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  1. How would I check this out and is it a easy fix. I fairly handy with straight forward mechanical items I replaced the throttle lever years ago. Second thought is would a low battery cause the idling issue?
  2. How would I check this out and is it a easy fix. I fairly handy with straight forward mechanical items I replaced the throttle lever years ago.
  3. I Have a 2007 256ssi with an 8.1 Gi Volvo Penta. This last weekend the boat would start idling fast 1200-1400 rpm. If i killed the ignition it would start and idle fine for for a few ski runs then creep back up. I also had it do a run away rev and could not get it to slow down even when the throttle pulled back to the no wake slot. I could not get it to go in the neutral slot. I thought it to be a cable issue at first but now think it might be a computer module. I did replace the fuel pump earlier this year. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. We have trim tabs and using them messes with the shape of the wake so I leave them off for water sports.
  5. I use a large box anchor and it fits in the forward well under the ladder never had a problem with it pulling lose.
  6. We just passed the 500 hour mark on our 256ssi and have loved it. Had one big problem with engine I had it hydro-lock on me after it overheated and I shut it down. I was told by my boat mechanic that the Volvo Penta set-up does not have flappers to prevent water from being sucked back into the engine when it overheated. Overall i am very pleased with the boat and preformance. Good luck on your new purchase.
  7. Live I mounnted mine on the boat and used the hole where the navlight plug-in was. Keeps my swim deck clear and I have the grill over the water if there are any spills.
  8. SteveO70 Lost that same piece last year when towing. I could not find an exact match with the carpet (grey) and at that they wanted 150 deer. I was thinking about ordering SeaDeck for that area when I do the back swim step. I would be interested in what you come up with.
  9. I really want to take the trip to Catalina at least once this year. My boat has only seen fresh water and I don't have any nav other than my cell phone so I want to tag along with someone else. Leaving for our first trip this year to Havasu this coming week. Let me know some dates and I will get the admiral on board.
  10. I have a wide velcro strip where the two halves meet at the walk though and 3 snaps on the bottom of the walk through window. I also spray the cover with 3M water repellent. I do live in California so a lot of rain is not a problem but it does stay dry.
  11. Here is the testy data from boattest.com this is a test of a 26' (7.92 m) boat with a 9'4" (2.84 m) beam and an 18-degree deadrise that weighed 7,910 lbs. (3,595 kg.) wet, including crew and gear. It was equipped with a Duoprop F5 lower unit with a 1.78:1 gear. I have averaged 11.1 GPH over last year with 170 hours put on the engine. We are avid water sports peple and are usually pulling someone or something.
  12. I get 56-58 WOT on GPS with 3 on the boat and full tank of gas and water and all the toys hanging off the side.
  13. Richard, I picked up my grill on e-bay for 100 deer and it was new in the box. Have seen similar deals there worth looking.
  14. I used the hole for the nav light it was a perfect fit for the Magma grill holder.
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