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  1. Phillbo

    Vortex Issues

    He's been a grumpy old man for a while... Ignore him and his inability to take his meds.
  2. Phillbo

    Norris Lake, TN Trip

    Upper 80's is when I stop going to our lake....
  3. Phillbo

    Toilet Questions - 275 SSI

    I said "If" they are cycling.... You said : I suppose it's my innate fear of draining the house batteries, that I feel the need to only turn on the switch when needed.
  4. Phillbo

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    No... that occurs at much higher speeds than you will ever experience...
  5. Phillbo

    Toilet Questions - 275 SSI

    If your toilet or fresh water pump is cycling enough to drain a battery then I'd hope you would realize you had an issue that needs to be addressed. I leave all my systems powered up. One night I woke to the sound of the fresh water pump cycling and turned it off. the next morning I fixed a loose connection and turned it back on. No way either one of those pumps could run long enough to drain a battery without me noticing.
  6. Phillbo

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    I'd be getting 2 new props on the guys insurance dime.... ebay props would make me shy away.. Why are you going on the cheap? Did you have the outdrive inspected to make sure the shafts are not distorted?
  7. Phillbo


    Scary part is morons like this are on our lakes.
  8. Phillbo


    Yes. I would never buy a car without a steering wheel.
  9. Phillbo

    CRAParral Never buy!

    5 months? What part of the country do you live?
  10. Phillbo

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    Appears to be a trend with people being unhappy with the H2O's....
  11. Phillbo

    Spotlight Installation

    I must have missed that...
  12. Phillbo

    Toilet Questions - 275 SSI

    I too keep mine powered on at all time.
  13. Phillbo

    Impellar Housing

    Beach bow in and keep the outdrive trimmed up as you back out. I've been doing it that way for years with no issues.
  14. Phillbo

    Engine add ons

    No, I was serious. The OP has a Volvo engine and everyone is discussing the limitations of the Bravo outdrive.
  15. Phillbo

    Engine add ons

    Do they mate BIII outdrives to a volvo engine?