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  1. SST

    Anyone have these?

    My previous fixed slip was for a 30 footer. Lots of room for error but that caused its own problems too. Tomorrow I'm going to stop in the office and see what the next size up is and if its available.
  2. SST

    Anyone have these?

    When I made a slip change at the previous marina I was at, the previous boater left this type of bumper on vertical posts. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/taylor-made--premium-dock-post-bumpers--P005_157_006_004?recordNum=12 These worked great as it was a fixed dock and handled the boat well as the lake level changed. When I left the marina, I took them with me. The current slip I'm in[floating] has the crappy strip that Hatem has and has put some nasty smudge marks on the boat. Better than nothing. But I haven't figured out how to install these over the strip. The wood plank isn't big enough for both. What's also aggravating is the slip is really too small for my boat. I have to darn near clip my neighbor so that I can enter slowly and not crash into the dock. There is no room for error.
  3. SST


    To me, a cabin is where you can enter it standing up or nearly so. Includes a galley, a place to sit with a table to eat on. Hopefully a toilet and shower. I would love to have that. Mine is a cuddy. Gotta bend over to get in. Crawl in at bed time. No toilet/shower but it did have a porta potty which I haven't used. When I first started reading this post, I wasn't signed in so I didn't see your picture and I didn't think a 25 footer could have a cabin. But now that I am, I can see why yours is a cabin. Your boat, only 2 feet longer than mine, is definitely taller which allows the cuddy to be transformed into a cabin. I love my cuddy.....wouldn't trade it for the world unless I could afford the Sig 270.
  4. SST

    Flat Tire Question

    While we're on the subject of tires......Has anybody ever heard of the Ford Focus burning up tires at a faster rate than normal? When I bought the car, I burned up a 40k tire set in 20k. I bought new tires with 80K......just barely passed NYS inspection and will have to be replace before the snow falls this year. Just over 45k. I thought about my driving habit....I'm certainly not like grandma driving a few miles a day but I'm not an Indy500 driver either.
  5. SST


    There is an increase in lighted boats around Buffalo too. Last year I was entering the inner harbor and I see a large lit up boat. For the life of me, I could not determine whether he was coming at me or moving away. The lighting he had overpowered the nav lights. The headlight thing is getting big around here too. Sometimes its difficult to differentiate between a boat coming at me or a car along the shore. Not to mention that these boats draw attention to themselves and therefore distract your viewing the area. They also destroy your night vision thus making it difficult to spot other boats operating properly. It amazes me to no end how people are effected by the latest fad rather than what's standard safety procedure. But I also agree with Hatem. There are two buoys out side our breakwall……..no lighting, no reflective material and not on any chart. That annoys me.
  6. SST

    Prop vs RPM

    Yesterday I swapped the prop and took it for a run. It only improved minimally. It just didn't feel right. I have kept an eye on the outdrive for the growth of scum. Only a very thin layer. So I didn't think the hull was any worse. With the lake so cold I haven't jumped in to check...until yesterday. I put on my wetsuit and slowly climbed into the water. Oh so cold. I took my cleaning pad with me and I was surprised at how thick the slime was. So I started cleaning it. I only got 70% of the hull cleaned before I had to get out. Shivering. I then took the boat for a run and it was back to normal. The water is so cold I didn't really think it would grow this fast in just 30 days. Can't wait till August. I do believe the prop contributed a little bit. After looking at it, it has more bubbles on it than a glass of champagne. I'll finish cleaning the boat this afternoon and then pull it out before headed on vacation. The gelcoat needs lots of work. I put two new BIG scratches on it. 8 years of hard work just wiped out. I love my boat.
  7. SST

    Prop vs RPM

    For all the years I've had my boat, it has always operated at 3000rpm and 30 mph [GPS agrees with fish finder]. Occasionally, the rpm gauge gets whacky and shows a false indication. I tap the gauge and it eventually returns to normal. But this year, it is maintaining a consistent 25mph @ 3100rpm. If I push the throttle to get the speed to 30mph, then the rpm is at 3400rpm. I had prop repair last year and it was freshly painted. The paint was pealing off. I raised the outdrive the other day to check for slime thinking it was causing drag. It was clean but I immediately noticed tiny like bubbles on the prop. Not air bubbles but bubbles within the paint [not there when I picked it up]. This immediately tells me poor water flow over the prop. Will this cause a 4000rpm change to keep the boat moving at 30mph? I haven't had a chance to change the prop to see if there is a difference.
  8. SST

    Sailboat Tow

    I've towed a couple of boaters, but In much calmer conditions. That current definitely makes it a challenge.
  9. SST

    Hours on engine

    My 87 Chap is 1300 hours.
  10. SST

    Overheat and shutdown, now will not crank

    All I can say is good luck. I had an overheat years ago, and both exhaust heads showed cracks. Had them replaced along with some hydraulic lines and flapper valve and she's been running well ever since. Actually, better. Just be prepared to deal with the following......Does the value you get from the boat[fun with family, etc] exceed the actual cost of repair? If it does, repair it and don't look back.
  11. SST

    Single brakes in tandem axle

    Already learned that on my own! Two stupid teenagers did a U-Turn right in front of me. The didn't complete the turn, backed up and then completed the turn. Mean while, I'm coming at them at 45mph and 10500 lbs and sharing the intersection. I panic braked and hit the brakes hard. Fortunately, the Bronco's anti-lock brakes were working fine and I stopped before killing the girlfriend. The trailer stayed right behind the Bronco. But the trailer tonge was damaged due to such immediate heavy braking. New one installed. This is why you don't want to have a trailer weight heavier than your truck is allowed to pull. It only takes one stupid teenager to ruin your life.
  12. SST

    Single brakes in tandem axle

    My trailer is a tandem trailer with drums on the rear axle. One day, I forgot pop the brake Lock-out before leaving home. I drove to the ramp and didn't even notice that the brakes were locked out. The F150 handles the trailer well. But this was all on flat surface roads. Driving through the Virginias and Carolinas, would likely be a different story.
  13. SST

    I know I said I wouldn't use the head but....

    Actually, it does work for the girls as well. This device is different than what I was looking for. 20 years ago, I received an aviation catalog. In it, it listed a bottle for females traveling in a plane without a lavatory. This device is quite different from 20 years ago but is better. This device will adapt to any bottle......anywhere. https://www.amazon.com/Female-Urination-Device-Portable-Lightweight/dp/B01KUZT6R2 Edit: Add Sporty's Pilot Shop It has been so long since I've received the catalog I forgot the name of it......Sporty's. http://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/lady-j-adapter-for-little-john-pilot-urinal.html I think the first listing would be better although not necessarily for you cuz you already have a toilet. But for others......
  14. SST

    I know I said I wouldn't use the head but....

    My boat came with a porta potty. I never used it and pulled it out of the boat. Currently, I just carry a big Turtle Wax car soap bottle which allows me extended stays out in the lake. Then take the bottle home and empty it. Then use toilet bowl cleaner to clean the bottle and its ready for its next mission. To me, this is better than peeing in the lake. The marina that I was at previously, banned that. Don't remember if it was by NYS law or just there own. The basic rule was something like, pee in your toilet, pee in our toilet but don't carry your pee to our toilet. But in Canada, law enforcement patrols the waters to see if you have a toilet vs peeing in the lake. When your peeing in the lake, did you ever consider which way the current is flowing and "what are those other groups of people doing in the water?" Without the porta potty onboard, I can't stay out in the open waters over night. Mother nature will call to arms and require me to seek "inland water ways."
  15. SST

    Tiny Pic

    I was able to get back to my picture but it was so screwed up......still not worth the hassle.