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  1. SST

    1/2 inch braided line weakest point

    That rough wave condition sounds like the area of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Niagara River. When the weather is nice, everybody is out and they are all going in different directions therefore creating waves in all different directions and heights. Takes the fun out of boating. Always nice not to have any scratches from incidences like this.
  2. SST

    Hurricane Florence.

    I trailered up to Toronto for the weekend and yesterday I could see across Lake Ontario the northern edge of the storm system. Felt kinda guilty because I'm standing in cool water with high air temps and terrible humidity while others are under water without a choice. Today, the rain is just a few miles over the NY state line. It might miss my neighborhood. Gotta throw some wax on the boat before returning it to my slip. One of the first images the news showed was a 2 second flash of a marina. Oh man it looked BAD! Everything looked shredded. Good luck to all.
  3. SST

    Flat Tire Question

    Interesting article. I wouldn't for the life of me ever go back to the OEM tire that came with my car. Burned them up pretty quick. I'll try for Cooper again if they will fit.
  4. SST

    Flat Tire Question

    I read some of the reviews in the link posted for Michelin. I guess my problem is more wide spread than I thought. So, I guess I'll just plow ahead and keep proper pressure and rotate at the oil change. Of all the tires I've had for the Focus, the Coopers now on it have been the best especially in rain. So I'll try to get them again. After reading the Michelin link reviews, it occurs to me that tires improved for gas mileage is really self defeating because the money your saving in gas is being spent on the tires replacement. Has anybody engineered the cost savings average life span of a tire? Answered my own question: https://www.consumerreports.org/fuel-economy/low-rolling-resistance-tires-can-save-fuel/
  5. SST

    Flat Tire Question

    Nope, not run flats. Just a regular tire. The annoying thing is that earlier, I looked at Dunn Tire where I bought them and they don't carry them anymore. Only thing close to it was 65K. So that means with my car, I"ll get maybe 35K on the next set. Long ago, when I had a Dodge Charger, I use to put Goodyear Eagle GT's on the car. I don't recall anymore what the tire mileage was suppose to be but I don't recall burning them up like the Focus. I was a lot harder on tires back then vs now. I loved those tires. Especially because they mimicked the nose gear tires of the B-727 with the splash guard [water deflector] that deflected water away from the a/c. It still puts a smile on my face when I think about it. Yeah I'm nuts but I haven't reached certification yet.
  6. SST

    Flat Tire Question

    When the car had its NYS inspection [June], it just passed. The remaining depth can be looked at two different ways. One is the difference between the tread and the wear bar[NYSI}. Or between the tread and the bottom of the tread. The car is not here to actually measure as its in the repair shop for clutch work so I don't know what the actual remaining tread is. But, I won't go through another winter with these tires. Last year, it handled well in all types of precipitation except for a thin layer of wet, dense snow. Very difficult to get the car moving. I've looked through the web and there are as many complaints about the Focus eating tires as there are cars on the road.
  7. SST

    Flat Tire Question

    Sorry for the delay...….Current tires: Cooper CS4 Touring......195/60R15 88T BW 80K.....Date of Purchase: 11/2013 Current Mileage: 95500 Mileage at Purchase: 46380...…….Mileage on 80K tire- 49120.
  8. SST

    Gaining Experience - Night Time Boating

    A few years ago the insects out over the niagara river was terrible. I had to put on safety glasses on top of a handkerchief. It was like Jim Carey in Me, myself and Irene.
  9. SST

    Hurricane Florence.

