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  1. Phillbo

    Live Well

    Are you sure you have a live well and not a ski locker?
  2. Phillbo

    Trailering Question

    Does it have a bow strap?
  3. Phillbo

    Trailering Question

    Need a strap at the bow as well.
  4. Phillbo

    Trailering Question

    You need a strap from the bow eye down to the tongue of the trailer. It will resolve the issue. Not a big deal.
  5. Phillbo

    Alpha 1 Trim Issue

    Thanks. I'll pass that on to him.
  6. Phillbo

    Alpha 1 Trim Issue

    I went to check out Lake Lanier over the weekend and ran in to a guy at the marina that was having an issue with his trim on an older boat (late 80's). It will trim down bu not up. We could hear the pump running but it was not lifting the outdrive. Fluid levels are good so i was thinking maybe it needed to be bled. What is the procedure for bleeding a trim system? I assumed it was self bleeding and we tried cycling it up and down (me lifting the drive while he engaged the switch) a few times but it did not change. It will come up VERY slowly.
  7. I must have missed this but why are you needing to add so much lighting?
  8. Phillbo

    Boat lacking power. Hard to plain off

    3" of play is a no brainer, have it adjusted by someone that knows what he is doing.
  9. Phillbo

    Sunesta 274 - transom lid!

    What is 'wake surfing chop'? Following seas?
  10. Phillbo

    Boat will not go over 20mph

    I'm still not /understating this set / up
  11. Phillbo

    1st 5 hours with 2019 H2O 23

    Dealer and Mechanic = people that will prosper when a new engine is destroyed .... Give it time before you flog it.
  12. Phillbo

    Boat will not go over 20mph

  13. I'm making popcorn..... someone disagreed with The Hate Man... This thread is about to go to sh*t.
  14. Phillbo

    Boat lacking power. Hard to plain off

    What is your RPM's at WOT?