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  1. Instead of starting another forum, why don't you all make the jump to the other forum that is already accepting survivors. If everybody makes the jump, that will make it more like home. Our home here is nothing but a gutted burned out boat. Why on earth stay here. The other forum isn't like this use to be yet because many of you haven't made the jump over. JUMP! I want to be able to ask @wingnut tech questions and not have something from 15 years ago that a stupid Russian or Chinese influencer, pulled up and then insert their bull@#$%@#i. I want to be able to swap photos with ev
  2. Every time you post a reply on this thread, you send it back to the top #1 of the list. If you leave it alone, if you don't reply and "they" don't reply, it eventually disappears into the distant pages. That's why we keep telling you guys to stop replying!
  3. Several years ago, I hit something and bent the prop a little bit. The funny thing is the boat went faster. I eventually swapped it and took it in for repairs. I don't have a toolbox under my feet but I always have my hand on the throttle or throttle housing which also transmits vibration. Vibration is a great communicator when something is going wrong.
  4. Would he be just as susceptible to a lightning strike if the sailboat wasn't tied up to anything? I often wonder that if I get caught out on the lake in a thunderstorm would I be safer being anchored or just staying adrift. Or is the water just as grounding as being anchored to the bottom?
  5. SST

    Voting for Bernie

    Bernie gets his revolution. The next big question is: Will there be a mid term election? The democrats have control, will they do whatever is necessary to keep it? Destabilize our society just like Joseph Stalin? Angela Merkel from Germany must be scratching her head. Although she likely didn't like Trump, she must be thinking how could the USA go commie? If Russia were to plow across Poland [again] and into Germany [again] who would the USA defend? See you in two years.....well, maybe not.
  6. Followed everybody to the edge and jumped!
  7. SST

    Voting for Bernie

    I actually don't smoke.....anything. The elimination of the 2nd amendment won't likely happen over night. But I'll bet it will slowly be chipped away over time while other distractions will be put in place so as to distract attention. I guess we'll find out one way or another. I would actually support some tweaking of the 2nd amendment. Interesting choice of article. A NYT opinion writer [influencer?] who writes for a paper that usually supports Democrats. Doesn't surprise me that he uses Hitler to support his opinion. Within a week after the election, Obama was out struttin
  8. That's what I'll check when I get the boat back out of storage in late April. I'm thinking the vent hose may have sunk to a lower level. We'll shall see. In the mean time....I currently have 5 inches of fresh snowfall. As the low pressure system moves east, the winds will change direction and "activate" the lake effect snow machine in just a few hours for an additional 10 inches. Gotta clear the driveway before the second round. Merry Xmas.
  9. As you can see from this picture, it doesn't agree with your diagram. My vent is below the gas cap.
  10. If you think Haulover inlet is bad.....check out New Zealand.
  11. No modifications have been made to the attach points. All are in there original location and all hoses are connected to them. But, with the new fill hose having a more shallow rise from the floor to gas cap along with the thru hull vent being below the gas cap, this may be causing it to spit more than usual. I'm thinking that if I increase the height of the vent line loop, this may curb the spit, even without dead rise.
  12. @Denny"How are your new vent and fill hoses' run now in relationship to your gas tank? Denny." For the vent line, the shop disconnected the line at both ends. The tank flange and the thru hull vent. In its place, he ran a hose from the tank flange directly towards the back side of the cabinet[under the floor] and up to the thru hull vent [with a loop]. This coming season, I think I need to adjust that loop and see if I can raise it into a higher position. Like I said above, I didn't know about your post above and therefore was unaware of the leaky hose and foam like a sponge
  13. Not wanting to steal the thread but I just read Denny's Page 4 discussion about the leaky fill hose. For whatever reason, I never read this even though it was posted 1 month after my initial post on page 1. The smell of gas vapors was also in my boat but remained mostly under the floor. I don't recall them in the cabinet. With all that wiring behind the helm we are lucky we did fire up beyond the cylinders. Everything you mentioned above in your post, my boat did that too. From the ridiculous fill rate [45 to 60 minutes to fill the tank] to constant vapors and no visible leak anywhere.
  14. I was just doing a little research before I sign up. I came across this interesting article [2016] in regards to incompatibility when traveling from one state that has E-ZPass into another that doesn't. It has some great charts on who is and who isn't connected to some form of ezpass. Toll Interoperability: Not Ready For Drive Time – Toll Road News & Info (turnpikeinfo.com) One paragraph that pretty much sums up the whole article: "If a vehicle does not have a compatible electronic transponder, a bill is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle at the end of the month.
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