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  1. Walk the dock and make sure it's spitting water....
  2. Phillbo

    Lake Powell advice

    Fuel- only buy what you need at the marinas, it's EXPENSIVE (probably 4.50 a gallon) . Most likely they have a provision to top the tank off once they pick the boat up at the end of the day and just charge your card on file or deduct it from the security deposit.
  3. Phillbo

    Lake Powell advice

    From the website around the concierge service : "We are happy to launch and retrieve your rental boat. We charge a valet fee of $100 for this service. We will deliver your rental boat to either Stateline Launch Ramp or Antelope Point Launch Ramp. We will schedule you a time to show up for valet that morning and also for pick up that evening." Takes the Uhaul out of the equation Not trying to plan your trip but just trying to help and am bored as #$^% sitting in the Atlanta airport on a 3 hour delay grabbing some food and a beer or two...
  4. Phillbo

    Lake Powell advice

    Looks like they offer a concierge service which probably means they will launch it and put it in a transient slip for you... going to have a cost though. Should not be more than $100.00.
  5. Phillbo

    Minn Kota DH 40 Problems...no power

    Living in the southwest and not owning a fishing pole. I was in the dark.
  6. Phillbo

    Handheld VHF radio

    Yes at a minimum. You'll be much happier with a permanent unit with a good antenna though.
  7. Phillbo

    Minn Kota DH 40 Problems...no power

    OK, I'll ask the dumb question. What is a Minn Kota?
  8. Phillbo

    CO2 alarm not getting power

    Are you sure it's not a bad alarm?
  9. Phillbo

    Lake Powell advice

    Good deal... June is almost a promise of a sunny day. We've had a slow heat up and lots of weather this spring but it has to change soon. The lake is filling much slower than normal due to the cold weather in Colorado. Once it warms up the lake will come up fast and open the cut for you.
  10. Phillbo

    Lake Powell advice

    Hey yogi, check these guys out (new company in Page) . Looks like they are offering a discount if you book in May. They have a small chap that looks reasonable... Renegadeboatrentals.com
  11. Phillbo

    Toilet Questions - 275 SSI

    You may not have one. Mine does not.
  12. Phillbo

    To change or not to change Impeller

    Change it. Even if the boat is not used the impeller can take a set and move less water.
  13. Phillbo

    Alarms when on accessory switch

    The first click is to test the alarm system to make sure it is working, the second click to the right is to start the engine. It's not like a car where you have accessories to the left. The Accessories are live when you turn on your battery switch.
  14. Phillbo

    Alarms when on accessory switch

    It's normal. It's letting you know the alarm is working. The first click to the right is not accessories.
  15. Phillbo

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    That's how mine is configured. I buy all my batteries at Costco ( Interstate Starting and Deep Cycle Marine ) and return them just before the free replacement period expires. They do not have the ability to test them and simply give you a new one. I always have fresh batteries and have not had to pay for one in years.