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  1. Well, we had a great week on the lake until Friday afternoon when it was ruined (well, interrupted) by the pest known as Wake Boats.. We were all rafted up on a beach in Kane Creek when a wake boat came buy and rocked us hard enough to damage 2 of the boats. One had it's rub rail pulled loose and the other one had it's bow rail bent when a fender was pulled under the boat next to it due to the wake action. We tried to flag the pest down but they ignored us as they made another pass. So my buddy (ex cop) untied his boat and went after them. When he came back about an hour later he reported that he informed them of the damage they had created and that he planned to file a report with the Rangers and a claim against their insurance. He had their Insurance Card and Boat Registration in possession and had told them they could retrieve it at the marina rangers station when they returned (they planned to be on the lake for a few more days). When we returned to the marina yesterday he hooked up with the Rangers and a citation will be issued when they return. All documentation was put in order and a claim will be filed with the insurance company. If the insurance is refused a law suit will be filed. He's pissed. Luckily he happened to be toying around with a new Go Pro in expectation of filming the sun set so the incident was partially caught on camera.... Also lucky no one was injured trying to fend the boats off from crashing into each other. I have a firm 'no limbs in harms way around the dock or other boats'.. Gel coat can be fixed easier than an arm or leg.. Pest need to be banned but I know that will never happen......
  2. Our 'Off Season" is June- Sept. We do not go to the lake unless there is a large gathering of friends on houseboats. Three things factor into our "Off Season".... Wind, Heat and Wake Boat Yahoos. Dec and Jan can get very cold so I typically use those months to do my maintenance since the GF does not do cold and the boat does not have a heater....
  3. Phillbo

    surge brakes

    You are confused Denny. You have it backwards. The breaks lock up on the trailer when they try to back up on flat or inclines unless they 'lockout' the breaks.... due to pressure on the tongue. I've personally had 6 different boats and never experienced any issues or the need to lock anything out...
  4. Nice boat but not the best fishing platform.....
  5. I hope you have a secondary horn (portable air horn works) in case of a safety inspection.
  6. Now you're just showing off....
  7. Yes they rent Day boats but the best way is to get a group of 8-12 friends and rent a houseboat for a week... It's not a lake you can see in a day.....
  8. Nice job ramos... 1- that is Reflection canyon and our destination tomorrow after showing some people Rainbow Bridge. Currently rafted up in Kane creek for the day and night. 2-That is an area of the lake just upstream from Antelope Point Marina we call the Maytag Straights. It gets it's name due to the steep walls and traffic, The wakes do not dissipate but just bounce back and forth off the wall. It's a nasty section but only about 4 miles long and soon dumps you into Padre Bay. 3- Wahweap Marina where my cruiser will be slipped until the next summer season arrives and the yahoos return. 4- Entrance to I believe Cathedral Canyon. 5- Entrance to Mountain Sheep Canyon... The lake is more crowded than we expect but manageable. We got a real nice sight yesterday so plan to stay put today and move up lake tomorrow. We have 2 couples that have never been on the lake. I love showing people the sights.
  9. Is the water warm or lake temp? Does your speedometer work?
  10. 4 hour drive from my home in Scottsdale but well worth it...... Breakfast is done but a couple of the girls needed to run to the store for some last minute supplies. Should be heading up lake in about an hour. Randall, yes we are on Lake Powell. This site sucks for posting pictures so just do a Google Image search and you will see plenty. Highs in the low 90's and lows in the low 70's... Almost perfect.
  11. Phillbo

    Is it just me???

    I thought he changed his name to Hatem.......
  12. I would T off in the line before the macerator and get a second RV macerator to pump it out....
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