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  1. Thanks for the size of the wrench. As for the fuel flow, the tank must be topped off. Then put some time on the boat and then top the tank again. FF=Gal used/Time I prefer GPH rather than MPG. Its the pilot in me. While discussing gasoline, my fuel gauge is indicating nicely as well. Right on target. By looking at the gauge I can estimate how much gas will get put into the tank. Its very accurate. Within a 1/2 gallon. Based on no movement of the boat.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the reply. I went back down to my boat this morning for other items to take care of. This time I dragged the tool box out into the sun and pulled all the tools out. Low and behold, there is the packet full of Allen wrenches and my painted red one. Yes that one. The adjustment is needed because its current alignment is causing the drive to move and therefore causing the boat to turn during cruise if I let go of the steering wheel. The boat is turning left so I have to adjust it to the right so that when I let go of the steering wheel, it remains steady. I've had to adjust this before. I have no idea what size this wrench is. There is no markings on it. I compared it to other wrenches I have but none of them match. I would like to get a second one for a spare. I will head to the store and see if I can find it there. If not, I'll give ya a buzz. With Sears gone, who would carry individual Allen wrenches? As a side note, after going back to my original mechanic, the boat is running nicely. Fuel flow is 6.8gph with most of the time at cruise settings.
  3. The trim tab on my Alpha One behind the prop needs to be adjusted. I use to have the tool to do it but I've misplaced it. I've looked everywhere, boat, truck garage....etc. Can't find it. I even marked it with red paint to easily identify it when needed. Vanished. I figure the fasted way to find the old tool is to purchase a new one. But I don't know what size the tool is that's needed. Anybody know? Thanks
  4. SST

    Lost Anchor

    Last year I lost two anchors in the same area. Tried to pull them up by hand to no avail. Tried to motor them loose with the boat. Nothing. Had to cut both anchors. 70 feet of line and chain sitting on the bottom. I don't anchor in the area any more. I still have one 20lb anchor and 5 feet of heavy chain along with 80 feet of line. Works fine but the annoyance of only one anchor holding the boat is forcing me to purchase another anchor. Regardless of wind direction, my boat will sway 180 degrees and usually parallel to wave action. Makes for a lousy day on the hook.
  5. Maybe he meant....required on all rental boats. While I to would consider it annoying......we must consider the renters who rent these boats. How much experience do they have operating a boat. It's almost like operating a locomotive on a train. You have to hit the bottom every thirty seconds [or something like that] or the train will go into "Emergency" and come to a stop. In an extreme situation, the boater gets trashed, passes out and lets go of the throttle. The engines revs down and at least comes down to dead slow. Better then dead.
  6. Hi all, hope you can tell me about this product. Years ago, I initially purchased Easy On from West Marine in Buffalo, NY. Then without warning, they stopped selling it. I had to switch to another product which was a pain in the stern to apply. About 2 years ago, I was in another store and they had Easy On which I jumped on and purchased. I was suspicious at how long this product was on the shelf. I bought two bottles. One for last year and one for this year. When I went into the store this year, the shelf was empty. No Easy On. But I noticed on the bottom of the bottle the web address: www.AlexMilne.com I was kinda stunned to see it. The street address is roughly near Toronto Pearson. Has anybody from Canada had any experience with this company.....do they actually exist? Anybody use their product beside me? I would love to import this product but not sure its possible. Thanks.
  7. I was just looking at the Canadian maritime forecasts for Lake Ontario and they say for the next several days calm winds and 1/2 meter or less for wave activity. Forecasts like that is when I start trailering to Toronto. This captured photo is from the CN Tower over looking the western area of Toronto Island with Hanlan Beach in view. There must be 30 boats anchored off Hanlan. I'm drooling! OPEN THE BODER! Its also obvious that the swimming area markers are not in place yet. This allows for boaters to spread out more rather than being crammed into Hanlans Point. Everything opens July 1st except the border.
  8. In my previous slip location, as soon as I entered the marina, the first thing I did was get the hook and extend it. Entering my slip was tough and the hook was essential to "saving the day" either from keeping me from bumping into the post or grabbing the dock with it and pulling the boat towards it. In my current slip, I don't even look at it anymore. With a mid-sized sailboat next to me it has made it much easier to get in than it was when the pontoon boat was there. But the hook is always near by just in case.
  9. Not that this actually applies to your situation. but years and years ago I had a 96 Saturn SC2. After 80K miles, my oil would be black and down a quart or more in less than 600 miles. On top of that, the compression was so bad that as I tried to get up a hill, I'd end up doing 30 mph in 3 gear with my foot to the floor. There was no external leak and no blue smoke. It just seemed to vanish. My friend told me to buy some Lucas Oil and put that into the engine. It only improved my "oil mileage" by 300 miles. Still black too. I don't remember what specific Lucas product I used. As a comparison, my 2009 Ford Focus with 125K miles will reach 8K miles with an unchanged oil level and clean. I'm not selling it.
  10. SST

    Selling a boat

    Several years ago, when I sold my Trans Am, I did what you suggest above. I told him everything I knew, gave him all the paperwork and then entered all that onto a Bill of Sale along with "AS IS." We both signed it and I gave him the keys. Interesting thing about this is that for almost a year my "little voice" said Sell It! Around 6 months after the sale I heard that a cam broke and required extensive repair. Make sure you enter "AS IS" on your bill of sale.
  11. On my boat years ago, I was anchored out in the lake. It started getting wavy. Due to anchoring from the rear, I was getting impacted by the waves slapping the stern. For some reason, I had the engine cover off. While I'm getting smacked by wave action and looking into the engine compartment, I noticed water splashing into the compartment. I'm thinking, Where is THAT coming from?" After some exploring, I determined that the water was coming in where the speedo line goes through the hull in-between the water line and the swim platform. So, the next time I had the boat out of the water, I plugged the hole with sealant and never had a drop enter again......well not from there anyways. Water is a frequent pest from my engine compartment vents. If rain is forecasted and when I put the boat cover on, I also cover the vents. My compartment is dry as a dessert for weeks straight.
  12. Well, I finally got the bill. 6 weeks later. With truck and trailer they charged me $1.50. Vehicle only would have been 1 dollar. The picture is the front end of the truck. No trailer in site so I guess they must have detected it or maybe they had multiple pictures of front and rear and picked the truck. The trailer license plate is not very visible from a steep angle. Either way, the price is right.
  13. SST

    Aviation eye test

    It would be a competition on which object of desire I would stare at the most. It beats staring at all the violence on tv.
  14. I love burning kerosene from a jet engine. Lifts my spirits!
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