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  1. I also added to a small piece of pex tubing into the storage drain to stop the water from draining into the engine compartment. Those 2 drain, drain directly in there very bad design. I know not the best solution but it works, with the silicone and that my engine bay is almost totally dry.
  2. According to 350-370 SIGNATURE SWIM PLATFORM LADDER LID - 3-1124 ** THIS HATCH IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ** You might get lucky on ebay. Add to Wishlist
  3. The water goes in where the electrical cord goes in. Clean the hole and put a small bead of clear silicone caulking on the inside lip in order to form a small dam. it will stop most of the water from going in.
  4. Check behind the ledge behind the shower sump pump it goes pretty far and there is no drain hole back there. If your shower/sink sump overflowed the water went there for sure. It happened to me. the cavity is about four feet deep, I had to use a shop vac to get all the water out.
  5. I have the same windlass... found the wrench in the bottom of the owners manual bag.. 2 years later...
  6. I believe the door is made by Spartech Marine (mine is.. 2009 Chap 310), and made using acrylic.
  7. if its like mine... you just need to turn counter clock wise 1/2 inch or so and the cover will pop out. Some of them are pretty hard to turn if they never have been remove. No its not LED unless it has been change already. I have changed all my ceiling lights to LED keeping the same fixtures.
  8. My 310 has a breaker marked TV if its off the tvs do not work... the breaker is located on the main breaker panel in the cabin. Sounds simple but who knows. You might also want to unplug your tv and plug it in a plug that you know works. Those tvs are plugged in the same as home tvs. As for the amp if you having done so try putting the volt meter to it to see if it has power. cheers.
  9. If water is not staying into the bowl, its a gasket problem.. change those. If not the leak is further down the pipe.
  10. Try a household plugger. Turn off the vacuum, add some water to the bowl, use the plugger as per normal and try to turn on the vacuum. That works most of the time.
  11. Hi, my 2009 Chaparral 310 as Lenco trim tabs so yours is probably the same.
  12. This is what you need. Easy to set up and works really well.
  13. Not sure but check if the floor of your hanging cedar closet lifts up like in previous years it might be hidden in there.
  14. Easy enough first you must take off the long shelf along the wall, it is attached with 2 L brackets at each end. Next you take off the four screws inside the little cubby hole just below the stereo. You will need a flash light to find the screws. And to finish pull out the whole assembly (cabinet) with the stereo but be carefull as the wiring comes through a small opening at the corner and you might unplug one of the them. The remote wiring is pretty easy to disconnect. Also watch the fuse holder as it might ground out a blow the fuse inside. Now ask me how I know all this
  15. The strap is definitely a possibility.. but there are no way for me to verify that without having the radio out.