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  1. Phillbo

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    Define a 'few days'..... I've gone 2 weeks without pumping out and never over flowed the holding tank. Are you sure you got it all pumped out?
  2. Phillbo

    The Baja

    Put a Merlin in your Baja
  3. Phillbo

    Right spark plugs?

    What did he say???
  4. Phillbo


    When catching a mooring I always use a yoke.
  5. Phillbo

    Need help with 310 Signature! a variety of issues.

    How long have you owned this boat? Sounds like a sunk salvage. That is a LOOOOONGG list of electrical issues....
  6. Phillbo

    Right spark plugs?

    Whats in there now?
  7. Phillbo

    Need help with 310 Signature! a variety of issues.

    A lightening strike does not sound too far fetched... Might try filing an insurance claim and get a new set of eyes on it from a more qualified mechanic....
  8. Phillbo


    The OP states 'no windshield'..... A 1' 6" difference is going to be hard to overcome. 2 floor jacks and pull the wheels?
  9. Phillbo

    The Boatyard

    They walk among us......
  10. Phillbo

    Need help with 310 Signature! a variety of issues.

    Obviously it's kept in the water or it would not have growth on the hull and outdrives.
  11. Phillbo


    Appears to be a one hit wonder.
  12. Phillbo


    It would help if we knew how much of a difference you are trying to over come.
  13. Phillbo


    How tall is the boat and how tall is the door?
  14. Phillbo

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Nice but too many moving parts to fix....
  15. Phillbo

    October at Lake Mead

    Just got back from a week on Powell... Nothing better than Fall boating when the days are cool and the lake empty. We just had the Big Flush so Mead should come up a couple feet