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  1. Thanks everyone, Makolab sorry but there was nothing left of the boat it was as well as 74 other boats completely burned up. MonkeySeall sorry to abandon Chaparral but we bought a Sea Ray. When I get time I will make a list of the manuals I have, should come in handy for someone. Dan
  2. From Sarnia, bought my Yamaha 240 Limited at that marina a few years ago and sold it for a 1998 Sig 300. Unfortunately it burned in the fire at Port Lambton and I now have a Sea Ray. Would love to head up there for the day except for the price of gas....Congrats on the new boat. Dan
  3. Well my 1998 Sig 300 burned up in the fire in Port Lambton in Dec of 2011 and almost everything was lost. I have a tonneau cove that I would like to sell that is in great shape and dark blue in colour. I also have all the manuals for the boat that I will give away but who ever wants them will have to pay shipping or meet me in person. Dan
  4. Thanks again everyone, latest update is 75 boats and 4 classic cars at a loss of 40 million
  5. Thanks everyone much appreciated, still trying to deal with this
  6. Today was a sad day, not sure how many heard about the big fire in Port Lambton Ontario at Coopman Marina that resulted in the loss off 65 boats. Well my 1998 Signature 300 was one of the unlucky boats that did not make it. The shed that housed my boat for winter storage was the one that was completely burned to the ground! This year we put on a new top and did a bunch of upgrades to the toon of over $10,000 and not to be recovered. For the short time I owned this boat I really loved it! RIP "Picture Perfect"
  7. We purchased the boat last year and never got a chance to enjoy it out on the water, this year I learned to drive and dock it and it has been great. This year we added a new top and will be installing windless shortly as well as some fine tuning. My wife and I were debating on moving up to a larger boat but with the extra cost of an upgrade and increased fuel cost we decided to keep the Chaparral. We really like the layout and the homey feel of the boat. This picture was taken on Lake Huron by Port Huron Michigan at the start of the Port Huron to Mackinac Island sailboat race.
  8. Picture Perfect
  9. OK...Again more help requested. Today was the first time I had the boat out and started learning how to dock the boat with a great tutor, after some lessons we headed over to the fuel dock and filled the tank ($523.00 eek) Fuel gauge worked fine before but after filling the tank it was reading under the "E", is this a possible issue with the float that might start working again when the level drops a bit or is there other issues? Dan
  10. Thanks guys according to the manufacturer I should be OK with the in hall transducer so I am going to give it a try
  11. I have a STANDARD HORIZON CP 180i chart plotter and am going to add the optional fish finder. Not sure if I should go with the in-hall transducer or transom mounted. I don't want the through hall. Anyone have any experience with these? Going on my 1998 Signature 300. According to Standard Horizon website it states that the bottom should not be thicker than 1 /2". I am going to call the company and inquire about thickness.
  12. Hi everyone I purchased a 1998 Signature 300 and have a couple of the push button rim latches that are not working so after scouring the net for hours I finally found some, I ordered 4 and hopefully they work well. For anyone else looking here is a link: http://www.fpmarine.com/images-website/P1050465.JPG Look under hardware and latches Dan
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