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  1. From the Boston Globe March 13th.
  2. I have a paddle but its really worthless except for pushing objects away from the boat or preventing a bump. Years ago, I was tied up along the grain elevators waiting for a ship to come in and offload its grain. I was waiting for awhile and did see the ship. But due to the lift bridge failure, it tied up. I waitied some more then decided to head home. I started the engine and put it in gear. Oh dear.....massive grinding. I pull it out of gear. Tried Reverse. No good either. Tried forward again and severe grinding. At this point, I've drifted away from the wall. I shut down the engine and drag out the paddle and try to get back to the wall. Fortunately the current is very slow but it determined where I went. Not the paddle. All I could do was cause the boat to pivot around the center of gravity. The current did the rest. I have often thought of putting 2 oars on the boat like a rowing boat and "paddle" it that way.
  3. Last year I changed the oil myself with the pump out. I didn't really like the insert tube being the same length as the dip stick. It didn't pull all the oil out. A little over a qrt was left in. So I went to the hardware store and bought the same dimension hose and lengthened it so it will reach beyond the dipstick. While I accept the fact that some oil will remain, to me a qrt is too much. We'll see how it works at the end of this season.
  4. Several years ago, my dad and I took a trip to Hammondsport to the Glenn Curtiss Museum. Afterwards, we walked around the waterfront. It's been awhile since being there and I thought it wasn't deep enough to launch my 23 footer or maybe the ramp wasn't long enough [don't remember]. Any suggestions where to launch in Kueka Lake?
  5. When I posted this I didn't realize I posted in the Boat forum rather than the Dock forum. So, I'll add some boating to the post to make it more "authentic." I took Amtrak to and from NY. While cruising along the Hudson River, I noticed several areas where there are boats covered for the winter along with a launch ramp [viewed from the train]. The closest one to NYC that I saw was the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. I have no idea if anybody can launch from there yet but I'll research it. Anybody familiar with that area or along the Hudson River?
  6. I was in NYC this weekend. I found out that a gate area in JFK formerly TWA was re-created on the 86th floor. So I made the trip to check it out. Here are some pics: Entrance into the TWA Hotel: Up close view of the departure board: Panoramic view of the larger room. It was a cloudy day on the 86th floor. VIS was zero. The new hotel is under construction at JFK. To be finished at the end of the year. Estimated to be $265/night. I'll be there at least once.
  7. I found a facebook page from someone in Webster, NY. Has some recently taken good drone video of various places around Lake Ontario and Letchworth State Park rail crossing.
  8. Long ago, when I worked for Trans World Express, our corporate base was PHL [Technically, Philly Northeast PNE] so that gave me the excuse to root for PHL. Also wanted to see NE taken down a notch. While watching the game, it was interesting to watch Gisele when the game seemed to be turning in NE favor. All smiling and excited. But then the realization that they were going to lose....not smiling anymore. She looked like the Democrats at the State of the Union. All sad droopy faces.. Ya know that look? How could we have lost?
  9. Your trailer looks awfully low to the ground in between the trailer wheels and your truck. Although it could be an optical illusion. Be careful going over railroad crossings that are humps, rather than flat.
  10. I also have a family of deer in the empty 2 lots next door. Last night, as snow band came through, they just laid their getting covered. A little red fox came through too who I haven't seen in a while. Of course, the squirrels are running around looking for their buried seeds. During the summer, the deer come into my yard and rest under my large Maples. Its like a mini nature preserve. I hope no one ever builds there.
  11. I have power door locks but I've never checked to see if the tailgate is locked. Top of the list today. EDIT Addition: Just checked my truck. Although I have power door locks, I don't have a power tailgate lock. But I do have the key lock. It will be locked at all times.
  12. As I was reading through the news items, a news article about tailgates came up. I missed read the title and though there was a mechanical issue with it. So when I clicked on it it was about tailgate thefts. Never heard of it before. The video below shows a theft in progress and I was stunned at how easy it is to pull a tailgate off the truck. So happy I have a garage. If this is a wide spread problem, why are they so popular to steal? If they are not failing, or a huge amount of accidents, what's causing the demand? Selling the metal?
  13. I'd love to expand my garage. It needs to be taller and deeper to accept my boat. I love to tow my boat. I think I get that from working at the airport. I pushed and pulled various aircraft over the years. LaGuardia was my favorite. It was a challenge pushing a 727-200 out of the gate and getting it turned around. For me, the best part was towing the planes down the taxiways at night to the hard stands. As I was driving the tug, I'd look behind me and smile as I pulled the 737 or MD80's. Occasionally, I would tow an MD80 into the hanger while there were other aircraft inside. Ever so gently to maneuver your plane so you don't "scratch it." I'm the same way with my boat. Always looking in the mirror with a smile. I am also considering getting a trailer. But not likely for the next couple of years. But I'm looking. Have fun!
  14. At the mouth of the Niagara River at Lake Erie, there are a series of buoy cans marking the channel towards the Peace Bridge. They are not lit but have reflective material. Even with a search lite blazing away at night, they are extremely hard to find. Its so bad, I finally put a "way point" on my GPS. One night while "returning to base," I couldn't find it even with the GPS. The next day, I went out looking for it and it was clear that somebody not only hit it, but had torn it in half. Sometime later, I "stumbled" on the other half which was in front of the water intake about a 1/2 mile up river. I notified the CG which informed the Canadian CG and it was eventually replaced. I think newer cans are out there with more reflective material which helps. I would have liked to see the boat that hit it.
  15. Not knowing how difficult it really is to pull your boat out of the water, couldn't you plan to skd something mid season? This would give you an opportunity to IR your engines before you tear them apart. If they look good, defer it until next year. Is your shop usually quiet during mid season or very busy?