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  1. Find the main engine harness that runs from the transom to the back of the motor. The corsa wire is usually zip tied up with that. Sometimes it is hid pretty good.
  2. Its the other way around. Cool water form the thermostat housing flows to the bottom of the fuel module, cools the fuel then flows out of the top to the exhaust riser.
  3. That is the hose that should go to the port exhaust riser for cooling water flow. The new riser should have a small allen head plug that would need to be removed and a hose barb fiting installed for the hose to connect to.
  4. There should be 2 small hoses for the fuel cooler built into the fuel pump assembly. They look like 1/4"fuel line. One connects to the top of the thermostat housing and one connects to the port exhaust riser by the valve cover.
  5. Actually Volvo has a tuned up version of the 6.0 they are going to release soon called V8 430.
  6. The props off your xdp drives have straight cut splines and the new ocean x drives and the new DPS drives have helical cut splines. So the props will not work.
  7. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/servlet/the-5763/JBL-REM35-STEREO-REMOTE/Detail joe has a kit to replace the rem35 with the newer rem45.
  8. kawman

    Operating temp

    Have you repalced the impeller in the last 3 years?
  9. kawman

    Exhuast noise

    I have seen one or 2 volvo 5.7s with bad manifold gaskets, not near as common as the merc but it is still possible. Check for a exhaust smell like Shepherd said or use a flash light and look for a black sooty substance around the manifold to block area.
  10. Im guessing you have the brass sea water pump. Was the inside of the pump more importantly the back plate and the front where the ends of the impeller ride smooth or all groved up? I have seen some pumps that get all groved up and when you install a new impeller it will not pump even though the old one did.
  11. It sounds like the speedo hose fitting. Its #26 on this parts breakdown.
  12. If you do replace the motor mounts you will need to remove the drive and check / adjust engine alignment.
  13. Some chaps use snaps that are pop riveted into the floor. You will need to drill them out to remove.
  14. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I did check those 3 part #'s you gave me. The first 2 were unkown and the third was expired. I did do some looking into your riser extension issue. The spacer blocks are on back order with no ETA on their website. There is a kit instock PN 40005141. Form what I can find the kit has the elbow PN 3803061 and extension PN 3842853 along with the riser gaskets. Sugg. retail for the lit is 1022 deer. Note I have never ordered this kit so i would verify all information with volvo. I know you already have the elbows so this kit would only help you if the dealer would be willing to return some of the parts you already have.
  15. You can buy the stargazer GPS for about 1200 deer MSRP and install it your self. It is not that big of a project and it comes with pretty good instructions.
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