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  1. Phillbo

    Please stop

    I hope you realize it's not a person sitting in front of a computer starting all the Russian threads. It's a program running. As long as people are dumb enough to view the threads they will continue to be posted. Don't view the threads!!!
  2. Phillbo

    Underwater lights

    Your buddy is going to be upset with you I agree with delany. Time for an upgrade.
  3. Pics do not display : 404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
  4. What moron would hit shore lights???
  5. Phillbo

    Underwater lights

    He only lost one. I'd just replace both as a set.
  6. On second thought. I'll pass. Need more open area and light inside. My 46' sloop had more area and it was 20' shorter...
  7. 5 - NO!!! Red lights are used to protect your night vision and altering them may be illegal... But then I doubt you will have any night vision with all the lights you are proposing to add. 6- Don't do it. Never understood peoples need to glow their boats like a christmas tree...When on the hook at night unless more light is needed we only use the small light at the steps into the cabin. I like to see the stars. The GF likes to have a couple battery powered candles out as well...
  8. I want one of those river barges... How long are they typically and are they well appointed inside?
  9. Phillbo

    Underwater lights

    Are they OEM or aftermarket? Or do you know?
  10. Or call them. They may be able to walk you through it over the phone.
  11. This.... It's too far gone for wet sanding.
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