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  1. I found flange screws locally bolt don't know what type of metal the originals are. Does anyone know what GLM Part Number: 12834; Mercury Part Number: 10-816928 are made of??
  2. jrzsurfer63

    How to remove broken bolt

    Thanks, ill have to wait to see how much of the bolt is sticking out. 2 of the other bolts are also being stubborn and started to round. I sprayed them with pb blaster to loosen them up and will re attempt removal tomorrow
  3. jrzsurfer63

    How to remove broken bolt

    Whats the best way to remove a broken bolt? While attempting to remove the water pump housing in my lower unit i snapped off one of the bolts holding it on...
  4. jrzsurfer63

    JVC to Clarion Convserion on 2002 Chapparal How to.

    Thanks for the share. I switched out my head unit after the jvc crapped out and still have the inop remotes installed. I miss the convienance of them and will definitely refer back to your post in the future. Joe
  5. jrzsurfer63

    Trim Pump Power Issue

    After taking a closer look at the fuse holder boot it's corroded. Hopefully that's the problem
  6. jrzsurfer63

    Trim Pump Power Issue

    What a beautiful day here in Maryland... Decided to put the trim pump solenoids back in and test it out. Turn the batteries on, depressed the trim switch and nothing happened not even a solenoid click. My volts on the boat dash are reading less than 12v and when i took a voltmeter to the trim solenoids it is reading 11.2 except for the post that go from the solenoids to the pump (green and blue wires). They are reading 0... I recently replaced both solenoids because my trim wouldn't always trim down it would just click... Now I don't even get a click when i depress the trim switch. I checked the tube fuse on the solenoid and its fine. To add to my power problem last year even when i started the boat the dash volt display wouldn't read 12 and my perfect pass would stop and start like it was resetting due to lost power.. Everything else seems to be working and my engine cranked.. I couldn't run the boat because the outside water is still shutoff from winter and wont be on for another few days... Joe
  7. jrzsurfer63

    "Hey buddy, can I borrow your boat this weekend?"

    Has anyone seen the wolf on wall street?? That reminded me if the Lamborghini ludes scene!! Jeffk I don't fault the camera man at all. Hopefully it was used as evidence for an insurance claim plus there were 10 other people over by that boat assisting or watching. Glad this dude kept the camera rolling so we could enjoy major stupidity. There just boats and yes it sucks that damage occurred but no one was hurt everything else will buff out!
  8. jrzsurfer63

    Spline grease

    Thanks fellas. Extreme grease it is, glad I clarified.
  9. jrzsurfer63

    Spline grease

    While at my local mercruiser store today I asked if they had spline grease. The guy brought me out quicksilver extreme high performance grease with a list of uses including joint and gimbal. Since I just bought The quicksilver unjoint and gimbal grease can that be used for greasing my splines?
  10. jrzsurfer63

    CoolTeak for swimplatform

    I'm also in the market to have my transom and swimplatform done. Waiting over 2 weeks for templates from Seadek, kinda frustrating. I'll check this company out too
  11. jrzsurfer63

    210 SSI Second battery size

    I have (2) 27 group with 1000 marine cranking amps and 800 cold cranking amps for both my starting and my aux batteries. Specifically duralast 27DP-DL marine battery.
  12. jrzsurfer63

    Engine overheating

    +1 on the thermostat issue. Not sure of your engine set up but on my 5.0 mpi I had the same type issue, overheating and my impeller was fine after I first checked that. Very easy fix it was for my engine and cheap part. To increase rpms out of gear there is a button on the bottom side of your throttle. Push it in and rev each throttle up out of gear. Not familiar with inboards and the above info is for I/O.
  13. jrzsurfer63

    Does my trailer need to be inspected?

    If it's being operated at all other than your own private property then yes it does. Just my 2 cents.
  14. jrzsurfer63


    Ive asked some noob questions myself such as "which way to turn the fuel filter" but id rather check with the pros then do it wrong. The members on here are a wealth of knowledge. Just do a quick search to see if that question has already been asked!
  15. jrzsurfer63

    can you drain the gear oil if not trimmed down?

    if i were to remove my lower unit before draining the reservoir and lower unit drive would oil spill out. And if not do i have to drain/replace the reservoir gear oil since it hasnt been used?