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  1. In my case it was neither corrosion nor a loose cable, the switch itself was bad.
  2. And only do the outside, not both sides. On a nice sunny day, the stuff dries quickly so it's an easy process
  3. Not the tag, but I had subscribed to the thread so that's how I got notice. I personally would either permanently attach to the base canvas like ours is or if you want to be able to take on and off, you could have wide velcro on the base canvas AND the wrap and bring the two pieces together. For the "bungee", it's just a cord that goes in a hem that you pull and can lock in place with one of those push button lock things like elastic laces for your shoes. Glad to hear the pole is working out for you! On the canvas letting water through, do you have Sumbrella? I swear by 303 fabric tr
  4. Oddly, I didn't get notice of the tag and just happened to read this post but it looks like you found what I had done. With your solid tower (I'm jealous, I like the look of the solid better), you can still get something done up like I had. the top part of it, instead of being a flap is still the soft rubber "edge" like I have but they can put a bungee pull cord into a hem line right there at the end of it that'll keep it up and snug. A friend of mine had that on his Malibu and it worked well.
  5. Not sure why the picture insists on being sideways but here's a better shot. Gas cap is circled in yellow
  6. That was a factory option on our 264 when we bought it. We were going to try to do aftermarket but it wasn't worth it. It stores in a tray thing under the port seat. Nope. Water is starboard in front of the helm. That's the transom shower and waste port you see. Gas fill is down lower to extreme port so even if grease did drip From the grill (which it really can't) it's well inboard of the gas cap. Grill itself is also well to stern over the platform
  7. Do you have a tower? On our 2018 Sunesta, a ton was coming in around the tower and getting in the trash can and also randomly coming out UNDER the wetbar. Had to have cover add ons make to go up over the first "rung" of the tower. Plus we found they didn't bother to caulk where the tower bolts in or put a rubber gasket between top of the gunwale and the tower base.
  8. Hi all, On the old boat, cleaning the bilge was pretty simple because the engine sat up pretty high. I'd get a bottle of bilge cleaner, add some water, take it for a run and pump it out. On the new boat, the bottom of the engine is a lot closer to the lower part of the bilge, plus there's a LOT more electronics and such. With the stepped engine compartment, we are getting "schmutz" building up on the starboard side by the trim pump, over on the port side back where it goes out to the swim platform etc. The bilge doesn't quite take all water out so when it's on the trailer we just pull the
  9. watson524

    244 sunesta

    2018 264 here and love it! We came from our 31 year old 198XL so this was a major upgrade. Planned to go 244 but by the time we added the options we wanted that were already on the 264, it made more sense to do the 264 which we can still trailer (tho we're generally in a slip on the local lake, but we have options). Love the amenities, love the layout. Had looked at the Sunesta line for a long time and the initial pull to it was the easy walk through from the platform into the cockpit (thinking ahead to aging )
  10. Yep, I'd much rather talk to you guys that talking to the mechanic because of an "oh $hit" moment. This bad boy isn't like my old 4.3 with the OMC Cobra
  11. Yep has the cats (^%$#@!! is what I think about that). Looks like I was just being overly cautious but I didn't need all 10 minutes to prove it starts up and runs like it should and nothing was dripping into the bilge or anything so next stop is the lake. Thanks all.
  12. Hi all, Boat's still not in the water for the season, tho going in this week so we're in the cleaning/checking phase. First time running this boat on muffs in the driveway. Following manual, full water pressure from hose (well water but above average pressure), started right up, then in neutral up to 1300rpm and it said hold it there for 10 minutes. A few minutes in the temp gauge was going up 2deg every few seconds and I killed it at 170. I know 165 - 175 is about normal but I didn't think 10 minutes if the temp was still going was wise. Am I missing something or do these just suck so mu
  13. I had already called Ameritex to see what they used and then Sailrite since they had it and the very nice guy there recommended a different kind which has the "flannel" backing already in it but the same outside. The cockpit is the dark blue Sunbrella (forget the exact name) and then I already had the flannel lining they use on that from Great Lakes skipper because the lined Sunbrella gets some pretty poor reviews and the Sailrite guy also said it doesn't hold up like this stuff does so..... she just got the "Soft Touch" which is the black nylon'y stuff and the Sunbrella from her supplier and
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