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    Best wax

    Marine 31 check it out.
  2. No worries amigo, Just wait until November when Chevy and GMC introduce the 6.2 Direct Injection V8 in their full size trucks. 425h.p. 12,500 with the max towing package. There was also a recent recall on the F150's with the turbos. I know the F150 is the truck of choice, but GM is going to be taking a lot of those F150's in on trade and sending them to the local auction. Go team Chevy!. By the way my 09 GMC with the 5.3 and the Superchips Power programmer pulls my boat and trailer fully loaded at just under 8,000 lbs. without any issues. Peace
  3. I would not attempt that with your SUV. I have a GLK 350 and wouldn't pull a jon boat with it. Check out the new Chevrolet Crew Cabs or GMC's. 12,000 lbs. towing capacity right out of the box. New Direct injection 5.3 V8 Rocks. They will smoke one of those twin turbo V6 Fords. Chevy has been pulling out Fords since 1911 I know I'm going to get flamed for this one, but the truth hurts "jack" Good luck, Joe
  4. Same here. The best upgrade we have made so far. +1 on the Bennett 1212e's
  5. Mseall, If I read the ad on Plano's site correctly it says she only has 17 hours on it. Plenty of time to run it before it needs the rebuild at about 300 hours. I wish I had the flow. It would be nice to have a basically new 287 with that power. Times are tough perhaps they would take a reasonable offer....It's got a killer stereo too!
  6. Monkey Seall I wish you could get it. We are the speed freaks here on the forum. I'm sure she runs in the mid 60's. What a great boat. Oh by the way, we met a guy at our sportsman's club with 280 hours on his 525 Merc. He is religious about keeping it maintained by the book, and it still ran just as good as the first day he bought his boat. It was in a 28 Baja. Go get it!!!!
  7. Looks like a great time! I'm sure your boat will outrun your friends Cobalt and Regal too! hehe! Cool pics man
  8. Found this one on-line. Looks nice http://www.searay.com/page.aspx/pageid/156530/page.aspx#90 350 SLX
  9. +1 That's a heavy boat. You can get a complete 8.1 HO with 430 h.p. ready to go in the crate. If not I would look at a 406 or 427 stroker, Dart block ect.
  10. Sonic, If you procured a 330 with twin big block Merc's, bolted on a couple of Wipple Chargers, you could easily get 55 out of that cruiser.
  11. The Merc will smoke it.
  12. 236 SSX

    SSX 257

    Sounds like an awesome boat! Pics please... Thanks
  13. 236 SSX

    SSX 257

    That Ilmor is a bada$$ engine! I saw the boat test.com video with the new Formula that had a pair installed. Take care, Joe
  14. Lowflyer, I forgot you have a VP vs. Merc. The Part number I used was a 2-166509. I just checked it and it is a 2 pin plug. Sorry about that. Perhaps Shepard or Wingnut can offer some assistance. Good luck man, Joe
  15. 236 SSX

    SSX 257

    MonkeySeall, what's up man? Can you try and bs your way into a test drive with that 525? just kidding. Take a couple of pics please. I'm ready to yank out my 496 and drop in the new 565 cu in. Just need the 45 deer to do it!
  16. You can get a ford IAC Valve from Napa and change it yourself for less than 100 bucks. Yes, the work on Chevy blocks. If you need a part number let me know. Good luck, Joe
  17. Mike, I normally don't comment on these types of posts because it seems to be the norm around here that everyone has at least a short punch list when they buy a new boat. In your case it makes no sense that a 2012 boat would have so many issues regardless of dealer support. You spent a ton of deer on your vessel, and at this point my guess is you will always be wondering what's going to go wrong next. Typically Chappy stands behind their product, and in most cases goes out of their way to support the local dealer, and get the problems fixed. I have my doubts in regards to your situation. You
  18. 236 SSX

    SSX 257

    That's awesome. Congrats! We really like that boat! What options did you receive? I'm curious about the Engine and Drive. Do you know if it is possible to get the 525hp. 8.2 Bravo X with the 257? Pics please...
  19. We will pray for him. I didn't know this had happened. He treated me with great customer service, answered all my questions including helping us change out the actuators for the shorter ones to fit our transom. He did all this at no additional charge. God speed on his recovery. Thanks for the update. Take care, Joe
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