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  1. I'm in LR, Arkansas now. I was on Greers Ferry this weekend. When I had my 186 I lived in Oklahoma. I was just curious if it was the same boat. If so there is a thread on here where I installed the swim platform.
  2. What became of this repair? Any pics of the boat? I'm curious to see if it's my old 186.
  3. Exactly. I'd pay for the year but only have the boat in the slip for 4 or 5 months. Next year it would be a little better probably because, for example, today it's 85 and sunny I could be on the lake.
  4. If I were to go with a lift, for the slip, what brand do you guys like? Where can I look at pre-owned lifts to compare with a new lift?
  5. I am considering just wet slipping for the season and putting it back on the trailer for winter storage. I have a storage unit that it will fit in, but I don't want to trailer every weekend. I'm not sure because I hate to pay $1,800 for a year and only slip it June through September. The boat has blue paint under the gel coat or blue gel coat or whatever. It hasn't been treated with anything, factory finish.
  6. No, always on a trailer. Any tips? (other than a few days to a week when visiting different places, then I usually rent a slip)
  7. 1slowhoe

    Stereo Amp

    I never tried a phone call with mine. I don't get service at the lake, zero bars. All my music is downloaded to my phone so I put it in airplane mode, battery lasts all day.
  8. 1slowhoe

    Stereo Amp

    I use something similar to this to stream from my phone into my head unit: https://www.amazon.com/JETech-Wireless-Bluetooth-Receiver-Transmitter/dp/B00YCWEBSY/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1493854433&sr=8-6&keywords=headphone+jack+bluetooth+wireless
  9. 1slowhoe

    Stereo Amp

    I'd have to see it but probably the stereo only had 2 RCA outputs so one channel is driving a set (pair) of speakers. Left channel is powering both the fronts and the right channel is powering both the rear. So, your balance function acts as a fader. The limitation on marine radios boggles me.
  10. Hey everyone, I am moving to West Little Rock in June. I want to put my boat in a slip at Greers ferry. Looks to be 9 marinas on that lake. They all seem to be about the same driving distance from home, give or take 20 mins. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation or one to avoid. I have a place for my trailer and do not need a lift in the slip. Boat is 24 feet long. Would like to have a power outlet for battery tender if possible. Chris
  11. I thought that's what we are discussing here? How to fix a problem. I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I know something in a week or so.
  12. Still haven't heard back from Phil Dill. I gave up on them. I am having an issue with the boat though. I can't get over 3800rpm without hitting the rev limiter/fuel cutoff. The boat runs fine until I hit 3800 then it cuts out and back in until I ease off the throttle, then it will run just fine at 3000-3200rpm. (I'm using the digital rpm gauge) I checked the alarm gauge and "No active alarms" displays and I'm not getting an audible warning. The audible works, hear it every time I turn the key to "on". The only other thing that I can find wrong is that the Captains Call exhaust will not open when commanded at the dash switch. The light comes on and I can see the servo try to open the flap but it acts as if it isn't strong enough. If I go push it by hand, each side, then it will stay open and then close normally when I hit the dash switch. However, it won't reopen on its own. Is there any way to tell what is causing the rev limiting? Other than taking it to the dealership for a scan? Does the Captains call play any part in this? I don't feel that it does because the rev limiting was happening last week and the Captains Call was working fine. I thought the limiter was due to a 26P to 24P prop change but, I swapped back to the 26P today and same rev limiter issue.
  13. About Phil Dill: It's bad enough they put an oil filter on my boat that had a hole in it and obviously didn't run the boat afterwards to check for leaks; but I have called 3 times and asked for help. I spoke with Harry the second 2 times, not sure who I spoke to the first time. Harry was to give my name, number and issue to the service manager who was always too busy when I called or away from his desk. I told Harry I'd wait by the phone for the next 30-45 mins since I had the boat out of storage and could try something the service manager or a tech suggested. He never called. That was Wednesday. I got the distinct feeling that Harry didn't care a bit about my issue because I was not in the service department, in person. So their customer service, after the crappy mechanical service, has definitely cost them a customer.
  14. I epoxied the part back together. Hooked everything back up and did what Shepherd1 recommended. Seems to have fixed everything. I let it idle for 20 mins and it never got over 156* the risers were cold and no smoke. Water was flowing everywhere it should have. I ran it up to 1400rpm for 10 seconds several times and the temp never went up. I guess I'm ready to lake test her. I may go ahead and buy that water distribution part, even though after having it off and looking at it, it's nothing more than an empty housing that redirects water. I could build it for $5 worth of PVC pipe. If anything goes wrong I'll keep you guys posted .Thanks for all the help!! Chris
  15. So today I tried a few things but not sure I figured anything out. Broke something new so that was fun. No water is being drawn into the engine block. I disconnected the red raw water hose and it was dry. Put my garden hose directly into the feed line to the engine. Removed one of the plugs from the impeller housing and fired up the engine. Water shot out of the drain hole as expected, under force from the pump. Next I ran the hose into the other end of the raw water hose and made sure that water flowed out the outdrive and there was no blockage keeping the muffs from supplying water. It was fine. Noticed a plug leaking so I tried to tighten it and it broke the housing that the drain plug screws into on the lower right of the engine as you're looking at it. Anybody know what this part is and how much it's gonna cost me? See pics. Basic question: Where are the drain plugs located on my 350 MAG? I have 2 in the lower left near, and on, the impeller housing, one on the part I just broke and one up top front/center where the thermostat is I think. So just 4? I still have no idea why the impeller, which appears to be working well, will not pull water into the block.
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