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    Bottom Coating-Natural Marine

    Surprise surprise....I found it! For the past couple of years, I've been using VS721 because I couldn't find Easy On anywhere. Yesterday, I put the 721 treatment on my boat and don't have enough to finish the bunk areas. So, this morning, I made a few calls as to who had 721. Turns out that Dry Dock Marine has Easy On in stock. I drove out there thinking maybe he meant On-Off for end of season cleaning but he has Easy On for bottom treatment. Boy do I wish I called the day before as I would have used Easy On instead. But this provides me with an experiment. I have not raised the boat off the trailer yet so the bunk areas have not been treated. I'll use the Easy On in the bunk areas and see which one works better......side by side, under the same conditions at the same time.
  2. For the first 5 years or so, I used Natural Marine-Easy on Bottom Coating. Great stuff. I didn't put any treatment on the boat this year because its not in a slip. I am on two wait lists for next season. I cannot find it. West Marine, which is where I use to buy it, doesn't carry it. Can't find it on-line either [to purchase]. Easy on was so much better to apply. It was like a liquid wax. I've use VS721 but its much more difficult to apply as it is like a paste wax. Apply it, wait for it to dry and then have to remove the glaze. I don't like spending that much time under the trailer. No, I'm not using bottom paint. There is this website but I wouldn't make a purchase from it: http://easyonbottomcoating.com/
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    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Obviously he was trying to get to his truck to stop it. But clearly in panic mode, he failed to think it out, and totally misjudged his ability to jump off the boat. Several times, I've seen boaters get into position and start backing down the ramp, stop and then start prepping the boat for launch. Drives me nuts cuz then it blocks the ramp to those who are prepped and ready. Two years ago, I couldn't contain myself and scolded a family. They had pulled into the launch ramp and started transferring their chairs, coolers, lines, bumpers etc etc. He wasn't listening but the wife was. From a distance, I could see she convinced him to pull away from the ramp into the parking area and finish. Broken shifter pin, kid playing inside, brake release/failure? Regardless of how he got into this position, he's darn lucky.
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    Boating Season is Shot

    I have always had minor back problems. For the most part, I was able to lift various objects but what really triggered my back problem was my dads boat trailer. 20 years? I don't remember all the details but the trailer slid off the ball. We couldn't use the trailer stand with the swivel wheel because the hitch was on the ground. Stupid me lifted the trailer to get it on the ball. Out went my back. I did get it back in shape. ' Jumping forward many years, while working at the airport handling a passenger who was a quadriplegic, the passenger started to shift and I had to hold them in position. But to do that with this passenger, I got into an unusual position which put pressure on my lower back. Boom out it went. I was out of work for awhile. Came back and it would go out again. Long story short, my chiropractor warned me many times that it wouldn't take much to cause permanent damage and not recover. So, no more heavy lifting. Since then, my back has gone out without any warning. Just stood up and BANG. The two things that have saved me immeasurably are ice packs and this: https://www.aleve.com/aleve-direct-therapy/ I actually have a different device, I don't think its in production but it works great. Saved me hundreds in copays! I am fortunate that with my boat it only takes a feathers touch to get it moving on or off the trailer [floating]. When the day comes that I can't launch or retrieve pain free is gonna be a sad day. I agree with your comment about the drugs. My original subscription was 2 per day. I took the first one and man what a ride. I cut the pills in half and took only before going to bed. Then switched to either Tylenol or Ibuprofen during the day. Don't wanna see anybody making the news.
  5. SST

    I was more offended to day. By Home Despot.

