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  1. We have the Bennett 1212E's on our boat. When you turn off the engine the tabs return to the up position. We also have the all in one led position indicators which is nice because it allows you to keep both tabs even unless you are adjusting for weight or wind conditions. Once you get more familiar with yours you will love them. Our boat runs through choppy water, pulls skiers, and stays on plane at much lower speeds. Tabman, who is on this forum is a great source to answer technical questions for the Bennett Tabs. Our boat handles much better with the trim tabs. Have a great summer out on the
  2. Great point! I wonder if the new 30' will have twin 8.2 HO's? On another note I just saw the new Sea Ray Jet, Any spy photos out there on the new Chappy Jet boats? I'm looking forward to seeing the new models. It would be nice to see the 525h.p. in the 257. If that happens, I'm in....
  3. Right on Shepherd! Your recommendation will definitely give her some more bottom end. At least the 377 is a stroker small block!
  4. +1 It comes with a warranty, should be fine. Good luck
  5. Congrats! Very nice looking rig. Welcome to the group
  6. Bennett 1212e's Lenco's are good as that is what they use at the factory. I did need to make custom shims to deal with the curved transom. Good luck, Joe
  7. Thanks brother! The color combo is "Blue Ice" and I've only seen one other boat like ours, and it was a 256 with a 5.7. I am trying to gather replacement canvas from Chaparral for it, because I'm sure it was a limited production. Thanks again, Joe
  8. See trailer above. Hope you get her fixed soon. Good luck
  9. Here you go for comparison to your current trailer: [img=http://forum.chaparralboats.com/]
  10. Hey man, Not trying to add to your stress, but that trailer does not look even close to the right trailer for your boat. My dealer sold me a trailer that was way underrated and when I took my boat to the local truck stop to have it weighed, it was almost 2000 lbs. heavier than the factory specs called for. I think the dealer forgot that my boat had an arch and a big block. My original trailer only had 14" wheels and I had to have the axles replaced under warranty. We eventually had to buy a new trailer, but the Mfg. and the dealer was great in working with us. (Karavan) Something doesn't look
  11. Can you post a couple of pics of where the heat is burning the Corsa Exhaust connectors? If that is the 525 h.p. engine the headers normally change color after initial break-in. Good luck Joe
  12. Cool! Big Block Power
  13. Thanks, It took a while to find the sweet spot but the boat blast across choppy water very nice. My boat has the original batteries so I plan to replace those this week, I wired the control to the 2nd battery, and I need to check if I can wire to the key switch. When the power is on the indicator stays on all the time. How did you wire yours? Everything else works great including the auto retract when you turn the key off. Any suggestions on the best batteries to buy? I was looking at optima marine batteries. Overall the boat drives great. With the tabs all the way down the boat goes dead str
  14. Bump for pictures........
  15. I agree your boat must haul-congrats. Have any pics?
  16. Hello, Just finished the installation of the Bennett 1212E's. Had them powder coated the same way Wingnut did on his 256. Decided to go with the all in one control, and tried my best to make the install look factory. Can't wait to splash the boat tomorrow. Looking forward to the hole shot and the change in ride with the new tabs. Thanks to Tom (Tabman) and Bennett for the tech support. it was bear to get everything to fit on such a short transom, but these tabs are super smooth and the auto retract is built in to the control/led indicator. Here are some pics: [img=http://forum.chaparralboats.
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