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  1. chrisoswald

    Bottom paint or not - freshwater

    Not for nothing....creates more issues than it solves on boats you can trailer....big boats yes.
  2. chrisoswald

    2018 Blue Angels Annapolis

    Sorry. Cant really say for practice. We normally hit that at the base. Really get up front and personal with the walk out. Something to see close up. Never watched practice from the water. Go see it at the base. Really cool that close.
  3. chrisoswald

    2018 Blue Angels Annapolis

    Great show to watch. I live in pcola and the Blues are based here and we never miss it. Have fun!
  4. chrisoswald

    VP Sterndrive Gear Oil

    Don’t gamble with your out drive. JMO
  5. chrisoswald

    Maybe gimbal ?

    Its really not that hard of a fix. a half a dozen nuts and a bearing puller...if its bad its honestly worth yanking it off yourself.
  6. chrisoswald

    Correct saltwater flushing procedure

    Hey Dozer..here is what i do. Out of the water on the trailer or rack i have a fresh water supply only to the outdrive via muffs. The Bravo 3 has a engine mounted pump that draws water into the engine. I run it at idle until the boat get to operating temp (175 +/-) so i am certain the thermo is open. I then run some salt away thru the engine via the muffs (salt away has a mixing unit that lets you turn fresh water only or fresh water with their solution) until it see the salt away foam thru my exhaust ports. I then shut off the engine leaving a mixture of fresh water mixed with salt away in the engine vs just fresh water. I have done this on a half dozen boats over the last 10 years or so (inboard and outboard) and have never had any salt related problems...i don't work for salt away. It may be overkill as I know plenty of guys that just use fresh water and seem to be fine...to each his own i guess.
  7. chrisoswald

    Still can't track down bilge water source.

    hey..had a similar issue...the seacocks on the thru hull fittings were just barely hand tight from the factory...go figure...anyway they would leak into the bilge..tightened them up and have not had any issues since
  8. chrisoswald

    1999 Sunesta Temp Gauge

    I had a few hard to find parts i needed in the past and struck out big looking online as most dealers have pretty week online parts catalog...i made a listing of all of the dealers in my part of the country and just starting dialing them up..about three calls in i found what i was looking for. I would hit the phones.
  9. chrisoswald

    Lower Unit Oil

    Good luck with it. I'm pretty risk averse and would wait a handful of days vs rolling the dice but I get what you are saying and options are nice. Amazon prime is a lifesaver for me in those rare instances where I can't find something local.
  10. chrisoswald

    Lower Unit Oil

    Why would you not use the OEM oil?
  11. chrisoswald

    website for DIY

    Thanks for the info Wingnut. Solid stuff!!!
  12. chrisoswald

    website for DIY

    Quick question...any good websites that you guys are aware of that have good write ups for guys that like to wrench on their boats vs just general chit chat? I have found several for my vehicles but coming up short on good DIY boat stuff.
  13. chrisoswald

    Mercruiser crankshaft driven water pump B3

    How does the pump draw water when out of the water on muffs then? The out drive intake is below the pump. I was under the impression that the pump sucks water in.
  14. Has anyone performed a conversion to a crankshaft driven raw water pump from the factory mercruiser belt driven system? Seems pretty straightforward and would provide outstanding serviceability as well as a far more cost effective pump replacement than Mercruiser. Thanks.
  15. chrisoswald

    Transom Shower

    a tank with a simple pressure switch pump and a hose with a push button shower head (think of your sink rinse at home) will work fine. I boat on lanier and would not pull lake water. it easy enough to do it right and i dont think it will be too costly. I have one on both the front and rear of my boat and its great...especially when pulling anchor..rinsing it off before putting it away is a nice option.. plus rinsing off the deck on the way in is nice as well.a quick google search turned up several kits but i think you could build it for far less. If you are not super handy i know a guy that used to work at the old chaparrel store at lanier and im certain he could fix you up.