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  1. Yogi799 Didn't mean to highjack your thread. I will start a new one on the tab install.
  2. Okay cool, I get where your coming from. Thanks for the reply. Back to what we all the love the most our boats. I finished the install today on my tabs. (1212E's) Thanks to Tab Man and Bennett for all the help. It took two 8 hour days to finish the job. Probably could have done it quicker, but I wanted it to look like a factory install. I used the all in one indicator and control with the led lights and the auto retractor. Mounted it next to the wheel on helm vs. in the empty square on right side. These tabs are ultra smooth, and I also had them powder coated black to match the haul. The 236 t
  3. Come on Sandman, your always trying to bust by balls. If you read my post I said low 10's on motor. I had two kits on the car. 1 fogger and 1 plate with a NOS progressive controller. I was at the track and sold the system for twice the amount I had in it. Most people like yourself have no idea how hard it is to get a 3450 pound car to run 9.20's. People like you throw numbers around but have no idea the amount of time and money to get there. I doubt you could even drive my vette down the track with both kits on. It's quite a handful, and as they say there are a lot of curves is a straight line
  4. Thanks for asking. It took a ton of deer to get the IRS to hold up under 750 h.p. Has a Tom's differential with custom half shafts, trailing arms etc.. It also has a 600 lb. composite rear spring and a dragvet.com h/d kit with half shaft safety loops. The car is actually for sale at the moment. It has 68,000 original miles. Take care, Joe
  5. Here are a few pictures: Run's low 10's on motor and street tires.
  6. The simple answer is yes, you could drop in the 8.2 or the 8.2 HO in your boat very easily. I would recommend a Bravo X drive, but the standard Bravo 3 would hold up just fine. I would recommend a set of 1212E Tabs. I'm working on installing mine this week. My 236 has the 8.1 Mag and it is a blast to drive and actually gets great fuel mileage because the engine doesn't have to work hard at all when cruising. You could use the 8.1 Corsa Quiet Call exhaust and you would be good to go. There are complete engines with ECM available on Ebay and other places and it will bolt right in your hull. You
  7. 236 SSX

    Spark Plugs

    I agree with Shepard. Installed a set in my 8.1 mag and am very pleased with these plugs. Boat fires right up and has good crisp throttle response.
  8. Hawkeye, I've been following this disaster since it began. Just a thought, but you could get a 496 HO long block for a reasonable price and make your engine a 420 h.p. vs. the 375. At least you would be gaining some power and with the weight of your boat the HO would be a nice addition. I have seen plenty of pre-assembled HO long blocks on Ebay and other places like Marine Wholesale. At least you would gain some power and additional fun for all your trouble. Good luck, hope you get it back on the water soon. Nice boat! Joe
  9. Nice job Man! Boat looks great. When are you going to install the tabs? I ordered mine yesterday. Already have the shorter actuators from Bennett. They provide great service. Have a great weekend. We are heading out on the water tomorrow
  10. The new 277SSX is a new boat for Chaparral. I would add the 525h.p. you will be very pleased. It comes with a bravo X drive and tabs. Nice ride with awesome sound and a very reliable performance engine. It would be nice to see one ordered here on the forum. I'm sure the boat runs over 60 knots. Good luck.
  11. Nice job! Ever thought about changing the heads, cam, and intake to increase performance? An MSD, headers and some porting and polishing would do wonders for that small block.
  12. I agree! That's why Chappy is dropping 525 h.p. engines in there new 277. Nothing wrong with a nice cruiser, but sometimes its fun to just drop the hammer and let her eat!
  13. Thanks guys! Perhaps we could get a group purchase on some of these bad boys for our boats. (just kidding)
  14. Shep, Great to hear from you. Yes sir, I do want to do the HO conversion. I was looking at some different options while staying on a reasonable budget. Do you think the standard Bravo 3 can handle the added horsepower and torque? Ive been searching around for a used Bravo X drive, but not much luck there. Monkey sea, that's a great idea in regards to adding headers. The problem is the 2000+ large herd of deer it takes to get them to the house. I'm sure I could install myself. Recently, I found a great article in April's Boating World magazine. It starts on page 46, and answers alot of question
  15. Due you understand that weather conditions can effect performance? In the summer months my boat typically runs a little slower than in the winter months. I think your spliting hairs, and don't have a clue about engines in general and I'm not about to get into a pissing match with you. You ask for an opinion and you got it. I'm out of this discussion.....
  16. Wtf does that mean? Since you live in Miami and there are at least a dozen or so Performance Marine Dealers, you can probably get the answers your looking for. With that wimpy little 5.7 you have Im not sure what you can expect. My boat eats 425 h.p. Volvo's for lunch..lol If you want to go fast you should have picked a different hull and engine combo. 65 plus is fast enough for me. I have friends that run Liberators and Bajas that will run 80-110 knots. Good luck man. My boat picked up at least 5 mph (gps verified)
  17. Chris, Get the HO's! The sound and the performance of the 430 h.p.'s is the way to go. Both engines are great, but if I had the deer, bigger is always better once you have your 327 full of fuel, gear ect. Congrats!
  18. I had a local marine perfomance shop go in and un lock the ECM and maximize the the fuel and timing table. It was basically the same service Whipple provides. I have to run 93 octane fuel now, but it was well worth the 500 deer to wake up the 496.
  19. That's not entirely true. You can send your Merc. ECM to Whipple. They will do a stage 1 upgrade that typically adds 20 h.p. and approx. 20ft pounds of torque for 595 deer. They modify the fuel and spark curve to optimize power, and slightly increase your wot Rpm. The only requirement is that you must run at least 91 octane fuel. My boat ran 62 mph (verified gps)when we first purchased, and we have been able to increase the top speed to 66 with some simple tuning. You may also want to change to Iridium Plugs, and Mobil 1 15-50 Full Synthetic. It woke up the motor quite a bit over stock. J
  20. Get the arch....It looks great, and will increase your resale value.
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