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  1. Are you supposed to disconnect the electrical and turn over the motor for 5 seconds to relieve the fuel pressure? Thx,
  2. They are both good engines. I would go with the 8.2 Merc. Our 496 has been flawless. There is no substitute for cubic inches. Can't beat the sound of a Big Block. Nice boat either way, good luck
  3. Congrats on your new new ride, good looking boat. Camper canvas is cool.
  4. Awesome boat. I'm sure she sounds good with the through hull exhaust. Congrats!
  5. No worries, this is a good site to support the brand. I like all the different model boats. Looking forward to seeing some pics of the new model SSX's.
  6. Wingnut, Thanks for the reply.1212E's with shorty cylinders is what we will go with. I guess it's time to reach out to tabman.
  7. Ryan, Our 236 SSX Has a head, and is the Carbon Series. It has a black arch that can be lowered. Both boats are bad to the bone! Just an fyi Joe
  8. Both boats are great for wakeboarding. We love our 236 SSX. It runs 64 MPH on the GPS. Nothing better than a 24 ft boat with a Big Block . If you have alot of people that go out with you than get the bigger boat, but if you want to run in the 60's, the 236 is your only option. You could always get the 256 and re-power with the 525. That is what I plan to do with ours in a few years. I don't even have trim tabs yet, and our boat launches out of the hole and will hold plane at low speeds. I think its just the torq of the 496 and the bravo 3 that does it. We are also planning Bennet Sport Tabs in
  9. Awesome ride, I'm sure she runs out nice It's nice to run across flat water in the 60's. Do you have tabs on your boat? Congrats, makes me want to trade up, hmmmmmm Still cheaper than a Sunsation. I wonder if you can get a 285 Closed Bow with that big motor? Thanks for sharing
  10. Dude, I say go for it. You have the right truck, and most FHP's are looking for people doing 100 in a 65. Just my opinion, i know most won't agree, but if your rig has good tires and is safe, just pull it home, drive straight through and be ready for what could go wrong like tires ect. and roll on! Good luck, Great boat you got there.
  11. Congrats It's nice to see another 236 here on the forum. Great boat
  12. Black drives rule! They are both good, but we are Mercury Racing Fans. Good luck,
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