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  1. Does it stay at Full when you start the motor? Probably the sending unit is stuck or bad, not the gauge..
  2. Just use it... You may want to flush a couple gallons of fresh water just to see if you developed any leaks due to freezing. Fresh water is much more tolerable if it leaks
  3. wow.. 3 new post yesterday.... and one of them was mine. May be time for more boat babes
  4. I've tried but there is no traffic on the other site so why bother.....
  5. Cyclops' friends..... He likes to play with them and they multiply.
  6. I hope he was not running full speed with the bow hatch open.... I never get on plane without the GF dogging the bow hatch.
  7. Or just live with it and document the anomaly.... bookmark this page
  8. Like my wife says when she hears a loud low performance boat "Nothing but a penis extension".
  9. Maybe start by doubling the current rating of the one you have??? Take it to an auto parts store.
  10. I use this : https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?id=1987783
  11. No one touches this site....
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