    Has anybody watched the AMC series Humans? I love Gemma Chan, but that's not the point here. All about human robots seeking rights as humans and replacing them. Not certain if season 4 will air. https://www.amc.com/shows/humans
  6. So, was the MCAS working properly but fed bad info from the broken AOA indicator?
  7. SST

    Boating Season is Shot

    I had very minor surgery over the winter. Timed it that way. I'm up and "running." 10 weeks would pretty much terminate my season as well not to mention trying to take the boat out into Lake Erie with neck surgery recovery......no way! Were you planning on selling the boat anyways? Is this surgery going to cause a problem after healing? Good luck either way.
  8. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Truth be told, I love cruising at night. Late at night when most everybody is off the water. The same when I flew. Even George Lucus' Indiustrial Light and Magic couldn't reproduce flying at night. Its just a whole nother world. But, ya gotta be good at it. I've traveled the Niagara River many times at night over the past 11 years. The only change that is really annoying are the docking lights that boaters are using for navigation. I may see you coming at me, but I can't see what's going on behind you cuz your BLINDING ME! Submerged logs at night aren't really nice either.
  9. SST

    Plug, What Plug?

    Years ago, I retrieved my boat from the shop and launched. I don't recall doing a thorough walk-around for inspection. We launched and headed out. But as we left the marina, it didn't feel right. I didn't know why so I had my friend drive while I pulled the engine cover back. To my big surprise, water was entering the engine compartment. The drain plug was missing. We then immediately turned around and returned to the marina, put it back on the trailer and pulled it out. The shop guy never reinstalled the plug but I never checked either. Fortunately, I had a spare and installed it and relaunched. Denny, thank goodness you didn't end up on YouTube!
  10. SST

    Being retired

    Take advantage of the discounted travel.
  11. SST

    Being retired

    In 2012 I was going head to head with my boss [whom I respected regardless of the subject] along with new hire employees with extremely poor ethics. I decided I've had enough. I have the means to carry on without having to put up with this crap. So, I turned in my resignation and retired from the airline industry. I really really miss being surrounded by planes whether they are big or small. Truth be told, I like'em big. I am fortunate enough that when the winds are favorable, I can watch either arrival or departures from my family room. Last night, I caught a UPS 767-300 pass before me. Plane spotting is my hobby. Doesn't matter where I'm at. I almost always have a pair of binoculars handy and my cell phone for FlightRadar24. Its too bad the BAC 1-11 is no longer in service as that bird was a window rattler or the screeching DC-8! Its too quiet now. I too have the aches and pains. Most of them I try to ignore or just put up with it. A nap is usually good therapy. I've also started a new mini diet. Seems to be working without making any radical changes except for one. Its called: STOP SNACKING Just waiting for the weather to improve to get the boat out of storage. Which may be June.
  12. I was just watching CBC news to get a different perspective on things, and Canada is experiencing flooding around Ottawa. They expect it to get worse with the impending rain tomorrow [May1st]. Toronto is reporting expected flooding tomorrow with the high levels on Ontario, more rain and strong easterly winds which will push the lake water up and over the islands. They expect these conditions to remain into late May and possibly into June. This doesn't really surprise me with the way the storms have been. Buffalo really hasn't been hit very hard by these storm as most of them have passed to our north and a couple south. But 95% of them have dropped precipitation with in the watershed of the Great Lakes so even if it stops raining, lots of water making its way here. I was hoping this year to head up to Toronto island and go into Centerville Amusement Park and ride the train. The two times I was up there last year it wasn't running. I assume due to the flood the year before. There are two spots that the track is just a hair above the water line so it won't take much to put it OTS again. It looks to be a bad start of the year.....good luck to both side of Lake Ontario. I know I'll be watching. Watch this CN Tower cam tomorrow morning. If Toronto Island Airport is underwater......you know its bad. https://www.earthcam.com/world/canada/toronto/cntower/?cam=cntower2 I forgot to add this: ...SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 6 AM EDT WEDNESDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY EVENING... TONIGHT Northeast winds 5 to 15 knots becoming east 15 to 20 knots. Scattered showers after midnight. Showers likely late. Waves 2 feet or less building to 2 to 4 feet. WEDNESDAY East winds 15 to 25 knots. Showers. Waves 4 to 7 feet building to 5 to 9 feet. Waves occasionally around 11 feet.
  13. SST

    Tidal behavior at an inlet

    I was looking at the video here of Haulover inlet in Florida. Very interesting to watch. There were two boats that were underpowered to handle the speed of the tidal flow. One was almost swept out to sea. So I wonder.... A] What speeds can an inlet obtain? B] Once the tidal flow is finished going in or out, does the flow come to a stop and if so, how long before the flow begins to reverse itself?
  14. SST

    Time To Launch?

