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    Flying. Boating including chasing lake freighters. Exploring historical infrastructure especially current and historical railroads.

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  1. SST

    This is for Hatem

    It's a great thing too experience when somebody is genuinely nice. It makes you wonder if our society could actually survive these times. My method of raising the trailer was actually "taught" to me by another forum member several years ago. Unfortunately I don't recall who it was.
  2. SST

    This is for Hatem

    Getting the boat off the trailer is as annoying at treating and cleaning the hull. First step for me it to put one hydraulic jack under the bow and a second jack under the back end of the boat. Under the drain plug basically. Jack them up to their limit. For me this does not get the boat off the trailer. Just takes weight off the leaf springs. The separation comes when you let all the air out of the trailer tires and lower the trailer while the boat stays elevated on the jacks. Put jack stands underneath to ensure your safety if a jack fails. Then climb around underneath.
  3. SST

    This is for Hatem

    I used VS721 on 95% of the hull. It is a thick paste that requires 2 coats [I cheated with only 1 coat]. Its like waxing your car. Put the paste on, let it dry and rub it off. Time consuming and annoying climbing around the trailer frame and axles. The other 5% is with Easy On [not On/Off]. Wipe one thin coat on the hull and your done. Let it cure and put it in the water. I used Easy On for many years and suddenly it disappeared. West Marine sold it. I searched for it and couldn't find it. At the beginning of this season, and after putting on the 721, I came across it at a repair shop I don't usually go to. Its kinda out of the way. As I'm looking for something else, I turn around and there they are. I grabbed one. Should have grabbed all of them. I'm not certain if these are new bottles or "remaining" unsold bottles. I don't care! So I put both of them to the test. Where the boat sits on the bunks I didn't get to put the 721 on. But when I found East On, I raised the boat off the trailer and treated the bunk areas with East On. They are both working well side by side. If you ask me to chose which one I'd rather use, Easy On with out a doubt. One easy application and I'm done. You have to remember though, this stuff, including 721, doesn't stop growth. It slows it down and makes it very easy to remove it whether by cruising around or jumping in and giving it a scrub. I do both.
  4. The other afternoon I headed down river to have dinner. When I arrived there was some moderate amount of traffic so I had to get to the pier and get tied up quickly. I had to do a tight 180 degree turn to get to the wall. I made that boat perform so well it was like magic. To stop the boats overall rearward movement and rear starboard movement, I had the steering wheel hard right and I slipped the throttle into forward. The boat came to a stop perfectly aligned with the pier and as I put the throttle back into neutral that dam Alpha One slipped back into forward and nudged the boat into the concrete pier [steering wheel wasn't centered yet]. Due to water levels, height of boat and angle of impact the bumper and the rub rail failed to protect the boat. It annoys me so much because of all the work I've done to get this gelcoat in good shape again. More work! Thankfully the scratch is not down to the wood.
  5. SST

    This is for Hatem

    I was out in the lake the other day taking advantage of calm winds and smooth water. I jumped in to clean up the drive and hull (didn't really need it). As I looked down the anchor line, I thought if this were salt water I probably wouldn't be doing this. This creepy fish supports that theory. The growth on my hull and drive has been really slow this year. I assume its due to cooler waters. I have two different treatment products applied [comparison test] and they both are working pretty well. Even the seaweed hasn't been as thick as last year.
  6. SST

    First Boat, First Car

    That reminds me back in my high school days. I believe my moms car was a early 70's Delta 88 convertible. After dropping off my girlfriend, I was coming up on a country road.....put it to the floor doing 110mph with the top down. hahaha....never told my mom.
  7. SST

    First Boat, First Car

    My first car was a 1976 Cutlass Salon. I was spoiled with that car. Cranberry Velour interior. Bucket seats. Door locks, power seat [driver side only], power windows. 350ci with 4 barrel carb. Posi-track with anti-sway bars. I had a sun roof installed. And air conditioning. Love it. 4000lbs and 18mpg. I remember one day while heading to collage, Spruce Springsteen's Pink Cadillac came on the radio as I was entering the highway. I just put my foot to the floor and hauled azz to school. My first boat is still with me. My 1987 Chap acquired in 2008. It loves my bank account. This will be my only boat as I will not likely purchase another. If I were to win a huge lotto, then probably I would.
  8. SST

    Just ordered my first drone

    Geez...the Coast Guard is gonna think your a runner gone bad with those slices on your face!
  9. I'm going to stop at the shop and set up an appointment to have him look at it. The weather is so cold here and I'm driving to FL next week, doesn't really matter if it takes him 2 weeks to get here.
  10. This picture is the only one I have immediately available to post. I seem to recall a few years ago, I needed to get some teak. Looked everywhere for it. Nobody had it in my immediate area. It would have been a long drive to get it.
  11. SST

    Just ordered my first drone

    You need to build a portable helipad for your drone in all conditions:
  12. SST

    I won the Marina Lotto :)

    Last year was #$^% for my new slip. Such a tight squeeze to get in. Other boats sterns were sticking out with either outdrives or outboard motors raised. The worst part was the neighbor helping himself to my shore power line. Moron couldn't go to Walmart and get his own extension cord? I moved to a new location which is a 30 foot slip. Last year a huge pontoon boat was next to me. Made it a challenge. But this year he was a no show and I've had the slip all to my self. Even on a windy day entering the slip is a piece of cake. Hope it remains that way into next year. Its nice having a slip where you can settle in and not have to worry about....."something."
  13. After 24 hours, I went down to start it and see what happens. I just turned the key [no jiggling] and it started right up. Shut down, waited and started it again. Fired right up. It actually seemed to start better and faster than previously on the old switch. In regards to the solenoid, does it slowly die over time or does it quite and that's it..
  14. SST

    Engine hours - What is considered high

    I'm approaching 1400 hours. This season has been awful so if I see 30 hours I'll be lucky.
  15. SST

    First Long Run

    When you returned to the US, did you use the ROAM entrance app? What did you think of it if you did? I have not put the ROAM app on my phone. But I haven't gone to Canada either. The Border Patrol are everywhere around here and I don't feel like being "pulled over." Port Colborne was my usual stopping point and have dinner along the canal. My dad had a cottage further west that I'd go to as well. Two years ago, I trailered to Port Dover and went out to Long Point, hence my signature picture. But inside that LONG sand bar out to Long Point, it was deep with weeds and I couldn't get on plane because the stern would sink into the weeds before it would reach planing speed. By the time I got back to Port Dover, it was a ghost town. Everybody went home. For me to operate in Canada, I need northerly winds so the shore line is calm. South winds I don't go. BTW....did you go up the river at Port Dover and check out the abandoned fishing boats? My dad and I went there 20 years ago and it was littered with many many trawlers. 3 years ago, I went up it and only a handful were there. Maybe none now? I have pictures in photobucket but I'm about to be spanked for not paying up and having too much bandwidth.