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  1. Now that's ironic.... Spam in a Spam thread.
  2. Nope.... Been down this road many times. Chap does not care about this site.
  3. And you are brain dead for replying to them.......
  4. It does not really matter, just go with the biggest one that will fit in the space available.
  5. The 'other' site will not do any better than this one... I have no loyalty to either but neither have more than 4 contributors.... both are dying the same death.. one just with less spam... The owner of both sites do not pay much attention to them.
  6. Boating issues are typically not brand specific.....
  7. Phillbo

    New Site

    Go here and register -- https://www.netboattalk.com
  8. There are no owners of this site.... The inmates are running the asylum..
  9. Is it really necessary to post on this site a running tally of the spam you killed on the 'other' site? Neither site has much activity these days.....
  10. IMO it's a waist of money. If you destroy your SS props to the point that you can't limp back to the marina most likely your outdrive will be toast as well and you'll need a tow.
  11. You might want to think about letting the spam in... that site is DEAD.. I've been trying to generate some traffic but all I caught was Denny...
  12. You don't gain any performance from the noise and the women just point and laugh at the penis extension... bypass it. It annoys people in your marina as well.
  13. Just make sure the batteries are well ventilated. I leave my engine hatch open when I leave the boat unattended and plugged in to shore power.
  14. Phillbo


    Take your bromance somewhere else please......
  15. He will never learn...... Keeps peeing on the floor like a puppy.
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