once I got into it. I knew the vinyl stripes had to come off because they were drying out so I took all that off first and went to town. Basically, I was shocked at the price a shop gave me and I already had the buffers and stuff so I figured I'd learn something new. A bit unnerving at first but I got lots of compliments on it so... here's the thread where you can see some before and after. It wa longer ago than I thought (2009 or 2010) and it was as shiny on the day we sold it this April
  7. watson524

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    Check out page 48 of this post... 2hp shop vac. I'm working on that upgrade as we speak. http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/27439-what-are-some-cool-modifications-youve-done-to-your-boat/&page=48
  8. watson524

    Carpet that doesn't snap in?

    I'm just full of questions these days LOL! Does anyone have carpet that doesn't snap in? On my friend's old Malibu, it was fully carpeted and glued in up the sides and all but he had runners made that didn't snap in and could just come in and out. Because of a factory snafu with our order, we currently have no carpet or snaps. Trying to get a set of berber made and wondering about what I read on RNR Marine's site. "These Carpet Mat sets are designed to lay on top of fiberglass liners (floors) and are often held in place without snaps since they are fairly heavy" We don't like the feel of beach weave so we really want a set of berber but I'm thinking maybe if it'll stay put with no snaps that'd be the best of all worlds. We saw a guy on our lake with an almost teak like mat throughout that didn't snap in either but is heavy enough to stay put so given the RNR comment, maybe it could work with berber. It's not like we go flying around at high speeds all the time. And this way if we ever went to flexiteak or the like in the future, the snaps aren't an issue.
  9. watson524

    Trying to eliminate water coming in under tower...

    I only mentioned the 4200 because we're relocating the grill box in the port hold in order to fit in a shop vac and inverter so I'll have a tube anyway for filling those 4 holes plus 2 holes the factory left by the battery (caught in Qa because they're circles but never went back and filled in) Nothing else bolted on the tower anywhere and it's all closed except the panels below the last rung which is why I also want to add leg warmers up to that area
  10. watson524

    Boat cleaning/waxing questions

    I didn't realize 303 worked on the hull, unless there's a different line of it I'm just not aware of (I have the fabric stuff for the canvas and the other kind for the vinyl). These windows will be the death of me lol! I use vinegar, water and a dash of dish soap with a squeegee and the insides of the 2 front windows are just streaking on me. I thought windows in my house were a pain, but the angle here makes it all the more FUN!
  11. watson524

    Trying to eliminate water coming in under tower...

    Yeah I'm actually somewhat annoyed about that. There is SOME caulk because in some places it's coming out under the side but clearly not how it should be. I would probably have done one of those "gummy" pad type things that really gets all in there. I'm with you on doing all 4 sides tho I think the best I can do is get in with a toothpick. There's less clearance than it appears, can't even get my pinky under the edge but definitely going to do something in the spring when the temps are warmer. Too cold to be caulking now unless November is the Indian summer.
  12. Hi all, I understand rain water coming in around the tower is just one of those "things" with towers but I've got to figure out how to mitigate it. It happens with either the bow/cockpit or mooring cover (which sits up just a bit higher and wraps around). Given that we are getting water coming out UNDER the wetbar and down near the port recess where the cup holders/speaker is, we think it's coming in under the tower itself and then into the gunwale. Under the wetbar is often wet, even tho the counter top is caulked where it meats the fiberglass. In looking at the tower mount (sorry the one is sideways), I was thinking of caulking with a very thin line of 4200 around the 3 sides I could get to (can't get in the front edge with the tower up or down). We suspect water comes in with the cover and then ends up going in under the tower which dumps it between the inner and outer fiberglass if that makes sense. We're also looking to getting some leggings made for the covers to go up over the first part of the tower to hopefully really help but in the meantime, there shouldn't be any issues with a bead of 4200 around here right? thanks!
  13. watson524

    Help with new trailer

    The pin doesn't go into the locking lever like on the old trailer but down below in the hole on the body. It does make it so you can't lift the level, so it works, I just don't trust that the little detent ball on the pin will keep it in because it can be pulled out easily which is why I want something more firm. Since the whole road is a downhill, we just chocked the trailer wheels to let the truck out a bit to get the pin in the receiver but it didn't change anything so...... like you said, hook up the lights and this shouldn't be an issue. And yep, only one pin, and it's actually labeled as "latch pin" for the ball.
  14. watson524

    Boat cleaning/waxing questions

    Do you use the 925 or the fleetwax which I think is 870? Good to know it can go on the arch too.