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  1. As suggested by the Coast think he has a bucket to bail it out?
  2. Thanks for your replies. Such a shame. Cruising around 3 Rivers looks like fun. And all the boats that were there prove it. I guess I'll put it on my stand-by list of places to go.
  3. That's a great video. I especially liked the commentary on Long Point and the "earthquake ridges" under Lake Ontario. I'm headed to Toronto tomorrow so I hope I don't get swallowed up during an event. haha
  4. Yesterday, I took a mini road trip to PIT. I took the tour at the Carrie Blast Furnace. Pretty cool to walk around and in. I wish Buffalo would have done that.....saved something from our industrial background along with our grain elevators. After the tour, I drove to Station Square to check out the P&LE RR station/ restaurant. Road my bike along the Three Rivers heritage corridor. So many boats anchored off of Point State Park fountain. I wish I had my boat here. Which brings me to the question: Where can I trailer my boat to and launch in PIT? While riding my bike a found a ramp. South Side Dog Park/South Side Riverfront Park [Monongahela River]. Next to the Birmingham Bridge. Based on the traffic I watched, this is a popular ramp. But my problem with it is, you need 2 people. I'm usually on my own. The floating dock is not next to the ramp. Its about 30 feet away. So one person has to motor over to the dock while the other boater parks the truck. The only way I could do it is to motor to the dock while leaving my truck on the ramp. Tie the boat down and then move the truck. Off peak its probably not a big deal but if you get into a busy time....Tee a few boaters off. It's not protected from large wakes either. Saw a couple of boats getting bounced around while trying to get the boat on the trailer. Today, I was using Google SAT and found one other ramp along the Allegheny River. Sharpsburg Island Marina. It looks nice but there are a couple of reviews that may indicate that the neighborhood is not as nice as the marina. There is another further up the river but it's on the other side of the lock. Suggestions for PIT?
  5. While I'm no mechanic I still wonder, did both engines climb to 170? I was going to suggest a thermostat problem but on both at the same time didn't seem logical. My engine remains at or near the same temp regardless of throttle setting.
  6. My favorite weather is a stalled High Pressure system with widely spaced isobars. Even Lake Erie can't battle that! I use the National Data Buoy center all the time. BUFN6 for the local info and the Port Colborne buoy for waveheight. I'd love to see the Port colborne buoy get a camera like some in the Pacific Ocean.
  7. If I read your [and his] position correctly it seems to me that the Carver screwed up three times. A] You were to his right-He was the give-way vessel. B] You were a sailboat under sail. Again he was the give-way vessel. C] An overtaking vessel must keep out of the way of the vessel being overtaken. A 50 footer passing 10 feet away, to me, doesn't classify as "out of the way." Even if the 50 footer had the stand-on position, he should have prepared to avoid collision....which it seems he didn't. "The stand-on vessel The stand-on vessel shall maintain her course and speed, but she may take action to avoid collision if it becomes clear that the give-way vessel is not taking appropriate action, or when so close that collision can no longer be avoided by the actions of the give-way vessel alone........" I don't think many people read the rules. So many times I've been in the stand-on position and having to take collision avoidance action because the other guy isn't going to.
  8. When preparing the boat to have the filler line installed, it took forever for it to run dry. Actually, it didn't run dry. I gave up and syphoned it instead. Filling it up is easier.
  9. What I meant by that is that no new spiders will enter the cabin for at least a week.
  10. I had copied the picture from site and when I submitted the reply, it was there. Why it isn't there clue. Try the link.....Terro is the mfr'r.
  11. The anti fouling product I use to use doesn't appear to be available. Searched for it but nothing. Unfortunately, I don't remember what I used but would recognize it if I saw it. It was like applying wax to your car. It didn't really prevent growth but it slowed it down and it made it much easier to remove. As for cleaning the hull, I would take it to Buckhorn State Park where there is a very shallow shelf. Anchor the boat and either use an extended brush and scrub while standing beside the boat or get a pad and go under the boat and scrub by hand. It never bothered me to scrub by hand. It was kinda zen. I have always used Boat Soap on mine. As for spiders, I used this product. Nasty stuff but it works. Do not inhale this product or your dead meat! Not kidding. I caught a big wif one night and even though I saw my chest moving, no oxygen was being taken in. Pretty scary. It will keep the spiders dead for a week.
  12. For the first 7 years, I have been using Valvtech marine gas at the marina. It is already treated. But this year is the first year that I have exclusively used autogas-87/E10. Which would be better for me to do......Top the tank with autogas E10 [less expensive] and put Stabil in or top the tank with non-ethanol gas and leave it alone. A third option is run the tank low and on the last run fill it with Valvtech. But that is EXPENSIVE. 3.59/gal vs 2.39 auto.
  13. So, with this PA law requiring all wheels having brakes, does that mean I can't travel through PA? I have 4 wheels but only 2 brakes. Does this apply to everyone or just PA residence who have a trailer?
  14. You can essentially put your boat into any lake or ocean you want. But you must be experienced or educated on what the lake can do. I am quite familiar with being on the eastern end of Lake Erie. It can be amazingly awesome or incredibly nasty. Eventually, I want to launch my boat from Port Dalhousie on the western end of Lake Ontario. I am reluctant at this point to cross Lake Ontario because I'm not really familiar with its manners. Canadian marine forecast are uncomfortable for me because they are kinda vague. There are no buoys way out in Lake Ontario to verify what they forecasted. Check the National Buoy website as some of the buoys list wave height like Port Colborne, Ont does. And always check the NWS marine forecast. They are pretty accurate.....but not always. Compare that with other weather sites to see if they agree. While your out in the lake, always pay attention. If there is a change from what was forecasted, head back in. Don't say to yourself, " Hmmmm, lets wait and see." By then, it'll be to late. Make sure your smart phone or two=way radio is functioning.....just in case. For my boat.....and me, I don't bother anymore if wave height is above 1 foot. The boat will handle it but I don't.
  15. While I was recovering from my back injury I missed a week and half of boating. Finally up and walking, I get the trailer to the repair shop. 2 days. He text me yesterday and said it was ready. The forecast was calling for thunderstorms late in the afternoon. I keep an eye on the radar looking for cells. As I'm picking up the trailer I see one developing 100 miles away. I'm thinking, if I don't get into the water today, I won't get in until next week due to poor weather. The launch ramp is only 10 minutes away. I decided to put it in, even if its only an hour. I had an easy launch and off I go! After weeks of inactivity, I'm in my boat unconsciously calculating the value I'm now getting out of it. I zip around the Niagara River. Then decided to float for a bit and take a swim. I dive in and go underneath the boat for inspection. Then I "hear" the voice of Jacques Cousteau in my head as I look at my boat floating above me. Like the tv series many many years ago. The thunderstorms are building around me but I'm in the slot of inactivity. I thought I'd hit Smoke on the Water for an early dinner but as I came around the bend a bolt of lightnig flashed about 8 miles inland. I took that as a msg to get out of the water. I'm so happy to have put it in yesterday even though it was a short run. The weather forecast is awful for the next few days. Winds nearling 30kts, waves up to 9 feet and waterspouts. It will be a good time out of water to do some repairs on the haul and maybe some teak.