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  1. Shep Are these units still available ? Anyway I can get a part number ? Keith
  2. Cut the guy some slack... He's got a brand new boat which cost several large heards of deer, and something has already crapped the bed. Can't blame him for being a litttle bent up about the tunes. Easily fixed for a couple hundred... But a pain in th a$$ after dropping a truck load on the boat. Correct me if I'm wrong... But while this board is frequented by owners... It's moderated and hosted by the manufacturer. Anyway... Dump the factory junk and get a nice head unit and some JL 6.5's. Done deal. It's the first thing I swapped in mine as well. Enjoy.
  3. Same problem here. 5.7l, alpha, although mine is naturally aspirated. First crank of the day... Fires right up. Run it up the lake and stop to have lunch... Takes a good half minute to fire back up, less if i give it half throttle while cranking. Not only that... There is a heavy fume smell from the engine compartment when I shut it down. So much so that it makes laying on the sun pad uncomfortable.
  4. I know this sounds crazy... But when I Iived in lauderdale... I knew guys that would pull the boat, and actually fill the bilge with fresh water, then cover the boat. At 8.4 pounds per gallon... That's some serious weight. All this considering you have no covered storage. Having gone through a few hurricanes, Andrew being one, leaving it in the water is a gamble with wind, rain, and swell. Good luck, stay safe. Crazy as it sounds... I miss the hurricane parties.
  5. Funny how this topic just came back alive... just pulled out my 4stroke TTR250.... filled it with fresh gas and seafoam. Tried to start... no go. Went to drain the float bowl and was gifted with what looked and smelled like green paint thinner. Pulled the carb and disassembled it. The entire carb is dried and siezed. Brown gooey shelack(sp) everywhere. Even the inlet from the tank petcock is sealed shut. Maybe a good thing... seeing as how ALL of the fuel lines are trash too. Guess Ill not be riding anytime soon...
  6. End result ? Mine is doing the same thing... Although its a minor loss of fluid. But can find the leak from the outside.
  7. If you can seat ten... That's at least 20 cup holders.
  8. I see your problem right away... You've got to sink the fenders, then the boat will float off. Drive faster next time. I think you may have lifted at the last minute. You need to commit.
  9. +1. While a love my chap, I'd be a Bryant owner if could have afforded it at the time. That, and we stumbled on this boat at a great deal. Once we succumb to the dreaded two-foot-itis.... It will be a tough choice between the Bryant and the Chap.
  10. I'm on my second Airhead Slice... Does the same thing. Agreed.. The key is to lean back, but if the kids are to light to get the front of tube out of the water, you'll need that booster ball. I've got teenagers, not so much a problem. Our issue is, when someone comes off of it, it sinks in retrieval of the aforementioned launched rider. That's how I lost the first one; I think.
  11. Was this a salt or fresh water boat ? A lot of folks think laying up a boat in heated storage is the definitive solution for boats. Better than most options... But you know what else likes warm, quiet, dark places ? Rodents that eat rubber, copper, and foam. They also like to build nests In crazy places like coolant and exhaust lines. Get the boat inspected / surveyed. Troll the forums for a couple hours... You'll find HUNDREDS of boat owners, or former boat owners by now, that didn't get that boat inspected.
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