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  1. Buy a cruiser.
  2. If you can hear a bad bearing by hand turning a prop it has to be in pieces.
  3. Sure. Probably need to have one made. I doubt it was an option from the factory.
  4. That confused me as well. Not sure what he is talking about.
  5. Why do you keep oranges in the fridge?
  6. Sounds like the cable needs to be adjusted. Talk to the shop that did the work.
  7. If the pump continues to cycle you may have a leak that is preventing it from building pressure.
  8. Been using this on my Vinyl for years: My wife claims this is the best all around cleaner she has ever used... And cheap too: The sun should bleach out the gas stain.
  9. I have never owned a boat where anything drained to the bilge.
  10. I bet they don't.
  11. What kind of boat are you on that runs all day?
  12. Confirmed then, bad line management. Learn from the experience.
  13. Top it off and see if the alarm stops. Why would you even leave the dock with an alarm sounding?
  14. Not normal. Take it back to the stealership to be repaired.