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  1. The power of a tornado. I was amazed to see the extensive destruction of this marina. Said day for many boaters. https://www.kulr8.com/oklahoma-tornado/image_29f8eb4e-f5d2-11e8-8295-3f8be51f0005.html
  2. I was not aware of this C-130 crash. Corrosion on the props that failed. https://www.aviationpros.com/news/12438580/plane-crash-that-killed-16-service-members-blamed-on-faulty-work-done-at-robins
  3. SST

    Ideas remove fuel from tank

    As I've written before, long long ago my boat sat for a year without usage. Nearly a full tank. Stabil was added. I wanted to empty the tank as well. But the mechanic kept telling me over and over again, "It'll be fine, don't worry about it." With 80 gallons of gas, I looked into a professional to remove it. Well over 200 deer. So I left it in the tank. The following year after repairs were made, fired right up and has run well ever since. Although I did run it down as quickly as possible and put new gas in. I agree via experience along with the posters above....add the proper amount of Stabil and you'll be fine.
  4. SST

    Ideas remove fuel from tank

    Did you tilt the trailer bow up as far as it could go? I did this a few years ago. Ran a line under the engine and out the drain hole. Pressurized the tank and then siphoning and gravity took over. Why do you need to drain the tank?
  5. SST

    Oh no !!

    Yesterday was the first day in almost 2 weeks that the sun came out. Its turning into Seattle around here. While on my way home from my college library and driving along the Niagara River, I saw 4 boats in the water. 3 looked like fishing boats. If mine wasn't winterized, I'd have been out there too. Warm and sunny. Today, its snowing. But I did get my bill for my slip for next year. When Mars goes below the horizon, it will be just about time to launch.
  6. SST

    Jayne's Fighters Anthology

    Way back when I was a teenager, I helped in gutting the former Pennsylvania RR depot on Riley St [Now Riley's Street Station-East Aurora]. Tons of paperwork tossed in the garbage. I was never into the railroads so I didn't pay attention to what I was doing. 20 years later I began to take interest in the RR's and as I learned about which railroad went where, I began the realization of the historic goof I made by throwing everything out. Boy do I wish I could go back and correct that mistake. I wonder how many signals and lanterns were taking. What a collection that would have been. For awhile, the restaurant was kinda dumpy. Years later, I was looking at it and noticed they put on an attached area out back. A significant improvement. From dump to nearly fine dining. I told my dad about it but he didn't believe me. I had to pester him to go take a look. Finally he did. I haven't been there in a while but several times my dad and I would go there and hope to catch the train [B&P out of Salamanca]. Usually in the evening but once during lunch. I've only been to the Roycroft once. I remember the furniture but that's about it.
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    Swedish Coastguard Police Chase.

    If they had only one way in or out, why did the CG give chase and put themselves in danger. I guess trying to prevent them from going ashore would explain it.
  8. SST

    Swedish Coastguard Police Chase.

    Dog fight! No shots fired likely because they weren't fired upon. From Hatems video above, it was interesting they didn't ram the guy until he rammed them. I loved the acceleration of the CG boats. Lots of horse power in that compartment.
  9. SST

    Bottom paint or not - freshwater

    My boats the same way with temps. Slow growth in the spring and faster later in the season. I don't pull the boat out of the water to clean the bottom. Once the water warms up a bit, I jump in and take the sponge to it and wipe it down. But I'm only 23 feet. Can't say I'd do that on a 30+ boat. Doing this also helps at the end of season clean. Only thing left to do is ON/OFF and I'm done. My friends boat, who don't treat the bottom at all came out this year with 100% coverage of muscles.
  10. SST

    Indoor Storage Cost?

