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  1. watson524

    Garbage can full of water

    Do you have a tower? On our 2018 Sunesta, a ton was coming in around the tower and getting in the trash can and also randomly coming out UNDER the wetbar. Had to have cover add ons make to go up over the first "rung" of the tower. Plus we found they didn't bother to caulk where the tower bolts in or put a rubber gasket between top of the gunwale and the tower base.
  2. watson524

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    No magnetic compass on the 2018 264.
  3. watson524

    Cleaning my bilge

    Hi all, On the old boat, cleaning the bilge was pretty simple because the engine sat up pretty high. I'd get a bottle of bilge cleaner, add some water, take it for a run and pump it out. On the new boat, the bottom of the engine is a lot closer to the lower part of the bilge, plus there's a LOT more electronics and such. With the stepped engine compartment, we are getting "schmutz" building up on the starboard side by the trim pump, over on the port side back where it goes out to the swim platform etc. The bilge doesn't quite take all water out so when it's on the trailer we just pull the plug and jack the front up or take a shop vac to it (no power at the dock, tho that'll sort of change once we install the inverter on the boat). Anyway, while I have it on the trailer, I was thinking of taking a garden hose and GENTLY spraying around where I need to just to get some water flow to loosen up the grime, brush what I can and then pull the plug to let it drain. As long as I'm not spraying like a mad fiend, are there any things I absolutely should not get water on other than a mist? I mean it's a boat so there has to be some allowances for "damp" I suppose (tho I also use so many damp rid buckets and hangers we don't often have "damp" - slightly anal here lol!) I've used the starbrite bilge cleaner and figured I would again but anyone have any options you like better? This first "spring" with the new boat makes me rethink a whole bunch of things to develop a new maintenance routine for this boat vs what we did on the old. Guess we did something right tho, sold it at 31 years old and it looked darn near new thanks!
  4. watson524

    244 sunesta

    2018 264 here and love it! We came from our 31 year old 198XL so this was a major upgrade. Planned to go 244 but by the time we added the options we wanted that were already on the 264, it made more sense to do the 264 which we can still trailer (tho we're generally in a slip on the local lake, but we have options). Love the amenities, love the layout. Had looked at the Sunesta line for a long time and the initial pull to it was the easy walk through from the platform into the cockpit (thinking ahead to aging )
  5. watson524

    Operating 8.2 Merc on muffs - gut check

    Yep, I'd much rather talk to you guys that talking to the mechanic because of an "oh $hit" moment. This bad boy isn't like my old 4.3 with the OMC Cobra
  6. watson524

    Operating 8.2 Merc on muffs - gut check

    Yep has the cats (^%$#@!! is what I think about that). Looks like I was just being overly cautious but I didn't need all 10 minutes to prove it starts up and runs like it should and nothing was dripping into the bilge or anything so next stop is the lake. Thanks all.
  7. Hi all, Boat's still not in the water for the season, tho going in this week so we're in the cleaning/checking phase. First time running this boat on muffs in the driveway. Following manual, full water pressure from hose (well water but above average pressure), started right up, then in neutral up to 1300rpm and it said hold it there for 10 minutes. A few minutes in the temp gauge was going up 2deg every few seconds and I killed it at 170. I know 165 - 175 is about normal but I didn't think 10 minutes if the temp was still going was wise. Am I missing something or do these just suck so much water, running on the hard must be done with extreme caution? Secondary pick up ports were properly blocked off. Thanks for the gut check
  8. watson524

    Keeping the water from coming in around the tower

    I had already called Ameritex to see what they used and then Sailrite since they had it and the very nice guy there recommended a different kind which has the "flannel" backing already in it but the same outside. The cockpit is the dark blue Sunbrella (forget the exact name) and then I already had the flannel lining they use on that from Great Lakes skipper because the lined Sunbrella gets some pretty poor reviews and the Sailrite guy also said it doesn't hold up like this stuff does so..... she just got the "Soft Touch" which is the black nylon'y stuff and the Sunbrella from her supplier and used my flannel backing in the sunbrella. The factory mooring cover is Top Notch 1S material per Ameritex and Sailrite said the Soft Touch is that, but lined. Then she also put the rubber "edging" where it goes around the tubes for extra sealing.
  9. watson524

    Keeping the water from coming in around the tower

    Local woman that does canvas and upholstery work
  10. @Hatem Finally got the "leg warmers" done for the mooring and cockpit cover (no pictures of the cockpit cover yet). All sealed up to stop the rain from coming in. So much better!!
  11. @Hatem thanks for thinking of me but we're good. We had the canvas shop put in a snap forward of where ours was and it includes a vent with which the cockpit cover didn't have before. It is getting the tower wrap things made on both covers to keep the rain out from around the arch so I figured while it was there. Thanks for thinking of me tho!
  12. watson524

    Pedestal Seats won’t swivel

    Random guess but this happened on my 2018 when the dealer had to take the seat off for a gelcoat repair under the base. When he put it back on, he twisted the lock nut under it too tight and it wouldn't swivel at all (can't remember about the back and forth slide). just had to loosen the big nut thing underneath. Not so much that the seat wobbles but just a bit.
  13. Closing the loop here. It's not the sunbrella with flocking (and according to sailrite that doesn't wear all that well. I called Ameritex with the job number of the cover and they said it's "White fuzzy Back vinyl" but she couldn't tell me a brand. DI'd a web search and greatlakesskipper has it as a chap part so I ordered some up. Got extra because when they sewed our mooring cover the fuzzy white part that's supposed to be over the back seat is no where near the top of the vinyl seat but hanging well suspended being the support pole over the seat bottom
  14. watson524

    How do you clean your fixed dock fenders?

    A bit of bleach and a magic eraser did the trick and pretty quickly. Tested on the back of one and it didn't get tacky or anything so they all got done.