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  1. Mgoblue297

    What product/s to use to remove oxidation?

    Wow nice job. Dont trust myself enough with a buffer
  2. Mgoblue297

    244 Sunesta New

    Good Luck you will love it. Black bottom going to really show any scratches!! Enjoy
  3. Mgoblue297

    Used 307 or new 287

    Sorry all and thank you for all the input. I have been busy. Right now I am out of the 287/297. I am still talking to the used 307ssx. Love the new hardtop on the 307/317 but that started this year. I have also come across a sea ray 310 slx. Still need to take that on a ride. Beautiful boat but expensive. Love my chaparral and have found the biggest change coming from the larger beam than the actual LOA. I will keep posted as much as I can. I am willing to go thru the boat show season if I have to. Again thank you all for the input and advice
  4. Mgoblue297

    Used 307 or new 287

    I am in a bit of a dilemma. I have the opportunity to buy a 2017 very slightly used 307SSX or a brand new 287SSX. I am coming from a 2009 244 Sunesta . Leaning towards the 307 but I need to get a really good deal for it to happen. Anybody have any thoughts on this or any advice help Thank you Advance
  5. Mgoblue297

    287ssx or 277ssx

    Ok so my choice is made a lot easier now. Hear so it here. The 277ssx has been discontinued as of the 2017 model year. Guess I am down to the 287ssx. Thank you to everybody for your input.
  6. Mgoblue297

    287ssx or 277ssx

    So I am looking to upgrade from a 244 sunesta. We mostly go out to dinner, and use the boat to hang out on while anchored at the sand bar. Lots of entertainment off the back of the boat. The boat is kept on a lift in salt water bagneget bay. I am trying to give all information that I can to help with input. We usually have atleast 6 adults plus 3 or more kids. Any help would be appreciated. Kids are starting to use the boat more ages 10,7,4 all girls. Please no jokes with all girls. I am 40 and almost completely grey already but love them to death
  7. Mgoblue297

    12 volt power socket

    No issues
  8. Mgoblue297

    New Member - 244 Sunesta Enclosed Head Question

    Congrats on the purchase. Sorry saw the post late to put in my .02. Enjoy! The gauges are very confusing at first but then get easier. If you look online for a manual for the 244 it has a walk thru on how to set up the gauges. As far as adding GPS good luck shouldnt be that hard mine came with a 540 and I am now looking to upgrade to 547xs. Good luck and enjoy great boat. 3 girls and the wife and bathroom gets a lot of use never an issue with room or use
  9. Mgoblue297

    Replacement docking lights for Sunesta 252

    Not sure but try Cecil Marine In Williamstown NJ. Guy usually has or can get anything
  10. Mgoblue297

    Windlass add on Sunesta

    I did a search and found out some of his info. I am guessing its going to be easier to upgrade the boat than to add. Sad part is I might have to leave the Chap family
  11. Mgoblue297

    Windlass add on Sunesta

    Hi all I have a 2009 244 Sunesta. Love the boat but I have no use for the front ladder in 6 years so far. So I was looking at possably getting rid of it and adding a windlass. Is it possible and has any done it? Starting looking and dont want the install to make the boat look ugly but also dont want to much cutting of the boat. Any suggestions or help besides upgrading the boat. Thanks
  12. Mgoblue297

    Lake Havasu Boating Disaster.

    Glad everyone is okay, good luck and keep us informed
  13. Mgoblue297

    New Mercruiser Engines released

    What are the chances we see this in the chaparral line up for 2016. I am getting very interested in a 307ssx with 6.2 twins if the p
  14. Mgoblue297

    Anyone try a Bluetooth Dongle with their Boat Stereo?

    +1 on the fusion from TexasPilot71 I have had it for 2-3 years no problems
  15. Mgoblue297

    Something to think about

    Sad and tragic! Thank you and a good reminder to all