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  1. I'd never buy a new boat because I step up in size about every 5-6 years. I have purchased a new truck because I drive my vehicles until the wheels fall off. Current truck was bought new in '06 and since it's a diesel it's just getting broken in with 150k miles on it. I'll drive it for another 8 years at least. Wife's car is an '01 Accord that will last at least another 10 years. Buy in August when they are pushing last years models and NEVER pay interest on a car loan.
  2. A boat is a toy and should never be financed.
  3. I read a few months ago that 'very high end' and 'very low end' new boats were selling well, with middle market boat sales not good in the US market. This trend was putting big pressure on the used boat market with significant depreciation lowering prices significantly across the board - the 50% depreciation number mentioned earler in this thread is very real after just a few years and goes to 75% quickly. The good news is there are some great deals nationwide on very nice used boats.The bad news is that MANY boats sold at the boat show are sold with 15-20 year financing terms and no money down! So a $100k boat purchased 3 years ago now carries a balance still of $95k with payments monthly of of $965! And the boat is resell-able today for $50k-$70k. Ouch. And this will only get worse by year 5 of ownership. I was talking with the editor of Yachting magazine. He was saying the marine industry thinks they are going to have a problem going forward with customers. The millennial generation wants to experience everything but not own anything. They are wondering how to cater to that mentality.
  5. Scan it for codes ! If the starter solenoid was bad the engine would not turn over.
  6. You'll be overloaded but if only a mile at low speeds you'll be fine. Just don't hit anything because your insurance will deny the claim if they find out you were overloaded. Go slow and move it in off hours.
  7. Hosting photos on site is costly and obviously Chap does not want to cover that expense.
  8. Go to a local canvass shop and have one made.
  9. Go as big as you can afford!
  10. I agree.. I hope you enjoy owning the boat because at that price and this time of year you will own it for a while.
  11. You can't beat custom.
  12. Not sure if your push/pull cable idea is going to work. the valve has to be moved in two different direction to open. You'll have to get the open cable in just the right angle to be successful. Just add a 90* fitting at the pan and a fitting with a screw on cap at the end of the hose
  13. I've never seen one of those. Why not just screw it to the frame and make it secure. Or crimp the clips a little to make them hold better?
  14. I've never heard of a set up with the female part of the snap screwed to the boat. Not enough surface area to hold in the canvas if the male was on the cover.
  15. It's just the snaps. Don't over thing the clip part. Male/Female parts ya know. He's referring to the female part of a snap in case you'r still cornfused