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    Nichols Marine

    O yea JOHN.....I see you have a Mustang....REALLY?? AND you say that i didnt get past the 5th grade. Well I guess you are right but now I am trying to figure out what you are trying to compensate for, having that "Sports Car" that you have....hahaha.....Im sorry for you. Lets get this straight you wanna talk about me when I havent said a WORD about you?? Well lets just say this.....I dont think you should even be on here talking about what you know when you actually paid MONEY for a freaking MUSTANG! Sorry I wasnt gonna talk about anyone.....I just wanted everyone to know about one Chaparral Dealer.....thats all.

    Nichols Marine

    Well for everyone that thinks this is not true....all i can say is YOU CANT SAY YOU WASNT TOLD. I mean I see some of the boat you guys have purchased and they are VERY nice and to say I dont like Chaparral is a bit of a stretch but it is a shame that Chaparral dont have customer surveys for their dealers. I really do like Chaparral but have a hard time buying one when dealers do busniess the way they do. I would like to ask everyone that dont believe me if they have ever been in a Sea Ray or a COBALT.....perhaps a lot of people on here cant really afford a Cobalt so I sure that not many has experienced that. I mean I have no stock an any of them and I have been in all of them, I simply look for the best and to say that Chaparral is the best, I WOULD NOT SAY THAT. So for anyone that choses not agree or believe me that is fine......but why do we have this forum for anyway if you chose to think someone is full of crap. Lets think about it......yes everyone that owns a Chaparral is going to defend what they have spent their money on and that is fine, but all I can say is dont be stupid or uneducated when it comes to boat knowledge. Guys be a little open minded before you open your mouth. Thanks for all of your comments.

    Nichols Marine