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  1. My vents also let water in with spray. But that's only under more extreme conditions. About a week ago or so, I came back to my harbor and into wind and waves head on. Tons of spray came over the bow. No water in the compartment. I use to have a problem with the vents during rain storms while in the slip. I took some plastic pool cover and cut it to size and covered the vents. Bone dry ever since. The vents are not covered while out boating. So I expect some water might get in. But 10 gallons? To me, 10 gallons is a lot of water. Is the water present before you leave the slip or only after you've been out on the water? When you spend the day on the water, how many times are you swimming and then get back into the boat? Do you just "drip dry" or do you towel off? With my boat being so old, I'm a bit paranoid about water in the boat and have a towel on the floor and another towel to dry myself to minimize water on the deck. If too much water gets on the floor, I towel that up too. With my boat, aft of the window frames, the structure of the boat angles into the boat. So any water flowing aft from the window frames will channel the water back into the boat. This caused a lot of damage to my step/shelves and had to be replaced. I had to lay down some clear sealant aft of the window frames to channel it overboard. Water can come in from everywhere! Don't just look at the obvious. Good luck
  2. SST

    Diesel trucks

    Getting back on top Dear China and all of its spammers
  3. SST

    Back on the lake !!

    Where was the waterline when you guys first started boating there?
  4. SST

    Engine oil removal.

    I use the same. I've been considering doing it at the slip upon return since its nice and warm. Therefore I don't have to run it in the driveway making noise. Got a new neighbor, not sure what he'll pull.
  5. SST

    Back on the lake !!

    This season has also been busy on Lake Erie. With the wind, along with all the boaters out, it made for a bumpy ride or a bumpy mooring. For me it wasn't all that pleasant. But yesterday, was also a windy day, but NO OTHER BOATS!. I owned the lake! hahaha. Well this end anyways. Denny has the other end. With no boats out in the lake there was no "wake turbulence" so the waves were in a rhythmic pattern undisturbed. Even when I pointed directly into the wind and waves and with the boat properly trimmed, it rode up and over the waves for a relatively smooth ride. Even though it was 59 degrees, it was the best boating this entire season.
  6. SST

    Alpha 1 Reverse Issue

    I don't recall ever having mine changed. But one thing is for sure, the Alpha 1 doesn't like being shifted rapidly in and out of gear. I mostly have problems when entering my slip on a windy day and the boat needing to be "finessed" while entering the slip. Several times I"ve had the outdrive get "hung up" in forward, neutral or reverse only to have to rapidly move the shifter back and forth to get it where it needs to be or in more severe cases, shut the engine off while still in gear while hoping not to plow into the dock. I've had this little problem since I owned the boat. It behaves nicely during a routine shifting. I'm going to have the shifter cables or outdrive looked at at the beginning of next season.
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    Just pushin down
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