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  1. Phillbo

    Always a little water in bilge

    Glad you found it before it ruptured. That's a fast way to cook a motor at the same time sinking the boat...
  2. Phillbo

    First Boat, First Car

    How do you get a ticket in a boat?
  3. Phillbo

    2005, 290 signature chaparral

    What power plant are you running? Volvo or Merc? The problem is with your engine, not your boat so we need more info in that area. Volvo has had issues with the painted fuel pumps.
  4. Phillbo

    Anyone have 297SSX hydraulic swim platform photos?

    Whats the deal with that little jump seat on the port side of the transom? JMHO but nothing about that boat appeals to me.
  5. Phillbo

    Educate me on trailer winches

    When I synch up my winch strap and attach the safety chain at least 40% of my boat is still floating. How do you factor that in? Like you said in the OP, most likely a dry rotted strap than an issue with the boat being too heavy. Get a 2K strap and plan to replace it when you get new tires.
  6. Phillbo

    How would you address this leak?

    I would start by drilling a small exploratory hole in the stringer. Something you can plug when you glass up the crack. Before you put the boat back in the water, make good sure there is no more water trapped (leaking from the stringer) in the hull....
  7. Phillbo

    Educate me on trailer winches

    Have you considered going with a cable instead of a strap?
  8. Phillbo

    Educate me on trailer winches

    How far are you having to winch it? When I load my boat I run it up to the stop and when I attach the winch strap I just have to snug it down. I assume power loading is not allowed at your ramp...
  9. Phillbo

    Anyone have 297SSX hydraulic swim platform photos?

    I guess that would be good to have if you own a big dog.
  10. Phillbo


    If you are interested in going fast you may want to consider it. If you are just going in circles and shaping waves it's a waist of money. Are you running a HP engine with a surface drive?
  11. Phillbo

    Oh no Mr. Bill !!

    Perfect weather on my lake next week.... https://www.wunderground.com/forecast/us/az/page/86040
  12. Phillbo

    Oh no Mr. Bill !!

    Just beginning here..... 8 days on the lake planned to start next week. We have a large group of friends flying in from Maui and renting a 75' houseboat....
  13. Phillbo

    Rusting Starter - with no high water event

    It's not a PO issue since he's had to replace 2 starters since owning it... lots of rust on the back of that engine.. the leak should be obvious... I'm a fresh water guy so that may not be a lot of rust.. To me, ANY rust is a lot of rust.
  14. Phillbo

    Rusting Starter - with no high water event

    Fact of the matter is that you have a leak. You need to find it. I doubt it's the mooring cover causing the issue.
  15. Phillbo

    Towing one boat with another

    #%^$&%$ glad I don't boat with douche bags like that....