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  1. Phillbo

    Pumpout fitting

    I keep mine is a little Tupperware container in the stern storage locker.
  2. Phillbo

    277 Overheating Issues

    Didn't have an impeller? What drive was on your last boat?
  3. Phillbo

    Evinrude Intelligent Piloting System

    Too much useless tech for me. I use iCaptain to Dock,Steer and Trim. Me being the Captain.
  4. Phillbo

    How to Anchor and Sleep Safely

    Never leave your battery selector in the ALL position. If you have a drain it will drain them ALL.. As soon as I shut down for the night mine is in the #2 position (house battery). Anchor early so you can identify any issues before it gets dark.
  5. Phillbo

    2019 Model Info

    Wow... Only 1 cruiser. Sad. The Signature line was so nice. Glad there are still used Sig 330's on the market. That and a Cruiser Yacht are my target boats when i up size in a couple years.
  6. Phillbo

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    Chap QC has sucked for many years..
  7. Phillbo

    Beginner Advice - 1992 Chaparral 2200SLC

    How many hours on the engine. For sure get it surveyed.
  8. Phillbo

    IAC Muffler

    Try this: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1004912/Mercury-Mercruiser.html?page=81
  9. Phillbo

    Pumpout fitting

    I don't remember it being that expensive. I think I only paid $55.00.
  10. Phillbo

    Oil/foam dripping from outdrive

    If he's slow now why not go ahead and get it fixed instead of waiting until spring when he will be slammed?
  11. Phillbo

    Hurricane Florence - 9/12/18

    Looks like the winds are not going to be as strong as originally predicted but if ti stalls and rains for days the flooding will be bad.
  12. Phillbo

    Pumpout fitting

    Pump out is free on my lake. Unless you call the barge to come to your slip and pump it for you. Then it's expensive ($85.00 I think but not sure since I've never used them). I have a threaded adapter that hooks up to the pumps banjo fitting on the hose.
  13. Phillbo

    Bimini pole replacement

    Canvas shop can hook you up.
  14. Phillbo

    Outdrive oil gone

    Trace the line to the connection at the transom to make sure it is not split or pulled loose.
  15. Phillbo

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    Hill Marine !