    I pay 1.50 per day for six months. No electric or heat. Its winterized so it doesn't matter and I keep the batteries at home anyways. This place is like a fortress so I'm not worried. Although, if I had the money and space, I would love to have my boat in my own storage. If only to just stare at it once in a while.
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    Personal Property Tax in Virginia

    I don't see why everybody is complaining about taxes. This is how we will pay for free education and free health care. Open the Mexican boarder and let everybody in and advise them not to worry, the working people of our country will pay for everything. Its Utopia at its finest. Like Miss Cortez [D-NY] says, "Just pay for it." Does anybody remember why we left Europe to North America? And why we forced the British out? Seems like we are being led back to European ways. Frankly, I don't think we have to worry about Russian spies. They've been here forever. How about Russian Advisors. Advising those who want to destabilize our country and let socialism in. This is really like history repeating itself. Can you say Uncle Joe from post WWII and East vs West Germany? As for the OP, glad I don't live in VA. I just keep driving right on through.
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    I'd love to put my boat in my garage. But its too tall and the trailer is to long.
  13. For the past several days the NWS has been forecasting a wind and flood advisory. Sometime this morning they've upped it to Warning. Winds gusting to 60 MPH and lake levels to surge to 8.5 feet. The surge is basically a result of the length of time that the wind is blowing rather than the speed. At the former marina that I was at, this will put the fixed docks under water and any floating docks will rise above them. But this particular marina closed on Oct 15 so there shouldn't be any boats. As for the current marina i'm at, all docks are floating. There is no limit on the length of time the boat can stay docked. 2 weeks ago there were 20 boats still docked. Last year when I put my name on the wait list, it was howling. The boats just sat in there slips as if it were a calm day. Should be no impact even if boats are there. As for my boat, its tucked away in a barn far far away dry and protected. Sleeping nicely. With the previous advisories, they specifically mentioned, "forth those who still have boats in the water...." Not included in the Warning. * LAKE SHORE FLOODING...Winds will shift from the southeast to the southwest by midday and dramatically increase. This will produce a rapid rise in water levels at the northeast end of Lake Erie starting around midday. Water levels are expected to peak between 8 and 8.5 feet above low water datum at Buffalo. * LOCATIONS...Areas closest to the Lake Erie shoreline and Western Niagara County. * TIMING...Through late tonight. * WINDS...Southwest 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 60 mph.
  14. SST

    Eastern Lake Erie-Advisory to Warning

    Never reached the forecasted peak. The storm peaked around 3pm yesterday with the highest gust around 42kts and a 5 foot surge. There was some flooding along the Niagara River along the fishing pier. Not much reporting on any flooding due to voter coverage. The Port Colborne Buoy reported 12.5 foot waves. As for my back yard, tons of leaves to clean up but still have more than 60% remaining on the trees.
  15. SST

    Hull Cleaning

    Getting between the bunks is annoying work. While the boat is on the trailer, jack the boat up as far as you can go. This will not bring the boat off the trailer. After you jack it up, let the air out of the trailer tires and that lowers the trailer and creates the space between the boat and the bunkers. Wipe away. As for during the season. even though I put bottom treatment on the hull, I still get build up. The treatment doesn't really stop the growth as much as slows it down and is easy to wipe it off. Once Lake Erie warms up, I jump in and lightly scrub the bottom. The "stain" is still there but the scum is off. So at the end of the season, I need only clean the stain off. No power washing. I've used ON/OFF for 10 years. Although I wonder if the lemon juice would eliminate the stain. I may try that next year. As a side note, my friends boat usually doesn't get bottom treatment and they don't venture far from home. At the end of this season, the muscles layer was like a shag carpet. Awful! As I've posted a while ago about how weird my gelcoat is, I wonder if the previous owner pressure washed the whole boat. I've watched other boats gelcoat fade over time but mine was completely uneven and had an appearance of unusual patterns. Power washing would explain it.
  16. While going through an aviation website, this "devise" was listed. This little trailer tower could really be useful in varying circumstances. I'm sure it will be costly. For me, I don't need it yet. But if somebody builds next door, I'll have to put the boat somewhere else and that means a really tight turn. With the Bronco, it could be done but the increased length of the 150, not so certain. This link is for the heavy duty tow. There is a smaller one listed as well. http://powerpusher.com/heavy-duty-trailer-mover/
  17. SST

    I am sick.

