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  1. Full tank and add Stabihl before setting up for the winter. I'm lucky and have never had a fuel issue because I use my boat year around and it always has fresh fuel and Stabihl in the tank.
  2. Have the drums turned.
  3. Is it fly by wire?
  4. We have different boats but yes, I mounted mine on the aft port gunwale. It sits flat and has no issues with rotating or locking into place. Mount the grill and position it where you want it for cooking before marking the screw holes.
  5. Maybe fill a large trash can full of water and put the outdrive in it? I've never heard of a boat that does not have a neutral button on the throttle.
  6. Port side. I have the same grill with the same mount and love it. They cook real hot so get use to turning it down after your sear.
  7. If you recently had it serviced it is typical for them to burp and the fluid level will drop. If it continues to drop you have a leak. Tap the cap a couple times. The float could be stuck and did not reset.
  8. It appears you are very sensitive about little thing so I would suggest taking the huge hit and ordering a new boat. I feel sorry for your dealer.
  9. You will need a genny. AC will kill a battery bank fast.
  10. Afraid you may be on your own with this topic. I have never heard of a sonar for a boat. I just go slow and keep watch when in the shallows.
  11. We need engine data in order to help. The type of boat is irrelevant, it's the engine that is having the issue. If carbed it may be the secondaries not opening.
  12. The stupid people have already contributed to the gene pool. Not sure I see a plus side to a kid getting run over?
  13. Just fill the tank, add Stabil and enjoy your frosty winter.It's not rocket science. Whatever you have done in the past has worked so why worry.
  14. I have a cruiser so the last thing I would ever do is drive in circles.