    With all the info you just posted, how many people will say, "It just came out of nowhere!"
  10. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    This video came up last night while experimenting with my new smart tv......talk about submerged logs!
  11. SST

    Gaining Experience - Night Time Boating

    Here is a modified chart showing two routes depending on seaweed or waves and the entrance. You'll copy and paste it. file:///C:/Users/Brandnew702/Pictures/Boat%20damage%208-04-18/Night%20time%20routings.pdf The orange dots show the mini channel. I don't take this route at night from the city to the river. I use this routing both ways during the day or inbound to Buffalo at night. Late in the season, this mini channel gets thick with seaweed and will stop the boat or even stall the engine. But early is great. Coming from the Peace Bridge you make the left turn just past the buoy. You line up the boat with the former HSBC tower. You hold the heading until you cross the pipe line and the make a slight right turn and line up with the brightly lit 716 building. As you get closer, you'll then see the green flashing buoy. Head to that until you're inside the breakwall. Day or night. It can still be a little rough but not nearly as rough as the entrance to the lake. As for the other route, both ways day or night. If you're making the left turn towards the city, make somewhat of a wide turn going around the red flashing buoy to keep the water intakes a reasonable distance. Look for the flashing buoy mentioned above [its in front of The Hatch] and head towards it until you're inside the wall. Keep your eyes swinging in all directions as boats come from all over. I've operated on these two routes for nearly 10 years. Just gotta get use to it. Most of all....enjoy it.
  12. SST

    Gaining Experience - Night Time Boating

    To help with wave height estimates, use this site. It is the Port Colborne Buoy. This will give you an estimate of what Buffalo is doing. But sometimes they don't agree. But if the winds are up in Buffalo, its automatic that waves will be present. There is a different routing that you can take earlier in the season when the seaweed isn't so thick. I'll post a chart to show you where to go. I've see the police and the CG us this "Mini Channel." If they can do it.....me to. Of course there is always the Black Rock Canal...if its open. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45142 EDIT: By myself. I was just looking at the West Marine Catalog.....hmmmmm what should I buy.
  13. SST

    Gaining Experience - Night Time Boating

    I love cruising at night. Late in the season, when the seaweed is thick, I usually have to come up the river, go past both water intakes and then make the left turn at the red flashing buoy. Or for you, head west, go past the water intakes and make a right turn at the red flashing buoy. Busy area so pay attention. I don't know if your chart plotter shows the red and green cans that are between the red flasher and the Peace Bridge. They do not flash...they're not lit! I had to mark them in my very old gps. And even with a mega search lite, I usually can't find them and rely on the GPS to make the turn. They do have reflective material on them as I've checked them up close. About 2 years ago, I noticed something didn't look right with the green can half way down. I pulled up next to it and it was obvious that somebody hit it and tore it apart. I reported it to the CG but Canada is responsible. It was replaced shortly thereafter. You have to be careful with our water front. Many boats blend into the background of city lighting. Many of the breakwalls lighting also blend into the city lights. The Buffalo CG work lights absolutely suck! They wipe out much of the breakwall flashing lights. I am entirely dependent on the location of the water intakes and the Green/Red buoy inside the walls. Its flash rate is ; Flash Flash.....Flash [RED]. Keeping those two things in proper alignment will keep me on course and not hit anything...…..unless its underwater. The other annoying thing are the fisherman. They seems to anchor everywhere especially near the bouys and in the channels. They are more dangerous than submerged objects.
  14. SST

    Weather Watching

    I was out in the lake this past Saturday and it was "eerily" calm. No waves or even a hint of wind. I didn't even have to drop anchor, it was nice. For the most part, the boat remained pointed Northeasterly so I wasn't looking SW. Then a very very light breeze slowly swung the boat around so now I'm looking SW. WOW, look at clouds, they look like the tops of 2 thunderstorms. I whip out the phone and looked at NWS Buffalo radar page and sure enough, 90 miles away are two thunderstorms dumping rain. It was nearing sunset so I stayed out in the water to watch it. I watched the movement of the clouds for nearly 40 minutes. Randomly checked the radar page. It became apparent that the storm was going to beat the sunset so I headed in. As I headed in and with a little imagination, these thunderstorms looked like the front of two aircraft carriers. From the time I spotted the storm to the time I was at my slip and covered up, it was nearly an hour. I don't buy it when people say, "It came out of nowhere." This picture was taken about 1 hour before I returned to my slip. BTW, I've been using Chaps photo storage and I like it. Even via my cell phone at times.
  15. SST

    My neighborhood

    Port Abino Lighthouse-Lake Erie