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  1. tolson37

    No Startup Beeps

    Thank you - will definitely check it out.
  2. tolson37

    No Startup Beeps

    thx - will definitely do both and in that order:)
  3. tolson37

    No Startup Beeps

    The startup beeps on my SmartCraft system stopped mysteriously for some reason. I have a 2 battery system and one battery was dead - not sure if that would cause it. I went ahead and switched to the good battery and did not notice anything unusual with the coolant temp, oil pressure, etc.. in 3-4 hours on the lake today. My engine is the 350 Mag Merc w Bravo 3. Any thoughts on what to check first? I am in the process of charging the dead battery - I had it tested at a local auto store and it just needs charging. Thanks - Todd.
  4. tolson37

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    I had this same boat 2004 204 SSI - tried several props from the prop shop and settled on the Solas 4 blade stainless steel. Great all around prop. Probably not the best for more top end - but anything above 50 in that boat doesn't feel all that safe to me.
  5. tolson37

    Looking for input on bow riders

    I've got the 226 SSI Elite Package - has a 350 Mag (300HP) w Bravo 3. No problem with power... I'm not sure what other options there are.
  6. tolson37

    Looking for input on bow riders

    I don't like generalizing - when you get serious you'll have to go check them out first hand. It's just like anything else - many mfg's give you options to fit into your budget. checkout this thread - it may help.
  7. tolson37

    I Want A New Drug! ....... er boat

    Mine gives me the look
  8. tolson37

    Looking for input on bow riders

    this is the same boat I have - minus a few things. I love mine - it's solid, flexible people wise, trailers well, and gets on plane fast. not sure about the price (haven't shopped for a while) but the SSI models are very nice.
  9. tolson37

    Looking for input on bow riders

    my first boat was a new one - 16 footer w stern drive and big 4 banger. I made so many rookie mistakes with that boat. get a used boat first and learn what you like/dislike, etc.. ask the seller to take you on a ride before you buy. one virus i got after about 6 months with my 1st boat was 2 footitis... you can guess what that is. anyway good luck.
  10. tolson37

    Towing Survey/Question

    tow mine with a 2018 ford f150 ecoboost - 375 hp 470 torque 10 speed tranny 3.55 rear end. tows my boat with ease in 115F degrees weather and ac full blast - tons of torque down low. you won't get that in a chevy/gmc. ford just announced their 2019 model will have 510 torque. you're about 4700 lbs dry and then add trailer. probably around 7000 lbs. you'll probably feel safer in a 2500 i'm thinking.
  11. tolson37


    The title of this thread should have been "DON'T LOOK NOW JOHNNY"
  12. tolson37

    CRAParral Never buy!

    I would not have put up with this. Would be in my dealers face on a REGULAR BASIS asking for details on all the fixes and what parts are taking so long, etc. etc. I DO expect a newly purchased boat to be defect free. I do ask for on the lake drives before taking delivery. Any dealer worth their salt would bend over backwards to make sure EVERYTHING is working. I guess that's what I don't really get in this whole thread. Keeping an existing customer happy is the easiest way to get repeat business. Losing a customer to issues like the OP has is really bad - it's the sign of a dying business. I hope the OP get's his boat working perfectly - I would not expect anything less than that. The problems I've had with my 2 SSI purchases were all self inflicted. When I go to the lake I don't see many (if any) boats I'd rather have than the Chap SSI. Cobalt may be the only other boat I would consider for bow rider.
  13. tolson37

    Random thought: I just don't get this design.

    Yep. Keep the Lysol wipes handy. Easy enough fix. I would prolly wipe it off no matter where it’s stored.
  14. tolson37

    Towing with ecoboost

    sorry - remote tailgate release.... more auto-xxx than I really need but nice to have.
  15. tolson37

    Towing with ecoboost

    Picked up from dealership. Lariat Special Edition Package w 502A package. BandO audio (awesome) tech package sync3 Blind spot monitoring trailer backup system led lighting everywhere dual panel moonroof etc etc. all the goodies. Auto wipers auto high lights auto tailgate release start stop. Etc.