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  1. Is that your island?
  2. or a longer tow rope.
  3. Seriously? Why the game? This site is all about sharing information. Your diagnosis may help others in the future.
  4. Why the drama Foy? Share your findings with the group.
  5. Ah.. Call Chap and ask for the specs or call the trailer mfg and give them the info on the trailer and your boat.
  6. Best thing about towing with my F250 is the tranny tow/haul mode. Turn it on and it will maintain a set speed going down steep grades. Very little if any braking needed.
  7. I'd rather buy a well maintained boat with high hours than a not well maintained boat with low hours. To me, the worst thing that can happen to a boat is for it to sit for long periods without being used. My boat has 650 hours on it and is well maintained. I have no concerns.
  8. 80 miles should only be about 4 hours.... Fuel is your only concern. A 4 hour tour... A 4 hour tour
  9. How can you flush an engine without running it?
  10. Cecil Marine is top notch..
  11. The number of hours on an impeller is not the only indicator . If the boat sat for a long period of time the impeller can take a set and will not move as much water as it should.
  12. Mine is all white with a thin red stripe. I would never own a cruiser that had a colored hull...
  13. What load range?
  14. I installed air bags on my F250 and it makes a lot of difference. I can adjust the ride height so the trailer is perfectly level. Shocks do not prevent the suspension from bottoming.