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  1. Go with the big block if it fits your budget. Congrats!
  2. 236 SSX

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    Pics? Congrats on your new ride!
  3. That's good news. If your going to the Butler Chain, we may see you out there. Congrats, I'm sure your going to love your new 310.
  4. Did you receive your boat? It would be good to see some pics. We really like the new 310. Cheers
  5. +1 It appears you can get the 5.7 with DTS, Axius, and Sea Core. Too bad you can't have twin 8.2's or the new VP 380. Nice boat
  6. Here is some bunk lubricant. 11.66 deer per bottle Caliber Slydz-On Spray-On Bunk Lubricant http://www.trailerpartsdepot.com/items.asp?Cc=BUNK%2DCAC&parts=Replacement+Carpeting&iTpStatus=0&Tp=&Bc=
  7. Thanks, You're right I did find that post, just wondering if I am the only one who can see it, or if everyone else see's "0 warning points"
  8. Thanks for your reply, can you see "0 warning points in my Avatar or Signature now?
  9. Good afternoon, Can you tell me why I am the only forum member that has "0 warning points" in the avatar under the number of posts? Did I have some type of warning posted to my username in the past? Do I need to change my settings or profile? Is there a way that it can be turned off? Thanks
  10. Hello, Warning Points are showing up in my signature. Thanks
  11. Congrats, great looking cruiser.
  12. Greg, You could try the NGK Laser Platinum Plugs. Part# PZTR5A-15 Stock# 7862.
  13. Good luck, and you have a great looking 276 SSX.
  14. Great! Thanks for the link. I'm glad there is no gaskets. Time to get the Debond ordered and get to work.
  15. Thanks Just courious if there is a gasket for the trim pieces. I don't see it in the parts list on line. Anyone else ever fix a leaking thru hull? My boat only has 137 hours on it. I guess this is just a maint item. I try and do most o the work myself. Ever installed a set of plugs on a 236 SSX with an 8.1? It was pia, but I got to know my ride alot better. Chappy builds a solid boat
  16. Has anyone ever had to re-seal the chrome trim pieces, and screws on the outside of the boat? Is there a special rubber gasket? We discovered a small leak coming into the bildge from both sides in between where the exhaust exits the side of the boat. Should I just use 5200 and re-seal? I want to make sure this dosen't happen again. Thanks in advance for any advise. J
  17. Thanks, we had it out all day today. Just finished doing the 100 hr service myself to save some deer and it ran great. We are finally getting some good air here in FL.
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