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  1. Do fresh water snakes move towards somebody swimming or away? You can call me Indiana Jones or anything else....I don't deal well with snakes. A few years ago I was on Kelly's island. I was on the ferry boat dock and saw two. I swore I'd never swim In Lake Erie again.
  2. Out of curiosity, how accurate is your magnetic compass with all that electronic gear surrounding it?
  3. Blue Jays are my favorite birds. Outstanding vid! I wonder how many Blue Jays it would take to lift your boat?
  4. NewBboat 2016: "Yes, trees certainly lose their leaves around here. I'm in Richmond, less than an hour from Ft. Lee. Our leaves are late to fall this year, but are about 75% gone. Maybe I'll wait a week or two and head that direction to see what I can see!" Thanks Newboat for your post. I was about 1 hour from leaving my house to drive down and check it out when I decided to check out the forum. If Cyclops hadn't posted his birthday thread, I wouldn't likely have caught your response. I'll wait for your reply. From the looks of Google Street View, the thinnest area of the tree line is where the RR markings on the road is on Rt36. You can kinda make out the rail gun in the background. BTW, don't get confused with the refurbished rail gun sitting outside along Rt36 near 144. That's not Annie. Annie is sitting on the RR track that crosses Rt36 into the tree line.
  5. Anybody who owns a boat and keeps pumping money into it faster than the bilge pumps it out, is automatically crazy and is certified in some way or another. Happy Birthday.
  6. Annie wasn't there 20 years ago. It was moved in 2010 from U.S. Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., i'll get there one of these days.
  7. Its gonna be a long time getting to 200K. Since Dec 2015, I've only put on 6K miles. If it keeps running as it does, it will likely outlast me.
  8. I thought the same thing but this doesn't have any wind direction or speed devices on it. Unless technology has really taken over and they are not needed in the traditional way.
  9. I was surprised that its coming in December. I got the impression that it was coming in the Spring. I was hoping to take my boat out and greet it. Better this than not at all.
  10. I thought I would post this in case anybody is interested. The USS Little Rock will be in Buffalo Dec 8th through the 17th. Then up the Welland Canal, Lake Ontario and then the St Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic. Being winter time, not certain how many of us are still around the area.
  11. I live in salt bath #$^% during the winter. After my brother passed away years ago, I had my car and then acquired his Bronco. I kept my car and also kept the Bronco in order to tow the boat. The truck, on the outside, looked factory fresh. But underneath, corrosion #$^%. I treated the Bronco as a secondary vehicle and never used it during rain storms to keep moisture from effecting the underneath. As for the winter, I never drove it unless the roads were dry and clean. All this was to prevent further corrosion. The underneath was slowly pealing away in layers. It was getting bad! I nursed it for 7 years until the computer crapped out and a new one couldn't guarantee it would work. Traded it in for the 150. As for the 150, it still remains as my secondary vehicle. Its primary use is to tow the boat. Because the trees in my backyard only grow leaves, not money, I don't have the cash flow to replace this truck. It has to last me a long long time. So I treat it as I did the Bronco. Keep it clean and dry. It has not seen a snow flake, salt or rain drop since Dec 2015. If this were my only vehicle, I'd be out driving it around as an all weather vehicle. I often wonder if this truck will make it to 200k miles.
  12. 45012 is nearly 110 miles east of Toronto so that doesn't help much. Rochester boaters could benefit from it though. 45155 maybe the buoy that use to be near Toronto but has never been in service since I've started to go to Toronto and has always been marked red [out of service] on the map. This location would be great if it was active especially with wave height. But through the learning curve, I've learned that any winds hinting towards 15kts out of the NE through S is going to cause wave action not suitable for anchoring on the beach. I've used frequently now because it includes airports in the region and other marine reporting stations that are not buoys. Like Long Point on Lake Erie. Thanks for the discussion.
  13. If it could record and broadcast wave height, its in the perfect location. As it is now, I have to look at several airports for winds to determine whether I should head out or not. I guess this is where "the learning curve" comes into play. Fortunately, Toronto Island Airport is right at the beach so getting a good wind report allows me to guess what the wave height will be in the area.
  14. Here is a different way to drain your oil from the drain plug. It's available at NAPA. 30 different sizes.
  15. I wouldn't even bring this up if it had 80k+ miles on it or if I beat the crap out of it. But it only has 33K and for the most part, sits quietly in the garage. Its due for an inspection in Dec. so I'll have it looked at for cost of replacement. Thanks