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  1. 236 SSX

    Chaparral Jet Boats

    Any Spy Photo's of the Chappy Jet Boats?????
  2. 236 SSX

    Got it !!!

  3. 236 SSX

    Volvo Penta 6.0.....

    I agree, All of our boats and captains are cool. That's why I continue to stop by this forum. Let's go boating sounds good.... Thanks
  4. 236 SSX

    Volvo Penta 6.0.....

  5. 236 SSX

    New boat, Which GPS?

    Thanks for your reply. It's all of the above. I don't want to get bashed by half the people on this forum, but I'm a Merc guy and in my personal opinion they build a better outdrive and overall more reliable power package than the Vvo. It is more profitable for a dealer to sell a vlvo than a merc. That is why they prefer to sell that brand vs. merc. The merc camshaft and ECU are different, and if you are performance minded, get the merc. Some say the vvo is easier to work on, and that may be true, but I would never own a vlvo. Regardless, your getting a great boat. Take care
  6. 236 SSX

    New boat, Which GPS?

    Get the Merc instead of the Vlvo. Congrats!
  7. 236 SSX

    2013 or 2014 Signature 270

    Get the big block or forget it. They are slow with any of the small block options including the 6.0 vvo
  8. 236 SSX

    Quick and Quiet Exhaust.....

    I couldn't agree more! Go big or go home.
  9. 236 SSX

    Volvo Penta 6.0.....

    +1 You made the right choice. No substitute for cubic inches. I wouldn't own any thing but the new 8.2 Merc in a stern drive. Our 496 has been rock solid since day one. Mercury is far better performing than the small block. I have the 5.3 in my GMC and it is a great engine, but you need the torq of the big block to get the 264 moving. You will love the new 8.2. Congrats!
  10. 236 SSX

    307 SSX

  11. 236 SSX


  12. 236 SSX


    Good point....