    The past several weeks have been ugly around here. Today, is the only day for a full day of sun. The "monsoon" weather returns tomorrow and is forecasted through the weekend. With this weather, I'm happy and sad the boat is in storage. At least the boat is sitting dry. I don't drink much any more although after the Bills/Patriots game last night I might increase my activity. When I'm out at a restaurant I usually order tonic water with a lime. It is the only beverage that I'm aware of that even though there isn't any gin in it, it still tastes like a G&T. Also, through experimentation, I've discovered that this beverage will also kill the nasty sting of hot chicken wings. If you're mouth and lips are burning, have a G&T.
  18. Well I guess as long as there is no water entering the engine compartment during a drought (no rain getting in) then I should be ok. I'm certainly not going to rip the entire flooring and gas tank up to find out. But I'll be watching.
  19. From an external point of view what would be a likely indication that my boat is about to split or crack? Is there anything I can do to test it without drilling holes? Or am I just going to hit a Lake Erie wave and watch it fall apart before my eyes. BTW. The boat has been delivered to the storage barn. Won't see it until late April. The season is done.
  20. I can't believe I missed this post when originally posted. Maybe its for a good reason as I'm running out of nails to bite. haha. Is she gonna split?! My boat is an 87. I've done a lot of wood repair/replacement. All above the floor. The closest I got to going underneath was the installment of the new gas tank filler tube. Too chicken to rip up the entire floor and tank. This post has me a little uptight. The previous owner to my brother must not have been paying attention to how much water was getting in. Some of the wood was so extremely rotted it was actually powder and it was the vinyl itself holding everything together. Over the years, I've pretty much have "plugged all the holes" where water enters. The biggest entry was the engine compartment air vents. You might as well use a bucket of water with a funnel. I ended up cutting some black pool cover plastic with Gorilla tape and covered the vents. They work very well and the engine compartment stays dry even in the hardest rain. But even with no water getting now, this has me worried about what damage lies beneath from the original owners lack of care.
  21. I found it was easier to fly the ILS with a crab. To me anyways, the side slip added to the work load. Another thing I noticed with mainliners is the flap settings. Almost every time I see a mainliner land with a strong x-wind, they have almost full flaps. I was taught to keep flap setting at 10 degrees. Obviously a 172 is not a 737. I just figured with jet engines taking their time spooling up, they would have the flaps setting less extended to overcome the drag of full flaps. Or is the full flap setting the reason to cause more drag and therefore needing higher engine settings so that in the event of an aborted landing, the engines are already set higher. This comes to mind because the MD80 series a/c is now entering the forest fire fighting fleet. I believe the FAA has mandated that the MD80 expend its landing gear while ejecting the retardant. The gear extension causing more drag and therefore higher power settings so in the event of an abort, the engines are already set for go-around. I think there was concern by the FAA of the spool up time for the MD80. I love talking planes.
  22. SST

    My neighborhood

    Port Abino Lighthouse-Lake Erie
  23. Back when I was first learning how to fly, I was taught to use the side slip for x-wind landings. I never really like doing it that way but that's what I was instructed to do so I did. Bank into the wind and opposite rudder to maintain direction to the runway. One day, long before 9-11, I was at the fence and I watched a UA 737-200 land in a moderate x-wind. I was standing directly underneath the center line as he past over me. I suddenly realized that he kept the plane in a crab all the way but just feet from touch down. If UA can do it.....I'm gonna do it. From then on, I crabbed all the way to the threshold. My crosswind approaches and landings were much more stable instead of fighting it to touchdown. Does the 757 have adjustable main landing gears to assist in crosswind landings? In regards to the video above, I wonder if the pilot deliberately delayed kicking out the crab until the tires were on the runway to prevent getting blown off the runway. Happy Landings!
  24. SST

    Freezing temps, help

    Yesterday I was sitting by the pool in Fort Myers and 90 degrees. The pool was 89. Today, I walked off the plane and I'm still in shock while I wait for my furnace to heat things up. Sigh....I'm home. My two day "fix" in Miami Beach is already wearing off. Boat will be winterized by tomorrow afternoon. Snow in the forecast by the weekend. Taking no chances.
  25. Check out the Q400 xwind videos. Mostly the first two. Who says there is a landing gear problem. And, if you're not tossing your cookies while sitting in the last row your as tough as nails.