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  1. borla01

    Best TOWING SUV?

    Thank you everyone for the insight. Thinking my wife will a get daily driver to the haul the fam and I see a crew cab truck in my future. Great forum, glad I found it.
  2. borla01

    Best TOWING SUV?

    I bought a 256ssx this year and slip my boat all season. Boat is 5500 dry plus a 1500+ trailer. I do not want a 3/4 ton truck, well I want one but its not logical for me to have for work. Only plan to pull the boat maybe 100-300 miles 2X a year and of course in and out for gas a couple times and in and out for the season storage etc. We are a family of 5 and need a new SUV. Is an Expedition a good fit with the ecoboost motor? Or a 1/2 ton Suburban better? I read a few threads about the 1/2 tons and feel that they might be too small? I have driven suburbans for 20 years but I don't think my last half ton would have done the job. The prior 2 were 3/4 tons with the 8.1 and they would have been perfect but they don't make them anymore. I feel like the GMC Yukon XL or the Expedition is a beefier vehicle? A long shot would be an F150 with ecoboost but not a fan of how they drive. Any personal experiences or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. borla01

    2000 285ssi Purchase

    Thanks for all the quick feedback. YES, I will not purchase without a lake test and a qualified technician looking at it. Shore power is not a big deal, but want to be able to add an inverter of some sort so I can run a TV/DVD for the kids and have power for a laptop for the days that I want work on it. Boat is in good condition from what I can see. Will post pics if I get it for the price I want and it all works out. Thanks again, for quick responses!
  4. borla01

    2000 285ssi Purchase

    I am looking at buying a 2000 285ssi. Problem is that there is no hour meter on this boat so I have not gotten a real accurate number from the owner via the broker? Other concern is that it doesn't have Shore Power?/? Is this a big deal. Any suggestions on things to look for or watch out for or insight would be great! Thanks. It is a freshwater boat with the singl 7.4 Merc with Bravo III drive. Asking price is $25K???