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  1. Check the fuel pump differences. You might have to convert it to electric.
  2. I added a windlass to my boat this past Spring and love it. Makes anchoring so much easier. We boat in the upper Chesapeake Bay and had to no issues with the anchor hitting the hull. We don't go out in 3+ foot waves but the windlass lowers it quickly so I doubt you'll have problems.
  3. Maybe make a cardboard template then fashion a cover from plywood? http://www.foreandaftmarine.com/RU-169.htmI sold a nice plastic cover but they are NLA.. I've seen them pop up on eBay sometimes. It's def a valid concern, I've seen birds nest in junk boats at my marina.
  4. After approx. 300hrs mine needed replacing. One of the flappers wouldn't close on it's own.
  5. You can make a decent flushing system using a 500gph bilge pump & 5gal bucket. Get hose barb adapters to attach the "to & from" hoses and run it for an hour or so. I'm gonna make one when the time comes.
  6. Based on the last pic, it looks like the gap at the hinge has opened up. Happened to me one year when I opened the door while ice was frozen in the hinge. Bent it all up & I had to replace it. Taylor-made was able to send me a new hinge.
  7. Make sure the o-ring on the cap is in good shape.
  8. I like those boat vents. I installed a few on my cockpit and winter covers.
  9. I'm looking for the same swoosh but in black\pewter. You can get the thin sections made using 3M materials. It's the swoosh section I haven't been able to locate. Please post back if you find anything.
  10. Thanks for posting! I have the same GPS and wanted to do the update.
  11. Using the link below, my 350mag with power steering and fresh water cooled uses a 2667mm belt. I crossed referenced this to Goodyear #4061037 that has a length of 2635mm. This put my tensioner about mid-way after initial belt stretch. http://www.marineengine.com/parts/mercury-quicksilver/application-guides/mercruiser-v-belts-and-serpentine-belts.htm
  12. It can be a trrial and error process to see what length fits best where the tensioner isn't maxed out.
  13. Having just gone thru the same situation, I'd go with a belt a little shorter. The belt will stretch & you could end up maxing out the tensioner. I like the Goodyear gatorback belts. As a side note, the oem merc pullies are Dayco. I was able to confirm that based on the part #'s.
  14. I've read that a faulty tachometer can stop the ignition system from working. With your tach reading wrong I'm wondering if that's your issue. Try disconnecting the tach's signal wire next time it won't start to rule that out. You mentioned you checked fuel pressure while running....does it maintain pressure after shut-down too? This can cause hot start problems.
  15. I had a aft cabin leak on the port side. The water was coming in from two places. 1st was where the port side bow railing mounted. 2nd was at the shore power connector. To access the railing bolt, remove the ceiling panel that the aft cabin lights mount to. Then you can reach up thru with a ratchet to loosen the bolt, reseal, then re-install. The shore power just needed the mounting bolts tightened to compress the gasket. Sounds like yours is a different spot but you'd be surprised how water can run under the headliner and collect in another area. Hope this helps.