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    Flying. Boating including chasing lake freighters. Exploring historical infrastructure especially current and historical railroads.

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  1. SST

    This is for Hatem

    I forgot about sharks in the water. That certainly would inhibit my desire to clean my prop. I usually give the boat a bottom cleaning out in the lake or if I'm beached somewhere. Either with a scrub brush or the back side of a sponge. Never an On/Off cleaning until I get it home. Truth be told I am not aware of a restriction at my marina but I will check. Last year I did scrub the bottom before pulling it out. I did it at the launch ramp around 11pm so as not to $%&# other boaters off. Nice as quiet that late at night. My frien has a boat that is shared with his family. They don't treat the bottom at all. When they pulled it out last year I just could not comprehend the enormity of muscle and slime coverage on the hull. I could barely locate the intakes even though I knew where they are. For years I've tried to tell them how to handle the bottom but they don't listen and I get the entertainment.
  2. SST

    This is for Hatem

    Do you have some goggles? Wet suit perhaps? When you head to the beach, jump in the water while its anchored and do an up close inspection. I don't usually jump in until the lake is warm but if I really need to jump, I have a partial wetsuit. That's how I found out about all the damage on the drive last year.
  3. SST

    This is for Hatem

    The submarine is The Croaker. Still in pretty good shape. These picks were on dry land. I just received word that my boat is ready for pick up. They repaired the leak in the drive [no specific details at the moment], replaced the oil sending unit and spark plugs. BUT..... Due to a 3rd "crash" with my bike I am out of service for a while. Heavily bruised and lots of pain. Surprisingly nothing broken. The ground wasn't forgiving in any way as compared to the railroad tunnel weeks before. I can only imagine how bad I'd be if I hadn't worn my helmet this time. My goal is to get the boat in by the next full moon.
  4. SST

    This is for Hatem

    Here are a couple of pics from the Tall Ships event here in Buffalo. Turns out to be very crowded and as I predicted, the "security fence" blocked the view. To me, it was more like a corral. Herding the animals to the ticket booth. Which is why I didn't go. But following the big event, and thinking everybody left, I was able to catch a couple of ships up close as the "security fences' were removed. There were a couple of others....but this is my favorite "Tall Ship" The Little Rock.
  5. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    How do you explain this to your insurance company?
  6. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I presume we've seen this? https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=lightning+strikes+sailboat&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dlightning%2bstrikes%2bsailboat%26form%3dEDNTHT%26mkt%3den-us%26httpsmsn%3d1%26plvar%3d0%26refig%3d7f9950be62b0444df1c615e8438fe376%26PC%3dDCTS%26sp%3d-1%26pq%3dlightning%2bstrikes%2bsailboa%26sc%3d4-25%26qs%3dn%26sk%3d%26cvid%3d7f9950be62b0444df1c615e8438fe376&mmscn=vwrc&view=detail&mid=6E8CCC51FD429199E6BC6E8CCC51FD429199E6BC&rvsmid=C95749070828CD9F3476C95749070828CD9F3476&FORM=VDQVAP
  7. SST

    This is for Hatem

    Buffalo has about 12 tall ships here this weekend. Not sure I'll get down there. They plan on a security fence 75 feet away from the ships. Plus no boat to chase them. although I'm next in line for repairs.
  8. SST

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    Check out this freak hail storm! https://www.foxnews.com/world/freak-hailstorm-in-mexico-buries-cars-swamps-streets-in-feet-of-ice
  9. He may have given you the idea as I don't recall posting the Craftsman purchase. Not a problem. My friends have a boat but no electricity at their slip. Big sponge! I tried that for awhile but that became excessively annoying while trying to get under the engine at the drain plug.
  10. That's exactly what I do. Before Sears pulled the plug, I went over to the store and picked up a Craftsman "mini" wetvac. Connected the extension and it gulps up all that rain water. I had a larger wetvac before that but it was tough getting the hose under the engine. Mini is much easier.
  11. SST

    Close Call!

