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  1. Last night on my way back to the marina, cruising at 30mph, I felt a significant thud! The boat came to a stop on its own, the shifter wouldn't engage [knocked out of gear]. At first I thought the engine had been effected but it continued to run. I did get the shifter to "click" back into neutral. I got out my flash light and looked over the swim platform. Exhaust was strong so I couldn't see anything. I then hit the travel button and raised the outdrive. It raised and lowered and everything looked ok. Called my brother in law to let somebody know I might have trouble. Just for back up. Then pulled the engine cover to inspect for water leakage. None found. I thought I felt a couple of clunks when I engaged the shifter but it may have been the choppy water slapping the underside of the boat. I decided to lock through the Black Rock Canal to avoid the strong current between the railroad bridge and the Peace Bridge but it was closed.....too late at night. So I went up the Niagara River more slowly than usual. Boat performed fine and made it back to my slip. After shutting off the engine, I climbed onto the swim platform with my flashlight and looked at the outdrive. Everything looked ok. I've hit objects before but never had anything knock it out of gear. Anything in particular I should be watching for?
  2. Are talking about my boat? Reads more like a Boeing 727.
  3. SST

    My neighborhood

    Port Abino Lighthouse-Lake Erie
  4. Got the news today. As the mechanic disassembled the drive, it became apparent how damaged it was. I'll let the picture tell the story. Where my finger is, is where the lower unit hit the gimble ring and therefore snapped it off. The other 3 arrows are where the gimble rind was. In the second picture, you can see that a good 6 inches has been broken off. In the last picture, you can see what I saw while inspecting it under water. It appeared bent which is what made me finally pull it out of the water. I thought maybe it was an optical illusion being underwater but it looks bent now too. Is it suppose to have some bending to it or just straight across? Claim has been filed. Mechanics are currently talking a rebuild but are waiting for the insurance adjuster to look it over.
  5. The outdrive rises pretty far. Just touches the surface. My swim platform is teak and therefore not extended. These two factors allowed me to reach the prop and pull it off. Yesterday I spun the prop and I didn't see any abnormal movements between the prop and the drive housing. Just waitng for the estimate.
  6. Should I get an estimate first, then call the insurance guys.....or call the insurance before it gets started. Or does it even make a difference.
  7. Lake Erie was finally calm this morning so I took a swim under the boat. The short version is the outdrive is damaged. Boat has to come out. Longer version is one of two ground wires are disconnected. The bolt that both hydraulic pistons are connected to is bent and appears out of line. Not sure how many washers are on that bolt but one is loose and another maybe missing. So today I'll pull the boat out of the water and deliver it to the shop and kiss August goodbye. Should I consider an insurance claim?
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    1981 restoration

    I pulled my 1987 Chap with a Bronco. Piece of cake. Although, if you don't have anti-lock brakes, then I wouldn't do it. As I've mentioned many times over the years, I had a situation that I had to "panic brake" to avoid plowing into teenagers. The Bronco kept control of the boat and came to a stop in a straight line. My combined trailer weight is 6000lbs. If you're going to do just local towing the other vehicles are over kill. The Bronco will be fine.
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    My favorite boat has come up for sale...

