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    Flying. Boating including chasing lake freighters. Exploring historical infrastructure especially current and historical railroads.

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  1. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    An interesting video-I feel sorry for the tug boat dragged under by the current generated by the ship.
  2. SST

    F150 going electric?

    I have always wondered how many truck owners own a truck for business vs having one because its the latest fad or cool thing. I love watching the news when the gas prices go up. They all start fitchin", whining and crying about how they can't keep up with the cost. I just laugh. I bought mine based on necessity and the best fit for what I need, not popularity. While I don't like gas prices going up either, I know it will be inevitable.
  3. SST

    Is it May 1st ? Only cure for my Cabin Fever.

    Your going to be reminded this weekend that winter isn't over just yet. haha
  4. SST

    F150 going electric?

    I just read an article that Ford is going electric with the F150. I can see it for local activity but I can't see driving my truck with a 6000lb boat in tow at 70mph at night with all the lights on. Then sitting in traffic at the border with the air conditioning running. Is this really possible? The cost to the buyer? Hahaha....not me. https://electrek.co/2019/01/16/ford-all-electric-f150-pickup-truck/
  5. SST

    Time to say goodby

    I noticed this past season that I'm not as agile as I've been over the previous years. Crawling in between the trailer axles and the hull while trying to clean it is getting difficult and annoying. When having to maneuver the boat within the slip or along a wall by hand, I noticed that my lower back isn't tolerating the strain like it use to. It takes 1 second for my lower back to go out but 3 days or more to get it back working again. But, the value I get out of the boat is more than the cost going into it. So I keep doing it over and over again until I finally learn my lesson.
  6. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    While watching Miami Airport live cam I looked at the Twitter postings.....check this out! https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/1083128910760402949
  7. SST

    Just ordered my first drone

    I wonder why they even picked a small GA a/c. There are hundreds and hundreds of airliners in Victorville headed for the scrapper. Maybe we should get Myth Busters out there to do it. Probably the biggest threat to an airliner is engine ingestion.
  8. SST

    Just ordered my first drone

    I don't think its alarmist. They are just covering there...." rotor blades" because the test included their drone. Probably wouldn't have heard a thing from them if somebody else's drone was used. I agree with the last paragraph of the article: "So while DJI is probably correct to react as it did to the nuances of the testing, the researchers’ ultimate point—that drones can and will damage aircraft in some fashion, if they collide—is quite valid, and needs to be explored further so the world has a better understanding of the risks. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who made the drone or what safety protocols exist...if it can still find its way in front of a fast-moving plane."
  9. I love the activist who focus on renewable energy. With our new fearless leader [Cortez-D-NY] and Green New Deal is hysterical. They love solar and wind. The answer to everything. But those idiots aren't paying attention. Just giving you propaganda. For example, here in Western New York, there has hardly been any sunshine. Its been months since we've had more than a day of sun. The results? All the road signage, construction or otherwise, that run on solar panels are all dead and inop. No sun, no charge. I laugh when I see this. This proves that solar power is not reliable enough to replace coal. Are their any posters here who live in the NW? I'm curious to know if you have solar powered signage out there? I assume that the NW US is pretty cloudy or is it just Seattle?
  10. SST

    Swedish Coastguard Police Chase.

    I'll take a guess and say it won't plane due to all the weight its carrying. First you have the weight of the motor. That takes up 1/3 of the boat. Then you have the cabin which takes up another 1/3. Its like the F-4 Phantom. So heavy but you got engines to push it.
  11. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Here's the video on this. 21 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn8NGU3_4Vo&feature=youtu.be
  12. SST

    Just ordered my first drone

    There are a lot of these showing up here in Buffalo. Especially along the Niagara River but many also cruising the lake. My slip neighbor is also a large pontooner. It worries me because his motor is pretty small for the size of the vessel [30 feet] when considering the wind when entering the slip. I worry that my boat will become his bumper.
  13. SST

    Just ordered my first drone

    Drones for inspecting commercial aircraft. https://www.aviationpros.com/press_release/12439547/haeco-xiamen-successfully-conducts-drone-assisted-aircraft-inspection-trial
  14. SST

    Latest boat video....

    I found this video fascinating for several reasons. First, the weather and the buildings in the background look almost identical as compared to our water front at the Erie Basin Marina. Except our water is close to freezing. Your 270 has several things that are identical to my 87 235XLC. I also have lots of Teak although not on the dash. Several of your instruments are the same as mine. I noticed the "shag rug" on your cabin ceiling is the same is mine. How do you keep yours clean? Did you replace it? But the biggest item that's the same is the cabin door and wood framework. Off the same shelf as mine. Thanks for the video. Someday maybe i'll have a bigger boat. With the stock market being more turbulent that Clear Air Turbulence, Santa wasn't able to deliver investment financing. Maybe when Alexandria Cortez gets into the politics of Socialism, maybe she'll pay for it.
  15. SST

    What to do if I suffer mechanical failure....

    Years ago, I had a gear grinding incident and had to shut down. I was in the Buffalo River. Fortunately, the current is very slow so bumping into the bridge wasn't damaging to the boat or the bridge. With the current being dead slow, I was able to manipulate the boat enough to get it to the LaFarge cement dock and tie up until the tow boat showed up. The paddle helped. But if this would have happened out in Lake Erie or the Niagara River, worthless.