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  1. Rich W


    I have always used the Shurhold Yachtbrite products, Buff Magic for fine compounding and Pro Polish for shine and protection. Have always enjoyed great results on three different boats. Of course, 3m and Meguiar's make great products as well, and you probably would do well if you chose any one of these. Good luck!
  2. Rich W

    Sandy's Riches

    '93 Carver 350 Aft Cabin
  3. Iggy has alot of good suggestions.....use tinned, stranded wire. Be sure to use the same for the 120 ac cabling. They make a marine 120v cable. Use the correct sizes per amperage: 14gauge for 15 amps, 12 gauge for 20 amps, 10 gauge for 30 amps. Ok to run along with dc wiring. Be careful of chafing hazards. Don't run too close to heat sources. Be sure to secure cable throughout all runs. I've used the following website for info and wire a few times : https://www.ezacdc.com/ I've also used defender and hamilton marine. Do you have a couple batteries? You might need them if you get the fridge with dual power 12volt/120volt, Good luck.
  4. Rich W

    Benefits of a flybridge?

    We have gone from a Chap215SSi to a Larson 260 Cabrio express cruiser to a Carver 350 aft cabin motor yacht. The Carver does not have the inside helm which I am fine with. The salon is huge, two heads, two staterooms, 3/4 size fridge, three burner stove w/oven, two ac's. We spend a lot of time on her. We boat on a large inland lake. Love the bridge view. Getting easier to pilot as I am getting used to the twin inboards........they give you pinpoint control. Loved the express cruiser and planned on getting one in 34 foot range but fell in love with this after our first walk thru. We are completely satisfied and would recommend looking at a fly bridge boat for the extra cabin space you get. We don't miss the "cave" as Bennett mentioned. This boat planes out quickly and cruises easily in the 25 mph range, although we do a lot of slower cruising (10-12 knots) usually. I understand the separation of guests and what not, but we have fed and entertained 10+ people easily on our boat twice this summer, and had a couple stay with us for a few days without any problems. I do have a ladder from the aft deck to the swim platform. There are three easy stair steps to the bridge. Really easy to get around the boat other than the usual big steps down into the cabin that seem to be a part of every boat (other than sedan bridge). Bottom line is, don't count any boat out. You might be pleasantly surprised. Rich
  5. Rich W

    Magma grill....Calling all grill experts.

    That is a great grill. I have the round 15" grill. They heat up fast. Mine cooks everything fast....not too much fire control to do slow cooking. Very efficient though and works great even in windy conditions. Looks like you are all set for mounting the grill. Get a nice set of utensils, get out the grill recipes and enjoy. Rich
  6. Rich W

    Bad alternator?

    Thanks for all the help everyone. I took the advice and did not just go out and buy a new alternator. I paid for the diagnoses and Wingnut, you were right.....iac valve.I never would have guessed that as I had one go on my 5 liter, and it presented itself in a totally opposite manner, except for the alarm. I could hardly run the 5 liter, where this one seemed normal. Everything is good now. My mechanic says that he will normally recommend a changeout of the part after five years. Too bad they can't make a better one!! Thanks again. Rich
  7. Rich W

    Bad alternator?

    Sorry. Engine is 2008 MPI. Everything is stock except the seawater pump which I changed to Hardin stainless a couple years ago. My issue with the alternator reading the 12.9 volts is it has always read much higher at idle in the past.......like 14.5. But I guess I can see where a shorted battery could pull a lot and cause a problem. I will check batteries as the one start battery is at least five years old.......was good this spring at commissioning. Stored in my basement with maintenance charge all winter....all was good when I installed it. It would be nice if that would fix everything. That alarm code has so many possibilities.......I could have a shorted sensor drawing it all down? Stay tuned. Thanks for the responses. Rich
  8. Rich W

    Bad alternator?

    But will this give me an engine alarm? Maybe I have a couple issues?
  9. Rich W

    Bad alternator?

    I am running a 5.7 liter mercruiser with bravo 3, in a competitor's boat. I am getting an alarm .......2 beeps every 60 seconds. My water gauge seems ok, as does the oil pressure gage. Engine seems to run fine except for the beep, (not aic, have experienced that before) . Drove back to dock....no problems, except noticed volt meter showing low voltage at idle. Checked output terminals with VOM and measured around 12.9 volts at idle (have checked in past and always read 14.5 -14-7 volts at idle) . When I throttled her up, I read 14.7 volts. Tried tightening belt, but that had no effect. Do I just change out alternator, or try a new belt, or does anyone have any other suggestions. I believe batteries are ok. I checked with both batteries operating engine independently. Thanks in advance. Rich
  10. Rich W

    Engine shut down - 5.0L EFI Merc

    Since you asked, I am sending a link to online manuals. Good luck. Rich http://boatinfo.no/lib/library.html
  11. Rich W

    Boat hull cleaning and waxing

    Flyboy......I am a Buffmagic/pro polish fan. I have acquired a little dock rash over the years(black gelcoat), and the buff magic doesn't quite cut it. Will the 3m compound do the job? I am alittle afraid of compounding. Will the dual action buffer keep the swirl marks out, and will compounding eliminate the dock rash? Thanks. Rich
  12. Rich W

    Winterizing for High and Dry

    You can change your own oil and winterize the water systems, fuel filter etc., but the engine winterization (protecting the water jacket) will have to be done out of the water as you will not be able to keep nre raw water from entering to do it properly. You should be able to make that deal with the marina owners to do just that. I would also consider changing outdrive lube oil. At least have them check to make sure there is no water in the lube oil, as leaving it could cause a crack should the thing freeze up. My . Rich
  13. Rich W

    Another Winterization Question

    Winterize engines and water systems then batteries on maintenance charge to desulfate in the basement, everything stored inside that is not bolted down including hot water heater (make sure stuff is dry before storing in any containers), dryer sheets to fend off the critters, and a few damp rids to control the moisture while she winters in my backyard under a tarped A-frame. And toddler, I can't stop laughing over your Yogi Berra quote....classic!!!!! Rich
  14. Rich W

    Screwed up installing trim tabs!

    Glad it is going to work out after all. I bet you lost some time off your life though fretting about this. We will all have oops stories to tell. It comes with the territory. Rich