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  1. Preferences§1234567890-=Backspace Tabqwertyuiop[] Return capslockasdfghjkl;'\ shift`zxcvbnm,./shift English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Русский altalt PreferencesHello, I have a 94 2130 with a yamaha 5.7. My Marina just called and told me that is leaking oil on to the boat below it from the sterndrive. Which seal kit should I order? I'm guessing the lower seal kit
  2. Hello, I don't have a good place to hang a fender from mid ship. I tried the suction cups and ended up loosing an expensive fender. I don't really want to drill mew cleats into my boat. I've seen other boats on the lake that had clips that go around the windshield, but I'm unable to find any on Amazon, West Marine or Overtons. Any suggestions? 94 Chaparral 2130. Thank you and happy boating
  3. Hello, I have a 94 2130 with the Yamaha 5.7. Yesterday was the first day having it in the water for the season and I noticed a small amount of water leaking out of the exhaust in the engine compartment. There was also a small rattle coming from the engine exhaust. Any thoughts? thanks in advance
  4. Thanks a lot you are a wealth of Yamaha knowledge.
  5. Hello, I was out yesterday and my boat started to over heat. I didn't see any water dripping from the water pump so, I'm hoping it is just the impeller. I'm also hoping that I did not damage the engine. How hard is it to change the impeller? I can not find a manual for a yamaha stern drive. If I did hurt the engine could I'm guessing that I could not replace with a mercruiser or a volvo without replace the drive and transom. Any suggestions? Thank you
  6. thank you. seems like a lot of deer for a U-joint bellow.
  7. Hi, I'm about to start getting my boat ready for summer. Last summer I noticed I was taking on some water, so I think I will change the bellows this year, but I'm having trouble finding a Yamaha bellow kit. I'm fearing that it will be a lot pricier than a mercruiser one. thank you
  8. Thanks I appreciate the help
  9. Hello, I started my boat the other day in neutral and quickly noticed that my boat was going forward and neutral would not work. I then found out that reverse was also forward. I opened up the sun deck and discovered that the shift arm came unattached from the throttle body. I played with the arm and then the boat was only in neutral and then only in reverse. I pushed the arm back in and got the boat back in forward. It looks like the nut came loose and all that I need to fix it is to reattach it with a new nut and washer. So I was wondering if I could get a little advice on how to attach
  10. porqueno

    2130 prop?

    Thanks I appreciate the help. Chief, Are you happy with Yamaha engine? It is the only thing that I was leery about for my purchase. It runs great, but just don't know much about them. Thanks
  11. porqueno

    2130 prop?

    thanks jc it's a yamaha out drive i think the engine is 260hp and charlotte is about 700' I called a store today and they said 17 would be good for skiing
  12. porqueno

    2130 prop?

    Hello, I recently bought a 94 2130 with a Yamaha 5.7L The current prop is a bit chewed up and looks to be slightly bent. What pitch would you recommend for someone that likes to slalom ski? Also does anyone know how many people theses are rated for? I can not find a placard. Thanks in advance
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