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  1. WE ARE buying a 2011 Chaparral 196. Do I really need a 4.3 MPI or would a 4.3 TKS BE PLENTY? iT WILL BE BASICALLY BE ONLY ME AND MY WIFE RIDING THE BOAT. please help me with my decision thanks
  2. we need to decide between the Chaparral 196 or a Bryant 196 what are your recommendations?
  3. thank you all for great info i am getting on this forum planning to buy c 196 . What would be the advantage to buy a fuel injected motor ? this motor will cost me $[no pricing discussions permitted per the TOS] /canadian more is it worth the investment?
  4. thansk for all the great advice i think i am sold on a 196 with a mp3 4.3l
  5. we are debating if we should buy a 186 or 196 Chaparal ssi it will be mostly me and my wife riding the boat what are the differences between both? what would you recommend? this boat will mainly be driven on lakes
  6. we are looking into buying a Chaparal 186 or Chaparal 196 but we need to buy a new vehicule would a 3500lbs towing capacity vehicule (such as Toyota rav4 etc...) be suitable to tow these boats?
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