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  1. Well I installed a new cap and rotor. There was rust on the existing so I was hopeful. It did not help. I am going to try to find an outboard tank for testing and hope I can get it hooked up. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Sorry. Thought I had a sig with that. My bad. It is Mercruiser 5.0 MPI 260 HP with an Alpha 1. Thanks again.
  3. Just started have issues with my 2002 220 ssi. I idles fine but after about twenty to thirty seconds on planes I lose power til it goes down. If I wait it will go right back up. Just changed the fuel filter hoping that was it. No such luck. I may have smelled unspent fuel after losing power. Not sure. I know that is not a lot to go off but hopefully someone has an idea of what I could check. Thanks.
  4. russg29

    Synthetic Oil

    Could you elaborate on the Epic Fail with the Amsoil on the lower unit. This is what I have been using. Thanks.
  5. russg29

    220 SSi Club

    So I was hoping someone here could help me out. I am having a problem with my trim. I can trim up fine from both controls but I cannot trim down from the throttle control. Any ideas on what this could be and what to check for? Thanks. Just to clarify. Trim works for up and down on the buttons on the back of the boat but the trim down does not work from my shifter.
  6. russg29

    220 SSi Club

    I just picked up a 2002 5.0L Merc MPI in October. Absolutely love it. Best decision I made considering the other boats I was looking at. Quick question, what prop would you guys recommend for this setup. I am still fairly new to this so any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I know I will probably have to try a few different ones but i am just looking for a starting point. Thanks.
  7. 10W-40 WCF AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke, Marine

    This is their spec, but I do not like a 10w-40 in a marine application. Full synthetic 20w-40 oil Merc Oil or Mobil 1 15w-50 for me. Amsoil went after the marine end with a straigh 30 and had issues. Now they are re-branding a 10w-40 and calling it marine.


  8. russg29

    Synthetic Oil

    Thanks for all the information you have provided here. Extremely interesting. I was wondering if I wanted to run Amsoil in my Merc 5.0L MPI what would you recommend. I am parital to Amsoil as I have used it in about everything else I have owned and have not had a problem. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I just picked up a 2002 220 SSI with the 5.0L MPI 260 HP Alpha ONe. I was wondering what suggestions anyone might have as far as a prop. It currently just has a standard 21p aluminum. Also it seems the trim down button is not working. Anyone know if this is a quick fix. Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice. Russ
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