    That is nasty and the people at the gas dock are lucky!
  12. Once the plug is removed it will begin sinking immediately. But, it won't sink immediately. If you have an automatic bilge pump you're in better shape. If you don't have a pump, you'd better work a little faster.
  13. SST

    Alleghany River boating

    Actually, each fall happened so quickly that I never had a chance to escape the bike. I basically rode the bike all the way into the dirt. The first fall, the bike may have actually helped as the hand grip on the handle bar dug into the dirt just before I did. The second fall I helped save the bike as I landed in the dirt before the bike landed on me. But really, the reason I'm so lucky is that A) the dirt was pretty soft. Unusually soft and B] I didn't land on any rocks or fallen tunnel stones or bricks. I'm wondering if they actually planned the ground to be like that. Looked like coal cinders. Either way, sure glad it was soft. BTW, the Advil remark......it was really Advil. I did take a pain killer that night but it didn't work...not even a little bit. Advil did it better. Its amazing what the body can handle. Last year, I found that there is a ramp on the northern side of the lake still in New York and "around the corner" from Quaker Lake. After looking at it and not being familiar with it I just don't know how deep that ramp goes as my trailer is kinda long so I'm not certain I can float it before I run out of ramp to back down. Plus, there are what appear to be shifting sand bars between the ramp and the lake. With todays high water levels it will probably not be a problem. Long before I acquired my boat, my dad and I took a ride on the Knox and Kane Railway out of Kane to the railroad bridge. Crossing that bridge was awesome. Here are a couple of pics of "Before and After." The following pics are from the opposite side from above. They have a great museum at this location and if you're in the area, check it out. Plus you can walk out on the existing structure.
  14. SST

    Alleghany River boating

    With my boat OTS, it frees up time to do other things. So I drove down to Clarion, Pa to bike ride north to Leeper, Rt66 @ Rt36. A really nice ride and stopped at St Josephs Cathedral built in 1893. There were also two abandoned boxcars along the way and hundreds and hundreds of rail road ties piled up along the way. Still a couple of telegraph pols standing. I love riding old RR''s and looking for anything historical. You should see this during sunset! Its probably a good thing I "west to church" because of what happened later in the day. I'm lucky to be here even typing this. On the Alleghany Valley river trail north of Emlenton, Pa is a tunnel. I believe it is 3300 feet long with a slight curve. It was DARK! My light wasn't bright enough to light up the reflective markers. I shouldn't have gone in. But everybody else was and I didn't want to be "left behind" {I was on my own}. So I went in and it became so dark I could no long see anything. I mean nothing. Talk about special disorientation! I lost control of the bike and crashed to the ground. Landed on my right shoulder which took most of the hit. Felt my spine move around a little bit but fortunately nothing broken. I landed next to the paved surface and it was pretty soft. Its probably why I survived. Anyways, I walked the rest of the way. Now I'm on the sunny side of the ridge and the tunnel was easy to see with light coming from behind. So I got on the bike. But it got dark darn quick and I hit the brakes before I lose it. I hit the front brake so hard, I flipped over the handle bars and watched the bike come down on me from behind. Again I landed on my right but head first. Thank God for the soft dirt and no rocks. Again I walked the rest of the way out which I should have done in the first place. Nothing broken but got a few aching ribs and muscles. Like Dirty Harry said, "A mans got to know his limitations" and now I do. The trail north of Clarion really gets you out into farmland and wide open places. Makes it worth while. The reporting marks for these two boxcars were Mountain Lumber. Been sitting there a long time. After I finished this ride, I headed over to Emlenton, Pa [about 25 miles west of Clarion] and started riding the former railway on the un-improved section. It was pretty muddy and clearly ruled by ATV and motorcycles. Wasn't really a great ride but as I was watching the river, I motorboat came cruising by. The river level was pretty high as there wasn't any embankment and various areas of trees were under water. And the water was muddy! Not sure I would want to put my boat into that sediment. Gotta be some "objetct" in that type of rushing water. But it was deep and a strong current. The bridge is I-80. Time to take some Advil! haha EDIT: The closet ramp that I saw on google was in Franklin, Pa.
  15. SST

    Drain holes on sides

    It would help with posters using punctuation. Therefore an end to a sentence or question is clear.