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    Radio controlled airplanes & finding a boat that I don't have to work on all the time.
  1. 2K03 Sunesta I had to put the tabs next to the outdrive tunnel I had to cut a marine grade plastic wedge to put behind the mount. I Also had to do the same where the actuators mount because of the mold design of the hull. You cant really go out past that point because they stick out past the side of the hull . In my honest opinion you should get a little longer tabs like maybe 12x14 or 16.
  2. I also have a 03 sunesta 232 and I run the 12x12 Bennett smart tabs
  3. Last year (their first season with the boat) I was able to drive their boat It handled fine and sat in the water fine . It did however set the back of their Tahoe down to almost overload stops. So I hooked it to my 3/4 ton and it was fine . So this year they bought a 3/4 ton and it is squatting it down a good bit.(not to overload) . Ducky did mention to me that when coming off plane it seemed to nose dive . I have not driven it this year but in general it did seem to sit a bit lower in the water.
  4. I use them and have no issues with them rubbing The quick release is nice also
  5. I have a 2012 3500 with the 6.7 and im getting 14.5mpg as a daily driver. I originally got it to pull the camper but obviously it doesnt even know the boat is there. Cant do any mods for many more miles without voiding the warranty . Best part about the 2012 is that you dont have to run the DEF like you do with the 2013s
  6. Cruzomatic That looks like a neat idea.I went with a new base and longer post. I still find myself standing or leaning back on the riser.
  7. Ducky We camp at lake Whitney all the time. It always takes at least two trips each way .Pull a 37 foot fifth wheel ,and then come back for the boat. We are camping out at Cedron Creek this weekend.There are still plenty of spaces availabe.Plus our lake water level is still up.
  8. Try marine parts depot.com They have a very large selection of stainless parts .
  9. I got the Pella,and couldnt be happier. Warmed up eng and then started the vacume process.By the time I got the water turned off the iol was drained.Only mess was the filter.
  10. look at the top left side (facing eng) Should be a white can filter .I just did mine Yesterday
  11. Brian You need to contact the Sirius side of it to activate.Even though they have merged they are treated as two different parts. They are running a special 25 deer for 6 month subscription. Andy
  12. Ive had both springs and air bag set ups.My opinion is the spring set up is better.The air bag makes the rear end sway when driving.
  13. Sbelcheff These are water proof LED lighting strips. I installed them under the lip of the swim deck.
  14. Sorry this is the best I could do on my cell
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