    Oh dear, I'm at a cross roads and don't know what to do. Do I pull the boat out of a nice clean protective barn or do I go to MIA and retrieve the boat when I come home? I think I'll go to MIA. There isn't any ice there except for my Rum and Coke.
  15. The power of a tornado. I was amazed to see the extensive destruction of this marina. Said day for many boaters. https://www.kulr8.com/oklahoma-tornado/image_29f8eb4e-f5d2-11e8-8295-3f8be51f0005.html
  16. SST

    Launch Date Delayed!

    Snow expected here too. Mostly likely in the ski country. Still to much ice in the marina, Lake Erie and the Niagara River.
  17. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    You can't possibly bail this boat. But when they figure out to raise the...…….
  18. SST

    Just ordered my first drone

    FAA signs off on commercial drone. https://atwonline.com/technology/wing-receives-faa-s-first-certificate-drone-deliveries
  19. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I saw the lights also. My reaction was did he turn them on or did getting submerged turn them on. Like we see on The Weather Channel when trucks and cars that are submerged in preparation for resale.
  20. When I repaired my floor where the captains chair was bolted, I tried to find some Teak wood for trim around the new flooring. Nobody had it in my area.. Its been awhile since the repair but I seem to recall that the various specialty wood shops around here said I couldn't get it. Something about Asia. But I just did a quick search and found this website that sells it. https://www.woodvendors.com/
  21. I've used this since I've had my boat. For the railings, I sanded them all down to bare wood and used the Sikkens products. Since then I've only put on a coat every several years. This stuff holds up well. The swim platform was the same until the Canadian Geese and ducks showed up to the party and pooped galore on it. Every year I had to sand it and redo it. The poop would "burn" its way through the multi layers and start eating the wood. I warned the harbor master that if the slip holders didn't stop feed them, I'd haul the next load of poop and sling it all over their boat. At that point, I didn't really care if they threw me off the property. This is when I got those bird spikes. They worked good too! For the teak inside the boat, I removed all of the pieces into the garage and sanded and oiled them and then put them back in. I haven't touched them up since. They are in good shape. Inside the cuddy, I left them as is. No sun or weather exposure. I love my cuddy! Hetem, your Mahogany poles are very nice. They look much better than mine does. My pole is not Mahogany though which is what makes the difference.
  22. SST

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Why didn't the boat float off the trailer when they tried to launch it? My guess to my own question would be a combination of low transom and heavy motor? After pulling it out, what do you think the tong weight is? -200? Where do you draw the line in helping somebody when you can clearly see the potential damage that may occur to your own tow vehicle/trailer.
  23. SST

    You can tell is Spring time

    I was going to post this on a Rail Road forum but its down for maintenance so I do it here first. This shows a Canadian Pacific train crossing from Fort Erie, Canada into Black Rock [Buffalo], NY. For this forum, notice all the ice flowing down the Niagara River. Out of view, there is a Canadian fisherman in a pretty small boat fishing away. I always love trying to time a train crossing when I'm out on the boat. There are also some shiny new auto racks that haven't even been graffitied yet. I'm bored and its raining out. Thus the transition into summer. And cabin fever most likely.
  24. I was walking down at my marina this past Sunday, first day of Spring to re-anchor my dock box. You can clearly tell in these photos that its here. First significant sign its here is the Pepsi machine......its outside and plugged in and running. $2.00. My slip is almost ready. After the big wind storm a few weeks ago, a lot of Lake Erie ice was pushed over the outer breakwall.
  25. SST

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    https://www.nbcdfw.com/weather/stories/North-Texans-Pull-Out-All-the-Stops-to-Protect-Cars-From-Hail-508722461.html Lots of pictures of what Texans will do to defend their "stuff."