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  1. any recommendations on a good place to keep a boat in the san francisco bay area (slip/boatel)? insight on a reputable mercury marine servicer would also be appreciated. looks like the chap website is as busy as ever...209 online at once in august?!!! i haven't been out on the boat much since summer and i've been pretty inactive here on the website too. moving back to california in the next several months. we've been in MS since 2007 via the AF. got out last year and as much as we've grown to love the Gulf Coast, the admiral has her heart in SF. hope everyone is doing well and having a great holiday season! lee
  2. official photo of man wearing self-imposed fast.... impressive restraint for someone with such a big appetite.
  3. that looks painful...sorry, dude
  4. "I am the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Thou shalt have no other monsters before Me. (Afterwards is OK; just use protection.) The only Monster who deserves capitalization is Me! Other monsters are false monsters, undeserving of capitalization.“ Suggestions 1:1 "Since you have done a half-$^& job, you will receive half an $^&!" The Great Pirate Solomon grabbed his ceremonial scimitar and struck his remaining donkey, cleaving it in two. Slackers 1:51–52
  5. was out for a few hrs yesterday. as i was stowing the ladder to head back, what do you know...a lonesome drain plug on the transom... <sinking feeling>. i guess it wasn't mine 'cause we would've been underwater a long time ago. on the very same outing, i took a pic... what's going on with the gas cap?
  6. i have a question about jump starting dead batteries...i've seen it done both ways where you either: 1) hook up the + clamp (red) to the positive terminal of the battery and attach the - clamp (black) to the frame of the vehicle (ground) OR 2)hook up + with positive terminal, then hook up the - with the negative terminal of the battery i think #1 is textbook, but i've seen both clamps attached to both terminals of the dead battery as well and it went ahead and started the boat anyway (without an explosion)! which is the appropriate way of jump starting a vehicle?
  7. you're living the dream right now! thanks for sharing.
  8. looks real clean. congrats!
  9. this is more happy than sad. congratulations!
  10. good idea! i'm always afraid of jumping in the water with my cell phone in my pocket. this product would help ensure i safeguard valuables before i do so.
  11. that's straight up ghetto! you hate to think it but whoever yanked your antenna can shove it.
  12. the guys at the marina have a booster pac es2500 which has come in handy for me 2-3 times now. works like a charm. they recommend getting the es5000 which is a step up. you can get one at napa. something is draining my batteries and i just haven't been able to trace the source. it only takes about 2wks of non-use for the batteries to be fully discharged. i have twin interstates as well. a friend of mine recommends switching them out for odysseys which apparently hold charge better and are just higher end overall. i suspect a combination of things causing my problems: 1) my batteries are shot from frequent discharges over one year. 2) something keeps draining the batteries (i ALWAYS turn all the battery switches off when not in use). at my first service in december, the mechanic was unable to find anything wrong. apparently, my boat is meant to be plugged in most of the time. anyway, i digress...booster pac es 5000 at napa (amazon's got it too).
  13. ashamed to admit that i just recently filled the boat up with water after almost a year of ownership. have done mainly day trips so far. kids are in diapers so our vacuflush is redundant to them. adults typically empty bladders prior to departure and at destination. i just might have the cleanest toilet of any 1 year old boat! to reiterate what i am gathering: 1) sink water goes overboard 2) 3.8 gal holding tank designates porta pottie and not holding tank for vacuflush (which has 10 gal capacity for sewage) 3) 22 gal fresh water capacity on sig 270 (previously 250) does not have water level indicator makes more sense to me now lee
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