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  1. Several years ago unknowingly a large object got stuck in the prop. Ended up shutting it down and had to "paddle" my way back to the pier. I learned pretty quick that my paddle for my 23 footer was useless even in calm conditions. The 2kt Buffalo River flow had more influence on my boat than the paddle did. The only use for the paddle was to push the boat away from the lift bridge abutment. The current actually put me back to a different area on a different pier and in front of a large lake freighter. I was able to tie up at a cement plant and waited for a tow. I have the paddle onboard cuz they say I have to. But its useless.
  2. 2 weeks ago, I took my boat to Grand Island and drove through the sensors. I haven't received a bill yet. Not sure how they do their billing so I may not get the bill until June. I'll post here when they do.
  3. When I dropped my boat off at the mechanic the other day, he mentioned how nice my getcoat was. I told him how much work I had put into it. He mentioned that several of his clients use F11 and rave about it. He thought it might help maintain mine. Anybody have experience with this stuff? My big question is if it will prevent or substantially slow down the fading of the gelcoat. I'm getting too beat up to keep buffing and waxing every year. https://topcoat.store/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhtT1BRCiARIsAGlY51ISQCWirUgdPm2GPJO8ATEsPEtAdA6vuyqoatkM3Hadp7vBwN7vqqsaAlalEALw_wcB
  4. SST

    Fishing With A Friend

    I would say my power steering is less easy compared to my truck or car but much much better than none at all. My only gripe with my steering is the "play" in the steering wheel. When centered the steering wheel will move plus or minus a couple of inches without it moving the drive. Its kinda annoying but it has never gotten worse over the years. Even when I bang into things!
  5. That looks pretty good. I haven't seen that one listed. I can't tell from the photo but is the storage bag attached to the life jacket or is it separate? My concern might be if its windy what's the probability of it getting blown away. If its attached to the bag while attached to me, I won't likely lose it.
  6. I currently have the classic orange vest Type II 4-pack. I don't wear one while operating my boat but they are just inside the cuddy door. I do have a throwable device at my feet. I've been thinking about getting a new one that is more "fitting" to wear while operating the boat. Looking at West Marine, there are so many selections that its difficult to determine what's best. So, I thought I would ask you guys what you wear/use while underway. BTW, 99.9% of the time I am either in the east end of Lake Erie or the Niagara River. I just delivered my boat to the original mechanic yesterday who will give my boat a complete going over to verify and/or fix repairs from 3 years ago and when he gives me the expensive green light, I'll be headed further out into the lake including Lake Ontario assuming border restrictions are lifted.
  7. SST

