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  1. 951Tom

    Galley Faucet Signature 260

    ITC Fontana Portofino was the original model on mine. I replaced them a few years ago because the chrome was all pitted and dull.
  2. 951Tom

    Galley Faucet Signature 260

    Try cleaning the screens in the faucet. They can clog over time. The fridge doesn't have to be removed. You can gain access by removing the storage shelf.
  3. 951Tom

    Mercs Winterized - Need Advice on A/C and Genset

    To piggyback on Iggy's post, the a/c pump isn't self-priming so take that into account. Clean the strainers and a/c air filter. First time winterizing is always tough until you figure out your procedures. I can fly thru mine now but the first few times took me a lot longer!
  4. Looks like a "Fuel Pump Module Spanner Wrench" might be the tool for the job.
  5. 951Tom

    Signature 260 Age?

    Got them on eBay & Cecil Marine.
  6. 951Tom

    JBL MR 17 Issues

    I just upgraded from the original JVC & helm remote to an all Kenwood marine setup. I went with their basic remote so I could use the existing wires from the helm to the stereo. Plus there's an app that gives full functionality from a phone. If you go with their upgraded remote with display, you'll have to run wiring to connect it to the head unit. Been happy so far and price wasn't bad.
  7. 951Tom

    Winter Storage Options

    Definitely go with a cover if you're going to keep the boat. I wasted money on a few years worth of shrink wrap before buying one. Mine covers the swim platform up to the anchor roller and was an exact fit. Get the cinch to pull the draw string tight & pole vents for support.
  8. 951Tom

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    You could coat that inner hole with some thickened West Systems epoxy.
  9. When I was cleaning out my reservoir, it acted to me like it had a check valve. I could only spray carb cleaner thru the hose barb one way. I could be wrong, but for last two years, I did the method above and noticed better draining & easier filling. I'll have to investigate more this year.
  10. The reservoir has a check valve that was slowing it down by not allowing the air in. Next time try it with the hose disconnected. Then remove the reservoir to clean the gunk from the bottom. Same when filling but stick the hose in a empty water bottle. Once it comes out, reattach hose to the reservoir and fill about to 1/3. Let sit overnight, then top it off. This method has worked great for me.
  11. 951Tom

    Signature 260 Age?

    The switch covers pop off & can be replaced. The model is the Carling Contura II. I had to replace all of mine due to fading. On my 2000, the 2 switches by the ignition key should be bilge blowers & horn. On the other panel, should be nav lights, cockpit lights, wiper, trim tabs, depth sounder, & bilge pump (not in that order).
  12. 951Tom

    Winterizing Help

    When the marina winterizes the engine, I'm thinking it should include the water heater's heat exchanger. I'd confirm this with the marina. You could also disconnect the hoses and connect them with a hose barb to bypass it. Then use compressed air to clear the water from the heat exchanger, or pump a little bit of antifreeze thru it.
  13. 951Tom

    Engine Removal Proceedure

    Guy at the marina lost a fresh 350 rebuild on the shake-down cruise due to remote oil filter hoses rupturing. Warranty did not cover it because he re-used the hoses from the old engine. I wanted to remove mine after that!
  14. 951Tom


    I'll 2nd the Rinda purchase. If you're serious about DIY, you'll need one at some point. I bought one awhile back and it helped me diagnose a dead fuel injector via the injector balance test feature. Also when I needed a new pigtail on the knock sensor wiring. I figure those two more than paid for the Rinda. Then helped a buddy read out an intermittent temp sensor code. Motor ran horrible until it warmed up. He bought me a case of Guinness cans for that!
  15. 951Tom

    Pumpout fitting

    Search "Banjo 150F Polypropylene Cam & Groove Fitting, 1-1/2" Male Adapter x NPT Male" on Amazon. That is the size that fits my boat and looks to be the same one I bought. Can't remember exactly where I got it online, sorry. Hope this helps.