    Are you sure you want to take care of all that wood? A year after I took ownership of my boat, I pulled 90% of all the teak out of my boat. Sanded and recoated all of it. It was a lot of work pulling it out, marking location and putting it all back. As nice as the Chris Craft is, I wouldn't want to take on that responsibility for maintaining all that wood. But, pain in the neck for me is somebody else's labor of love.
  10. I agree. At night and submerged there is no way to know its there. The interesting thing is instead of bypassing the Niagara Rivers shipping channel like most of us, I decided to stay in the channel. The channel is pretty much 17 to 25 feet deep. No sonar warning would have worked here. Here's my modified chart...... The red dots are the actual route I took, staying in the channel until I hit the object. The black dots are where I usually go and bypass the channel. Saves a little time. I just decided to stick with the channel and follow all the lighted buoys and the two Strawberry Island "projector" lighting [red]. file:///C:/Users/Brandnew702/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/AC/#!001/MicrosoftEdge/User/Default/WebNotes/Microsoft-Edge-Web-Notes-i-Boating.html Not knowing if this were a tree stuck in the channel or a big log...….my guess this has moved down river by now. You'll have to cut and paste the link as it isn't posting as I expected.
  11. So......if the prop is not impacted and only the drive took the hit, can the shaft still be bent? Edit: BTW, the drive was not in the up position after the impact. I raised it with the travel button.
  12. Believe me I'm enjoying it! The cost would be bad enough but the time out of water entering August is worse.
  13. This morning I checked everything. No water in the engine compartment. The nut holding the prop came off ok. The prop slid off and back on the shaft easily. No obvious bending of the shaft. The prop showed no signs of impact anywhere. We took it for a spin but stayed within the break walls. To windy for the lake and way to busy on the niagar river. At first there seemed like a vibration but it disappeared. Puttered up the Buffalo river along the silo's. Engaged and disengaged the shifter. Worked fine. Then took it out into the lake and it ran fine there. Entering my slip was a no-banger as well. It seems ok but I'll keep paying attention for any further symptoms.
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    Grilling at the dock?

    Would the concern be fuel tank vents and vapors? I don't have the science at what point the vapor become diluted enough not to ignite.
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    Several years ago, I tied up along our grain elevators while in the Buffalo River waiting for a freighter to come in. The water is extremely murky and can see below the surface. When the lift bridge failed, the freighter couldn't come through so I decided to leave. I started the engine, untied from the wall and pushed off. Engaged to forward and the most ugly grinding feeling came up through the steering wheel. Put it back in neutral...tried again.....grinding.....back to neutral and then reverse. Same thing. I gave up and called the tow boat guys. This was a real paranoid event for me as this was the first season the boat was back in the water after the engine was rebuilt. The next day I delivered the boat to the mechanic and he tried everything to duplicate the problem. Dang thing ran fine. The only explanation was that "something" got caught in the prop. It has run fine ever since.
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    New Cars save injuries.

    How's your neck?
  17. SST

    Dumb question #173 - Gas tank vent

    I wish I had a chain on my cap. I'm so paranoid when filling at the dock when I take it off or put it back on. Death grip!
  18. SST

    Water in cubby under seat, 310

    While I understand our boats are SIGnificantly different, perhaps my little venture can help. For a long time, water was entering my cuddy. Just could not for the life of me find where the entry point was. One day, I put my hand on the wall where the cabinet meets the side wall. The carpeted wall was soaked. Seat cushion was dry but when I pulled it up, it was soaked underneath. I pulled the ceiling carpet away from the cabinet wall, the wall and carpet were full of black mold. Not happy. It still took many attempts to find the leak. It ended up being directly below the windshield where 3 layers of fiberglass come together. Further exploration I found that below the windshield frame at the corner [port side], is a small hole which allows wiring to pass through the layers of fiberglass not seen from below. I plugged that little hole with TONS of silicone sealant and not a drop has fallen since. Don't look in the obvious places. Its not there. Hope this helps in some way.
  19. I love my boat and it performs well. But the alpha one doesn't not like being "finessed" during tight slip entries. With mine anyways, if you keep moving from neutral to forward or back quickly it retaliates and stays in gear and the only way to stop the boat is shut off the engine. Hope yours does better.
  20. SST

    Upper Chesapeake

    That's some nasty stuff. I'm am always reluctant to take my boat for a ride after heavy rains. Fortunately, I have never seen any refrigerators and other stuff you mention. But we get the huge trees, branches or tons of sticks. Submerged stuff can be nerve racking.
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    New upholstery estimate

    Several years ago I had some cushions redone at a notable shop. For roughly a 2 square foot cushion, it cost me about 115 for each cushion.
  22. Long ago when I lived in a mobile home, I had a new window installed. Over a period of time, the wall beneath the new window started turning black. Hmmmmm. Eventually I opened the wall and all the 2x4's were black too! I called the guy who installed the window and had him redo everything to plug any possible leaks. The mold disappeared after everything dried out and cleaned.