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  1. It's fine the way it is. The buoy is only there to keep the mooring line afloat. Once you are moored it does not matter if the buoy gets pulled under the water line.
  2. Phillbo


    Fix your leak and bilge pump first. It does not matter if the boat will start when it's sunk.
  3. If you like my boat, show me the cash.
  4. He said they have not had any rain. That rules out a leaky hatch or port hole.
  5. I could not enjoy my cruiser if I was focused on saving money on gas. We typically travel 40-60 miles a day and fuel at the marina up lake is over $5.00 / gallon. The soft serve ice cream is cheap though
  6. If fuel cost is a concern you should not own a boat....
  7. Have you used the shower recently? Does it have a sump to pump the shower water overboard? If yes, it may be clogged and overflowing.
  8. That is how mine is set up and I have a 20 gallon tank. Comes in handy when away from a pump out for 5-6 days at a time.
  9. Yuck. Sinot says it aint true: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-51446663
  10. Man, what are you eating Limiting the water and TP is the secret.
  11. Someone forgot to lock the gate
  12. Given the sinking I'd let the pro do the job and give everything a real close inspection. Was it in salt water?
  13. Phillbo


    Nice. I use The Moorings out of Road Town, Tortola........ Currently moored in Cane Garden Bay for the night.. Ya Mon!
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