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  1. After many weeks of searching for boats, all brands, we finally settled on a 2002 Chaparral 235 ssi. It's in very, very good condition, used only in fresh water until the owners moved to Fl. last year. 5.7, Bravo 3, good trailer, extras...

    So we are official members here now and when I can I'll post a picture. Also pester you with questions.... ;)


  2. Actually that's two reasons. A third is eloquently stated by 236SSX below.

    Sounds like someone has a serious case of engine envy. :wacko:

    No engine envy here tough guy. I have a built 8.1 mag in my 236 SSX and it will smoke 90% of the boats on this forum. I just decided not brag about it, but those who have seen my posts since 2009 know my boat and know what it runs. Sound like you have engine envy. :funny-7327:

  3. Why do you say this? Personal Preference or have you had a bad experience. What specifically will I notice. Maintenance? Performance? Reliability?

    Thanks for any input.

    Thanks for your reply. It's all of the above. I don't want to get bashed by half the people on this forum, but I'm a Merc guy and in my personal opinion they build a better outdrive and overall more reliable power package than the Vvo. It is more profitable for a dealer to sell a vlvo than a merc. That is why they prefer to sell that brand vs. merc. The merc camshaft and ECU are different, and if you are performance minded, get the merc. Some say the vvo is easier to work on, and that may be true, but I would never own a vlvo. Regardless, your getting a great boat.

    Take care

  4. My salesman says that it's only available in the 284, not the 264.

    Besides, I've past the cut off date for changes. I'm good with the Mercruiser 8.2

    +1 You made the right choice. No substitute for cubic inches. I wouldn't own any thing but the new 8.2 Merc in a stern drive. Our 496 has been rock solid since day one. Mercury is far better performing than the small block. I have the 5.3 in my GMC and it is a great engine, but you need the torq of the big block to get the 264 moving. You will love the new 8.2.



  5. I use mine most of the time. I love it and wouldn't go without it. I'm a performance boat junkie though and the sound of a big block engine is music to my ears. About the only time I close mine is during tubing/skiing and at night. And sometimes when the Admiral complains enough! :) No problems with it.


  6. Took me a while to sit still long enough to do this. Here are a couple of shots from the inaugural towing vacation trip. Rest break just outside of Chattanooga, TN



    Very nice looking truck.

    My friend pulls a 20ft enclosed car trailer with an outlaw 10.5 turbo mustang inside. The truck pulls great, but he did say it turns the oil black after about 1500 miles. He thinks it needs larger intercoolers for the turbos. I'm sure the aftermarket is already selling hop up parts for the new F150's.

  7. I have involved Ford's factory rep and product owner when the dealer was not doing right. They responded appropriately - no biggie. I own 5 Fords right now, 6 previously. Only ever done that twice. No other issues. The point of this thread was dealer network is the front line and the starting point for help on issues for auto companies and moreso for boats. Factory is secondary. Original poster wasn't doing that.

    That's cool, we all have our personal preferences when it comes to vehicles or boats. All I'm saying is that there is a lot of folks on this forum who have paid top dollar for Chappy's only to be left feeling like the factory doesn't give a $hit about there issues. I personally purchased a Mercruiser Manual and fixed my own punch list of issues on our boat without the need of my local dealer or anyone else. I realize some people don't have the resources to do that, and its a shame that so many owners feel like they are out in the cold. I'm sure a lot of people have decided to go to other Mfg.'s when they decide to trade in there boat.

    P.S. I'm still a Chevy guy! That's why my 236 has an 8.1 Mag. :thl_speedboat:

  8. Do you call Ford Motor Company about your truck or do you call your Ford dealer? The dealership network is responsible for the after the sale service. The dealers know the problems and how to fix them better than any manufacture. Always find a good dealer or service center before you buy the boat, car, truck, motorcycle or anything you can't fix yourself.

    I have called GMC direct, and they offer great mediation with the local dealer for service. That why I don't own a POC Ford. IF you pay top dollar for a boat, car, spaceship ect. you should get some kind of factory support before, during and after the sale. :Twocents:

  9. Trying to sneak the Whipple, CMI exhaust & Bravo X past the CFO!! Wonder if she'll notice?! :D

    I'm with you, I couldn't swing the Whipple, but I was able to get a few more motor mods done. I also think I've about maxed out the Bravo Drive. I've been looking at sing prop aftermarket drive that will increase the speed. I should probably be looking at a Baja or something, but I just love this boat to much to let her go. I guess we will just keep bolting on parts. I plan to pull the block this winter and change the cam, and if the budget will allow, go with a stroker kit or just build a 540 or a 598 low deck like I have in my drag car. I do have a 13:1 650 hp. 427 for sale, but she runs on 110 octane, and right now here in FL that fuel is 9.29 per gallon at the drag strip. :slap:

  10. I may try the tabs next spring for curiosity. Which brand is the favorite.? What is cost all in? Tabs and controllers. I particularly like the guys posts about how much it helps when cruising at 60 knots / 70 MPH. Funny stuff!!

  11. forgive my ignorance: so my current amp powers 4 speakers so it's a 4 channel right? Someone said something about bridging the sub?? What does that mean?

    Hang some bullets on your arch, keep your stock speakers and add one more amp, and you will be very pleased with the results.

    Good luck brother. Oh yea, and don't forget to order that Wipple Charger :Twocents:

  12. I want to change the oil in my 330 but live where there is no water and no one has the Mercury 20W-40 full synthetic oil. I've shopped online only to find they want as much in shipping as the oil costs. I have one gallon which will do one motor, but need a second. Any thoughts? Thanks, Greg

    Go with Mobil 1 15W50 You can get it at Walmart. better oil, less cost.


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