    Fishing With A Friend

    Last week, I was riding my bike up the Niagara River. A really nice day. In an area that has a very favorite [and located] restaurant, it was a high concentration of people walking around the immediate area. The parking lot was full! A few boats launched and THIS without the restrictions lifted yet. I can't wait to see what happens when the chains are removed from the masses. This situation is almost like a dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. For now, I'll stick to the general rule of social distance and carry my mask for unavoidable encounters.
  8. I think what I'll do is just run without the pass and see what happens and how much. Instead of prepaying an ez-pass account with a CC, I just wait to get billed and pay online with the CC. This may be a better way because if a dispute happens, I control the CC. Although in NY, they may cancel my vehicle registration and cork screw me into the ground.
  9. The first thing I noticed is how weak the door was when the guy is slamming it. Doesn't surprise me that he got in. I loved how he got out!
  10. I always wondered if EZ Pass was under one roof. Instead, it appears that each state is different. So I guess when driving in NY, I may get billed if I'm not towing whereas another state you won't. I posted here hoping to avoid "the call." I also wonder if I'm better off without EZ Pass. Just drive through the tag reader and see how I get billed. The New York State Thruway is converting to an all tag reader service. Gonna be interesting.
  11. This is the reason I started this post {Google search response]. Where it says, "Tags should only be used when towing" is why I asked the question above....will I get billed even if I don't tow the boat. There is no answer on EZ-Pass website. Can you go through EZ Pass with a trailer in NY? This form is used to order an E-ZPass Tag(s) for a two or three-axle vehicle that is towing a one, two or three-axle trailer, camper, boat, etc. Tags should only be used when towing. Complete form and mail to E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center, 1150 South Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10314
  12. I'm not on the thruway very much so I have been paying cash. But with the virus, cash tolls are rapidly disappearing and therefore I've been considering getting EZ Pass. I read that if I'm going to tow the boat then I have to register the trailer. No problem there.....But...…..What will happen if I drive through a toll without the trailer in tow? Will I still get billed for the trailer? Do I remove the reader from the window.....and then what happens? Toll by Mail? If I register the truck and trailer, can I still register my Focus? The Focus will see more highway activity than the 150 will. I did read their FAQ sheet but these questions are not answered.
  13. I seem to have an increase in activity. Lots of bird activity especially the Blue Jays. Wood Peckers about the same as is the amount of squirrels. But the other day I had two very large turkeys walk through. Never saw that here before. I even had 2 red foxes for a while during the winter. Haven't seen them in a while. They may have been caught and relocated......or something. If the virus transfers to animals....life is gonna get bad. Food shortages are springing up just due to human factors. I've been toying with the idea of starting my own vegetable garden. But then I'd have to go to war with the rabbits!
  14. Yesterday during the peak of the wind storm, I headed downtown to check out both marinas. Small boat harbor [floating dock] where I am now and Erie Basis Marina where I used to be [fixed dock]. In the first video, it shows a light chop inside the break wall. Not even a foot. This at 40 gusting to 55mph. 15 feet outside the break wall. The winds are straight down the channel. Lots of water got pushed into the marina but with all docks floating, not a problem. The biggest reason I chose to come to this marina is that there are no rolling waves in here. Rollers are more annoying than waves themselves. This next video is the Erie Basin Marina. All fixed docks are underwater. The launch ramp is completely under water as well. The water appears to be fairly calm but if you pay attention to the sidewalk, you can see the roller, one after another. THIS, is an annoying and unwanted feature. When a roller comes in it initially pushed my stern forward and begins to raise the boat. As the roller passes, the stern now begins drop and the boat begins to move backwards. For hours on end, the boat goes back and forth and up and down. Its like watching a wild animal trying to escape a trap. The rise and fall in the video isn't very much. The underwater docks have tamped it down. But at the dock where I use to be can raise and lower the boat by a couple of feet. Then add the waves on top of the rollers and you have a wonderful day at the marina. As you can see, no fixed docks are in sight. The loading ramp is at the lower left of the picture. 4 foot rise in water. It could have been worse as the NWS was initially forecasting gusts to 70mph.
  15. For the first few years of operating my boat, the temp gauge never worked. It was an original gauge and I assumed it was worn out. Eventually, and I learned from here, I tested the gauge and it behaved correctly. I then changed the thermostat and the gauge came back to life. Thank goodness I did that because in a few weeks, that gauge saved my engine by indicating an extreme overheat. Even though I had to replace the exhaust manifolds, it saved the block. Maybe this helps?
  16. My generator is stored in the garage with 25 gallons of gas standing by. My car and truck are full if needed to tap them.
  17. What do you think the percentage is of a US mfr'd boat having Made In China parts in it? The problem is, if China's economy goes Kaputt, ours and others, will likely fall as well. Can't build or fix a boat without parts.
  18. SST


