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  1. Find a dealer with one on the lot and ask them to measure it for you.
  2. Have you been able to determine your prop pitch yet? Sounds like you need to get the R's up just a tad..
  3. Actually today is 7/11/2020 but not sure why that matters.... Or what any of this has to do with an open anchor hole???
  4. RPM's are more important than speed. What are you getting at WOT?
  5. Phillbo

    Lost Anchor

    Cut off as much as you need to in order for it to fit. Will not impact holding ability.
  6. Your GPH will differ greatly depending on if those hours were spent in a no wake zone -vs- cruising or WOT....... I've never tried to determine my fuel usage as there are too many variables. On my lake I make sure to launch with a full tank and then top off when i pass the up lake marina (42 miles up lake).
  7. When was the last impeller service?
  8. Phillbo


    I think he's asking the size of the thru hull.... Hard to tell what he means by 'fitting'..
  9. Nice work.... You are about as quick on turn around as most mechanics
  10. Does not sound like a good practice to me....
  11. Phillbo

    fuel tanks

    Does it only act that way with a half tank? Does it run fine when the tank is full? What is it doing?
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