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  1. 951Tom

    Signature 260 Age?

    The switch covers pop off & can be replaced. The model is the Carling Contura II. I had to replace all of mine due to fading. On my 2000, the 2 switches by the ignition key should be bilge blowers & horn. On the other panel, should be nav lights, cockpit lights, wiper, trim tabs, depth sounder, & bilge pump (not in that order).
  2. 951Tom

    Winterizing Help

    When the marina winterizes the engine, I'm thinking it should include the water heater's heat exchanger. I'd confirm this with the marina. You could also disconnect the hoses and connect them with a hose barb to bypass it. Then use compressed air to clear the water from the heat exchanger, or pump a little bit of antifreeze thru it.
  3. 951Tom

    Engine Removal Proceedure

    Guy at the marina lost a fresh 350 rebuild on the shake-down cruise due to remote oil filter hoses rupturing. Warranty did not cover it because he re-used the hoses from the old engine. I wanted to remove mine after that!
  4. 951Tom


    I'll 2nd the Rinda purchase. If you're serious about DIY, you'll need one at some point. I bought one awhile back and it helped me diagnose a dead fuel injector via the injector balance test feature. Also when I needed a new pigtail on the knock sensor wiring. I figure those two more than paid for the Rinda. Then helped a buddy read out an intermittent temp sensor code. Motor ran horrible until it warmed up. He bought me a case of Guinness cans for that!
  5. 951Tom

    Pumpout fitting

    Search "Banjo 150F Polypropylene Cam & Groove Fitting, 1-1/2" Male Adapter x NPT Male" on Amazon. That is the size that fits my boat and looks to be the same one I bought. Can't remember exactly where I got it online, sorry. Hope this helps.
  6. 951Tom

    Pumpout fitting

    Sounds like you need the adapter with 1.5in threads. I purchased a standard one (not sealand) and wrapped some Teflon tape on the threads. 16tpi sounds like too fine of thread pitch. I'd go with 11.5tpi.
  7. 951Tom

    Duo Prop Repair

    I sent mine to PropMD a few years. ago. Some dings, nothing bad. Came back looking like new.
  8. 951Tom

    5.7L Repower

    Check the fuel pump differences. You might have to convert it to electric.
  9. 951Tom

    Thoughts on a windlass anchor

    I added a windlass to my boat this past Spring and love it. Makes anchoring so much easier. We boat in the upper Chesapeake Bay and had to no issues with the anchor hitting the hull. We don't go out in 3+ foot waves but the windlass lowers it quickly so I doubt you'll have problems.
  10. 951Tom

    Cover or template for cover on Bravo 3 Gimbal

    Maybe make a cardboard template then fashion a cover from plywood? http://www.foreandaftmarine.com/RU-169.htmI sold a nice plastic cover but they are NLA.. I've seen them pop up on eBay sometimes. It's def a valid concern, I've seen birds nest in junk boats at my marina.
  11. 951Tom

    exhaust shutter

    After approx. 300hrs mine needed replacing. One of the flappers wouldn't close on it's own.
  12. 951Tom

    AC help

    You can make a decent flushing system using a 500gph bilge pump & 5gal bucket. Get hose barb adapters to attach the "to & from" hoses and run it for an hour or so. I'm gonna make one when the time comes.
  13. Based on the last pic, it looks like the gap at the hinge has opened up. Happened to me one year when I opened the door while ice was frozen in the hinge. Bent it all up & I had to replace it. Taylor-made was able to send me a new hinge.
  14. 951Tom

    Ethanol seperation

    Make sure the o-ring on the cap is in good shape.
  15. 951Tom

    Finally got some work done

    I like those boat vents. I installed a few on my cockpit and winter covers.