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  1. Hey guys, TGIF Just an update: I just spoke to my local dealer, and she won't be here until next Tuesday. We were hoping for this weekend, but the dealer wanted to make sure the boat was properly wrapped, because it is coming from another dealer far away from Orlando, so we have to wait a few more days. He said by Thursday for sure. No biggie, it will be worth the wait. Yes, I will take some action shots. Last night I downloaded the owners manual, so I plan to follow all the break in procedures by the book. It will be cool to post a pic of the tach and speedo at full throttle. Thanks for a
  2. Can't wait! Thanks and cool pic of snoopy.
  3. Mat, Thanks brother, I drove some really nice boats before choosing the 236. Also I was lucky enough to read some posts on hear and it was cool to hear how much folks enjoyed there 8.1's so we went for it. I know the 300 and 320 hp boats run well too, because in the Regal and Monterey's I drove with that ran real good. I guess I'm more of Big Block guy at heart. We are ready to go out and let her eat, so hopefully we can it riged and out on the water this weekend. Take care, Joe
  4. Thanks for the reply's. I will update the pics as soon as we get her out on the water. Should be this weekend. All the best, Joe
  5. Hello, Just purchsed a new 2009 236 SSX 8.1 B3, and joined the forum. Its cool to have this place to share information. Looking forward the first sea trial. Thanks
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