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  1. The F-5E and F are coming home-in a C-130! See the whole article about the F-5 and F-15: http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26916/8-f-15xs-for-usaf-and-22-f-5s-for-navy-in-2020-budget-request
  2. SST

    I was more offended to day. By Home Despot.

    Depends on who's working check out. Also, if I have a lot of stuff too buy, normal check out is easier. But a small one item widget, self check out. This is the beginning stages of "robotics" replacing humans. Unless you're in the auto industry.
  3. SST


    Interesting to note that the boat stayed on the trailer.
  4. SST

    I'm Outa Here...

    Pay your tariff or else!
  5. SST

    Am I the only one offended ?

    I haven't run into that yet but I'd be all over them if they didn't give me a CC receipt. I too use the receipt to verify the CC statement to make sure everything is accounted for and no unusual purchases. I love all these companies that push for paperless statements and save the world. To me its all about the company saving money and passing the cost of paper onto the customer. The computer era has caused more paper usage due to untrustworthy operations. That's why I want a receipt!
  6. SST

    It is official.

    The snowstorm in Buffalo in October of 2006 was a bad storm. Not only did it drop a lot of snow, it was beyond heavy! It caused the NWA DC-9 to tip back on its tail. I worked that night too! What didn't get on camera, was that this DC-9 [maybe this one-not certain] made it into Buffalo. Got it parked at the gate. Because of the heavy snow, the airport was only operating on partial power and therefore no electricity to the jetways. We dropped the rear air stair and deplaned everybody. At some point [my memory is fading as to which DC-9 got turned] we turned this one or another one and put the tail up against the terminal to shorten the distance to walk in this heavy slop. We then boarded the plane. We started to deice. But I began to notice that the snowfall rate was so significant along with the heavy water content, that we'd never be able to get it entirely deiced without having to start all over again. The deice fluid was being diluted so bad the plane couldn't make it from the gate to the runway and take off. The plane never left the gate and we deplaned the passengers and canceled the flight. It was chaos that night. Another problem not shown in the video is that of a NW A319/20. Dispatch was told not to send the plane. They did anyways. Due to the DC-9 blocking the gate and other 9's not moving either, the A319 had to sit for a long time. Eventually, UA gave us one of there gates and the crew was instructed to taxi to the other side which he did. But he had to wait [don't remember why] to taxi into the gate. While sitting and waiting, the temperature dropped a bit and the brakes froze. The plane couldn't move! The plane sate all night but we ended up having to shovel a LONG path from the terminal to the plane and everybody had to walk off. Not a nice day for NW. Then I got home [a mobile home] and spent the night shoveling my roof off so it wouldn't collapse and then knocked the snow off the trees to try and save them. I drive through the park random and I can say that after 13 years they still look great. No electricity for 3 days but I had a fireplace and dragged out the grate from the oven and cooked away. Even cooked an apple pie. Then my brother came to my rescue with a generator and plugged me in. While it was nice to have lights and tv, I kinda liked doing things the frontier way.
  7. Back in WWII, the winters were so cold that the Luftwaffe had to keep open fires beneath the engines to keep them warm in case of a sudden dispatch.
  8. SST

    It is official.

    Darn cold out there this evening. 14F with light snowfall. Light and fluffy, heart attack resistant. I always find it interesting when 1 inch of wet snow is so much heavier than 10 inches of light and fluffy. Its also interesting you can xc ski on 1 inch of wet snow but may not be able to ski on 10 inches of fluffy. I too paid my slip fees for this coming season. A bit too much ice to launch although I can launch anytime I want.
  9. SST

    It is official.

    Seeing that guy around the neighborhood wouldn't bother me and actually give me a good laugh. But if he went out on the roadways driving with that top hat on, I'd definitely annoyed. The blizzard that thing creates is as dangerous as the blizzard itself let alone if that whole piece comes off with a tailgater right behind him. Although taking out a tailgater doesn't bother me either.
  10. SST

    It is official.

    8 inches? That's all ? Try 7 feet! All from Lake Erie. https://allthatsinteresting.com/buffalo-blizzard-photographs Although trying to shovel 8 inches of heavy wet snow can kill ya! I landed in the hospital due to shoveling years ago. Much more careful these days.
  11. SST

    Trailer tire pressure

    Seeing as how we are talking about trucks, I have a question. When I bought my F150 and read the manual, it discussed a rear axle vent and not to let it go underwater. Okay, no problem. Don't back the boat in so far that the axle goes underwater. Piece of cake. But then I watch tv with all these major weather events and I see all these trucks driving through deep flood waters. Deep enough that this vent must be underwater. What happens?
  12. SST

    Why is Your HP laptop not responding?

    Interesting thing is that I tried to buy an HP laptop 2 years ago. The first one failed so bad, I took my iPhone and recorded it because I didn't think Best Buy would believe me. So I took the laptop back and showed them the video. They stood there in total disbelieve what it was doing. I asked them if this was normal behavior, they laughed and said NO! So we exchanged that one for another one. I took it home and it did the same thing! Absolutely bizzare. I recorded this one as well as I knew that would believe me having the second one do the same thing. I got my money back and waved goodbye. No more HP in my home although the printer is an HP and it works well. Careful what you buy.
  13. SST

    It is official.

    I was out xc skiing yesterday at Elma Meadows golf course. Sky was blue and kinda warm. I actually had to go back to the car and shed my vest. As I made my way around, I came to an open area where nobody had skied. Billions of little beads of light bouncing off of crystals. I stood for maybe 15 minutes taking it in. Days like yesterday make me want to hold off of spring just a little bit longer. Although, like Climate Change, eventually I'll swing the other way.
  14. SST

    Trailer tire pressure

    The wheel wells of aircraft are not pressurized. This is why a plane flying at 40k [or any other altitude] has nitrogen in their tires.
  15. SST

    It is official.

    I was thinking something similar yesterday. After the snow stopped falling early yesterday morning, I went out and cleared the driveway. Still snow in the street. Later on, I went xc skiing to take advantage of the recent snowfall. As I drove home, the streets were clear and dry. It was only 20 degrees but the sun is now higher in the sky than New Years and melting the snow much faster. Spring is on the way. Not too soon as I want to get more xc skiing in.