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  1. SST

    Going bigger

    Several years ago was cruising around Long Point, Ontario inside of Port Rowan. Even though I was in a marked channel, I couldn't get on plane due to the weeds below. At 5 mph it was fine but as soon as I tried to accelerate, the outdrive lowered into the weeds and choked it. I had to wait until I was further out. Have fun on your new boat. That is quite a stretch from 2foot-itis!
  2. I had noticed this among many larger boats, that their stern light is below the water level when moving along. Sometimes I came upon a boat or two at night that I didn't see until really close. From this, I figured mine does the same thing. If I'm not on plane, my wake is pretty tall and therefore my stern light is not likely viewable. But for me, an all around light would cause me night blindness as I don't have an arch. My stern lights are still above the swim platform and the windshield frame. I've been considering putting a new stern light in above the swim platform and either run bo
  3. I am deathly allergic to any nut product. Peanuts too. But I can eat either Jiff or Peter Pan smooth. Maybe others but I don't experiment to find out. Have no idea what Revel Stoke would do to me but I'm inclined not to find out. Plus, with the cardiac blood thinner I'm using, it doesn't play well with alcohol. I don't drink much as it is but the blood thinner has pretty much stopped it. Ahhhh the good old days.
  4. I don't normally reply to these garbage posts but today. What the Ftuck. Youtube sucks! No wonder everybody is transferring over to other formats. Sometime ago, I posted a video showing the marina I was about to sign up for on a very windy day with waves crashing over the outer breakwall. Youtube has determined that it is age inappropriate and not suitable for all veiwers. Are you kidding me? You can pull up almost anything on youtube including soft porn but OMG protect society from viewing a windy day! IDIOTS! Those little pupils will suffer the most anxiety fearing the earth may be c
  5. Pilots do it better on top. [Gender neutral]
  6. I never thought of warming it up before adding it. I'll have to try that next year.....although not to 180. Well, my friends boat is in storage. He had a shop do the winterization. I'm not certain what the state of the lower unit is in but I guess we'll see over time. Thanks for input.
  7. My friend and I are getting into a significant disagreement as to oil changes for the lower unit in regards to winter storage. I don't know for certain which outdrive he has but it is a mid 80's Stingray, 17 feet, 6 cylinder. He asked me if I drained my lower unit. Not really sure what he was asking I said, do you mean changing the oil? As in, draining and replacing it right away? A long somewhat confusing response from him says the mechanic drains it and then refills it in the spring. Apparently their are water issues. My response was that I never just drain the lower unit, I always
  8. How much to these jerks make to spam everything?
  9. For a second their I thought the above poster was Kamala.....as in kamala Harris [pronounced Heresy] Anyways, the weather this week isn't suitable for boating so I'm officially done. I was going to winterize it tomorrow and deliver it to storage this Friday. But there is snow in the forecast and expecting 2 inches along the Thruway. This is not acceptable due to the likelihood of road salt being used. So today I'm going to winterize it even if its raining and deliver it tomorrow. Happy trails.
  10. During these times it is good to keep them topless regardless of gender. We wouldn't want gender discrimination to play a part in our determination to stay on top.
  11. I pulled my boat from the marina around October 15th. Boats been sitting on the trailer unwinterized in hopes of getting one more ride. The weather has been dismal around here. I have been watching the forecasts, waiting for a break. This past Friday a break came. For a whole week and a half the news outlets and the NWS and The Weather Channel showed Friday as a nice day. As it got closer, rain entered the forecast for 9pm that night. With having to wait for a tree estimate during the afternoon, this was going to put a squeeze on putting the boat in. But the NWS changed its forecast sho
  12. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of YOU!
  13. SST


    While replying may not do any harm it puts the thread back on top of OUR list. Don't reply and eventually it will disappear to the other pages. Every time somebody replies, it gets put back on top. That's the only weapon we have. DON'T REPLY
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