    From my prospective, the biggest problem with shipping jobs overseas is us. How many times have I read a poster saying he got a great deal by searching the internet. By constantly searching over and over again for the cheapest price, this eventually causes problems for manufacturers at home. MFR's cannot pay labor rates at $30/hr and sell it at a price based on a foreign MFR's $5/hr to remain competitive. Too combat that, they send the MFR'g to a foreign country. We are shooting ourselves in the foot. You got what you paid for. If you want jobs to come back to the USA, you'll have to stop looking for the cheapest price and be prepared to pay a higher price. Pay to play.
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    What really annoys me about this is that China is clearly to blame for this and yet we, among other nations, flock to China to get medical supplies. I think China is thriving with this. ' I wonder how many Chinese agents are posted around the world collecting data and reporting it back so they can "adjust" the next round. In my opinion, there won't be another World War. China just proved it.
  20. For the past couple of days I've taken advantage of the nice weather and have done some bike riding. The usual places along the Niagara River. Too many people. Many are walking within the 6 foot rule. Several times I've had to "detour" around these people. Its safer to ride in the street! I have also see two cruisers already tied up near the entrance/exit to the Erie Canal at the Niagara River. I also could see the "wet marks" at the ramps nearby from people retrieving there boats and saw a couple cruising in the river. Mine is still in the barn far far away not knowing what's going to happen with either the virus or the weather. With the skies so clear now, it'll be interesting to see how April and May's weather patterns will behave. For the past several years its been opposite. It looks like I got 5 days of rain coming......so who knows. God Himself is scratching His head, "Ya got me."
  21. Back in the beginning, I was tied up on the pier. Thunderstorm came raging through...….long story short, I am still here today cuz I learned my lesson that day.
  22. I normally don't drink anymore but that doesn't mean I don't ever have one. They keep telling everybody to keep using sanitizer to wash your hands. But I needed something for internal sanitizing to wash everything down and attitude adjustment therapy. I was skd to fly to South Florida but canceled. Now that I can't get to the South Miami beaches.....I bought some Southern Comfort to maladjust the situation. At this point, I have no clue what our marina will do. Fishing boats have been launching almost everyday. Whether the slips, gas dock and restaurant will open....way to early to tell.
  23. I was down at our water front two days ago at the end of a warm and sunny day. Lots of fishing going on and several kayakers. As the sun went down and the temps dropped, the kayakers were still in the water way out beyond the wall. Foolish in my opinion. Several days before that, I was riding my bike along the Niagara River and noticed several Canadian boats out fishing between the Peace Bridge and the Black Rock/Fort Erie RR bridge. Maybe I should take up fishing so I have chemically tainted fish to eat when the grocery stores can no longer stay in business.
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    It hasn't effected me too much. I'm already retired so no urgency in needing to be somewhere and thankfully financially. Since the day I was born I have always handled money well. If I see an amount in my account, my policy has always been, "Make it bigger." I am trying to be creative in cooking as I don't really like the idea of take-out despite what the experts say. I don't like going to the grocery store but as I run out of fruits and vegitables…….gotta go. May buy more frozen items and the boil them. Kill the dam thing! I have been able to ride my bike a few times and have done some star gazing in different spots trying to escape these new LED street lights. I've been looking for the ATLAS comet in the late evening. I believe I finally found it. It was not very bright and could not have located it without my 25x100 binoculars. It is just about directly overhead and south of the North Star. They say it will get as bright as Jupiter but it is completely unknown if it will last that long. The moon now rising, its light will likely obscure the comet. Keeping busy is as important as to washing your hands.
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    Trash in the tank

    Several years ago I had a sending unit issue. Removed it and therefore had access to the tank. My pick-up tube is only +/- 1 inch above the bottom of the tank at the stern. I was able to retrieve the screw. Perhaps as you run down the tank to nearly empty, you might consider removing the sending unit and take a look. Maybe the item you're looking for will settle near by and easy to retrieve. As a side note in regards to my filler tube on my Focus...….Over time, I managed to break the "flapper cover" at the entry point. Of course it went into the tank. I spoke with the dealer and they said don't worry about it. It hasn't caused a problem in over 5 years. Its metal so its sitting at the bottom and more resistant to getting sucked up.
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