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  1. lgarripee

    Help me identify connector

    I'm trying to figure out what this harness is supposed to connect to. I have a 2008 220 ssi and is part of the wiring group in the port side storage area behind the glove box where the stereo is located. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. lgarripee

    The # 1 Best Addition You Have Added to Your Boat

    Smart tabs. I have an Alpha 1 and do a fair amount of no wake cruising so the elimination of bow wander makes for a relaxed captain.
  3. lgarripee

    How do you like your Seadek?

    Hi Brick. I'm a carpet guy too. Did you replace your carpet locally or is there a vendor out there that has templates for our 220? Thanks.
  4. lgarripee

    220 ssi w/ swim platform cover question

    Completely agree with the other 220 owners...no reason to cover the swim platform. My boat is left at the dock all summer and I use the bow and cockpit covers overnight.
  5. lgarripee

    Any Scuba Divers in here?

    I was PADI certified in the late 70's in Lake Superior when I was at Michigan Tech. The north shore of the Keweenaw is a cool place to dive with decent visibility but it's obviously very cold. My Dad, brother and I dove some inland lakes off of a 17' open bow. No long travel times so we just laid the tanks and gear on the floor. Visibility was always marginal so there was nothing really to see except a few fish. Now I only dive in warm clear water and I've been fortunate to dive some great places. Cozumel, Belize, Caymans, Florida, Hawaii and French Polynesia(night dive in Bora Bora was a religious experience). I also suggest getting your advanced open water certification, especially if you plan on diving on your own. Good luck and enjoy a great sport.
  6. lgarripee

    Torch Lake MI

    What cold weather? My lake hasn't frozen over and I've been going up north in my state chasing snow for snowmobiling. Drove back from a sledding weekend yesterday and it was 50o and raining when I got home. Thankfully, the trails are in good shape in the UP and Northern LP. My friends are blaming me for this year's season because I bought a new sled...always bad karma.
  7. lgarripee

    Torch Lake MI

    Don't let cold water talk deter you. If you go in July or August and you get warm days, it's a beautiful thing Your 276 ssi is perfectly suited for Torch and Elk.
  8. lgarripee

    Torch Lake MI

    Here are some pics... Campground launch Typical campsite Entering Torch River from Lake Skegamog...watch for bald eagles Stop at Fabianos on the river for gas and food Serious Torch Lake homes At the sandbar calling for pizza delivery Big Easy Mary at Pearls
  9. lgarripee

    Torch Lake MI

    That's the one. The end of July is good and I suggest you reserve your campsite(s) early. You book online on their site the first week of April. Keep an eye on the site for the exact date. Traverse City is 20 mins. away and Elk Rapids, at the north end of Elk Lake, is a nice, typical Northern Michigan town. I recommend a dinner at Pearls, a Louisiana Cajun restaurant. Full of charm and a great bloody mary with a crawdad and stuffed jalapeno.
  10. lgarripee

    Torch Lake MI

    Torch is part of a chain of lakes. We camp in a boat friendly campground with a great launch on Elk Lake, which is clear and big in it's own right. Plenty of room to play on Elk and it's a great cruise across to Lake Skegamog(stumpy but a clear, marked channel ), up the Torch River which empties to the south sandbar on Torch where all the action is. Burger barges and pizza delivery to your boat by zodiac from Fabiano's. If you don't like rowdy crowds, stay away from the 4th of July which seems to be getting out of hand recently. Boats don't typically raft together there as there is usually some chop, so bring a couple of sand poles or stakes. About a third of the way up the lake on the east side is the Dockside, a popular restaurant at the Clam River. Can't recommend a Torch trip enough. Carribean clear water that's unsalted and refreshing swims on hot summer days. Even Kid Rock thinks so(All Summer Long).
  11. lgarripee

    Everglade 360

    When I went to New Smyrna a few years back I was struck by how many Everglades I saw and remember how beautiful they were.
  12. lgarripee

    What do you do to pass time during the winter?

    I wait for the snow to fly and the lake to freeze. I ski a lot and just bought a new snowmobile to keep me busy.
  13. lgarripee

    Not buying a new boat, but....

    +1 I weighed my 22' ssi at a truck stop as I'm determining what boat lift I need. It came in with an actual weight of 4600#. I seriously doubt a 24' boat will weigh under 5K with a trailer.
  14. lgarripee

    Still Looking for a 220 SSi

    Congratulations!!! Welcome to the club!
  15. lgarripee

    Still Looking for a 220 SSi

    As others have said, don't pass up a well cared for 220 if it happens to have an Alpha 1 instead of a B3. They each have their pros and cons. I run a 350 MAG/A1 package and couldn't be happier. Continued good luck in your search.