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  1. While I totally agree with your stand point, I will continue to act irrationally when confronted with a snake. Watching the video above, I just cringed when she uncovered that nest of snakes. haha. Call me a wimp, I don't care! haha
  2. We may not have those kinda "fish" in our lakes but don't you have water snakes in your western end of Lake Erie? I remember 5 years ago or so, I was there and had taken the ferry over to Kelly's Island. After getting off the ferry and walking along the dock, I see 2 snakes in the water. Then I see a warning post about snakes in the water. No way will I scrub the bottom of my boat in that area!
  3. Are you going to really commit to it or let cobwebs grow on it after awhile. Don't waste the money unless you're going to commit to it for the long run.
  4. The video is blocked. NFL covering up which means the player will get suspended but that's likely it. Has a hockey player ever ripped somebodies helmet off and then used it against the player he took it from? How about when Gronkowski gave that dirty hit to a Buffalo Bills player. Oh the pour thing was frustrated and wasn't thinking and bashed the BIlls player. Only a suspension and he's a hero now.
  5. Go ahead and post your pics.
  6. Not quite sure which link you're referring to. If you mean the link to the original post: If you mean the link to each photo, I don't know. I process them through postimage.org and then copy paste them here. I don't take note of the actual address of each photo. Post'em and leave'em.
  7. Are you referring to the Letchworth State Park photos?
  8. Well I appreciate your compliment and I really do try to keep it up. But truth be told, the picture is several years old and the year the picture was taken was the year that it wasn't in the water all season. But the next two seasons it has been in the water all season and it no longer looks as sharp as the picture. One big change came early this past season. I used a different 3M compound [Don't recall what it was]. It made a total mess of the gelcoat. It set me back a couple of years. I was so angry that I tossed it into the garbage. I just threw the wax on and put it in the water and let nature take its course. It still looks better than it originally did but not as good as the picture. I don't think I have the energy to bring the gelcoat back to that level anymore. As long as the engine keeps running and the drive stays attached, I'll keep going.
  9. BTW....the sunsets are very nice.
  10. Houston, we have a problem...…. Unless climate change is really effecting our earth, you can't have a sunset and a sunrise facing west from nearly the same camera location. You be smok'in something?
  11. I slightly disagree that the gelcoat can't be saved. My boat looked just as bad as the OP and after a lot of work of sanding and buffing it turned out just short of factory fresh. It can be done. BUT, as Drew pointed out, it doesn't stay. The sun is cruel to my gelcoat. The side of the boat that doesn't face the sun is in better shape than the sunny side. Every year I have to give it a little buffing and waxing to bring it back. Sometimes I'll do a mid season touch up if the boat is out of the water. I wish I had the skills that Denny has as I would love to "repair" my boat.
  12. SST

    Winter Battery Care

    After dropping my boat off and lowering the outdrive, I pull both batteries. Both are in my basement on the second shelf. I don't leave them on the floor as I assume the cold floor will somewhat drain them. I will put a charge to them during the winter then early spring and once more when I pick up the boat from storage. This seems to work well as one of my batteries is nearing 10 years old although it is not used for normal usage. Just a stand by for the secondary bilge pump or a temporary replacement if the primary battery fails.
  13. Its the new 747-8i. The screen capture takes better pictures than my iPhone assuming the plane will roll in front of the streaming camera.
  14. This is the kind of heavy metal I like! I screen captured this off a live streaming video of Atlanta airport. I could watch this 747 all day!
  15. The fire retardant probably washed off the radar reflective paint and rendered the plane useless. My guess for the tilting of any ship is centrifugal force and top heavy all pushing in the opposite direction of the turn. Maybe modern ships are doing what modern railroads are doing....TILT technology. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilting_train
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