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  1. Despite all of our wonderful and positive support over rehabbing this boat, we'd all love to see how well this turns out if you decide to take it on. Take pictures and post them! This would be a serious challenge to Fab303 mold remover.
  2. Holy Moldy! Is this a scene from the Walking Dead? This boat goes beyond my refurbish capacity. Good luck .
  3. No one seems to mention whether they prevent or reduce yaw. At no-wake speeds going left and right without touching the steering. Drives me nuts while in the Erie Canal.
  4. Loading attachments is restricted to 500KB. Perhaps the gallery is different.....I'll dig.
  5. I tried loading pics to the gallery awhile ago. Wouldn't accept them due to size.
  6. Gallery doesn't like huge IPhone pics.
  7. This is a test also: Wow...not even signed up for an account and it lets me post a pic. Nice work Denny! Even I can do it. haha
  8. Looking good as usual! I haven't joined another photo site since photobucket spilled the free ride. This looks interesting. I was just looking at the pictures again.....Denny, what are those yellow and grey "cables" beneath the shelf aft of the frig?
  9. Hmmmmmm. What could I do with 550m. New in the south east and perhaps one in the southwest. One boat for Buffalo and one for Florida[most likely]. Out west....exploration is needed first. New truck to move all this new stuff. Money to operate it of course. The rest.....into the stock market or some financial plan that would grow but protect it. I want to be like Howard Hughes and have so much money it just keeps generating more money. Then I want to buy an airline and just walk on the flightline and tell them I'm taking the plane for a spin with all my Hollywood friends [TWA]. Ever since my mom opened my first bank account, it was always my goal to make the account bigger. More money has to go in than comes out. I'm not going to spend 550m like an idiot and be broke in five years.
  10. The only way I'd ever buy a new boat is via wining the lottery. Same with my truck. To replace both boat and truck new would cost $120+. If my brother hadn't left me his boat, I wouldn't even have one, let alone considering having one. Can I get my boat to 60 years old?
  11. Its Friday morning.....21F! Snow has fallen in the ski areas of New York State. Dang it....not enough to ski on. Enjoy your summer.
  12. I go to the same West Marine store. I like the people there. They recognize me and that to me is more valuable than the part I'm looking for. If I have a problem, they really try and help me resolve it. There was a second WM store which was closer to me but unfortunately they closed it. If WM were to close up, we have many other shops to pick from.
  13. A short time ago, I was snacking at the kitchen counter and planning my day. As I'm looking out the window, I see the black cat that frequently comes into my yard. The lot next door is like a mini nature preserve and this cat is here hunting all the time. He was walking towards my boat so I went to the back window. There the cat was, underneath my boat watching the lot next door undercover. I ran to get my iPhone camera and snap a picture.
  14. This has been an interesting season. Very late start. First I get run over, then lousy weather, trip out west, repairs and modifications and no slip. 2 months behind skd. But I still managed 60 hours. Managed 5 trips into Canada. 1 to Point Dover, 1 to Port Colborne and 3 to Toronto. I made several short hops along the Erie Canal and several at night with a full moon. No incidences with trailering. No buddy bearings falling of this season. A chronic problem in previous years. I love to tow so it wasn't a big deal for me not having a slip. BUT, I really did miss those times when I could just go down and sit on my boat and not necessarily go someplace. Just sit and relax, read or take a nap. During the summer I put my name on the wait list at 2 marina's. One of them called me last week with slips available. I grabbed one. So I'm already set for next year. I like this place because its about 40% cheaper than where I was. I get a floating dock [fixed before], water and electric and best of all, unlimited launch and retrieve at no additional charge. The other place squeezed every penny out of your pocket. I had gone down to the new marina during gale winds. The breakwall set up down there prevented rollers from coming into the marina. No boats going up and down. This I liked to see. At the previous marina, the rollers came in and caused my boat[others too] to rock forward and back straining the dock lines. Always having to come down and adjust. Watching my boat was like watching a rabbit trying to get out of a trap. No more of that! I tow the boat out to the storage barn this past Friday. Sunny and 70. It would have been a great day to boat but I knew the weather was changing for the following week....get it in the barn clean and shiny. Despite a rough start of the season, it ended well and I'm already looking forward to next year.
  15. Having signed up for a new slip, I drove down to the marina where I'll be tied up and parked in front of the B dock. The winds were already up to 40mph and waves were breaking over the outer breakwall. Although it was choppy inside the inner breakwall protecting the marina, no rollers were noticed. All the boats and docks were stable with minimal movement. This gives me confidence that I'll be able to leave my boat in the water when I take a trip out of town for more than a few days. At the previous marina, I would never leave my boat in the fixed dock if a wind storm like today was coming or if I wasn't in town. Here is a short video of where I'm headed next year. The video starts out looking at the outer breakwall with waves crashing over the top. As the camera sweeps along, the wind turbines and the smoke stacks is the former site of Bethlehem Steel. Then it sweeps over the inner breakwall into the marina. You can see the choppiness but no rollers. There were still boats in the water and a couple smaller than mine. They just sat there in their slip with out any rabid attempt to escape. Lake effect rain and snow are forecasted tonight. 3-5 inches is possible in the upper hills south of here.
  16. Safe Buffalo. Former Small Boat Harbor. They docked me on the B dock. For 24 feet or less. The had 133 slips available when I signed up. Better hurry... you might get one.
  17. I went to the hardware store and they carried the same tubing as the extension. The extension is as long as the dip stick so I added another 2 feet to give me some room for error as I cut it down. I won't know how this will work until next year I guess. Tomorrow [Friday] I take it to the barn.......its only 6 more months.
  18. I decided to start changing my own oil so I bought the West Marine Extractor. First question: When checking the dipstick, the oil level was between the full and add marks. How low is the oil...1/2qrt....1 qrt? I always thought it was 1/2qrt. Second question: Where does the dipstick end? Top, middle or bottom of the oil pan. When I assembled the extractor, the extension line was the same length as the dipstick. I had expected the extension line to be longer than the dipstick. When I vac'd the oil, it only pulled out 4qrts [including the filter]. I was expecting 5qrts. BTW, the engine was hot. So, I took a 1qrt bottle and filled the oil filter and poured the remaining into the engine. Then poured the 4qrt jug in. Waited a few minutes and checked the dip stick before adding part of the second 1qrt bottle. The dipstick showed an overfill [not huge]. I didn't add anymore. Yesterday, I put the muffs on and ran the engine and then let it sit. Checked the level and it looks good. But I still wonder how much old oil is still in there. I realize that some will remain. Anybody else use the extractor?
  19. Where I grew up we had acorn trees. Billions of them on the ground every year. Where I live now I have several Walnut trees. Its more like a plantation. The past 2 years there have been little or none. A lousy winter followed [very little snow]. This year there are millions of them. I'm forecasting a good winter [LOTS of snow]. There are so many Walnuts in the trees and on the ground the squirrels can't keep up. I have a severe allergy to nuts so I don't eat them, bagged or otherwise. .
  20. See this article today about motor vehicles:
  21. I see the biggest difference between you and me is that you have a traveling partner. She handles the truck and you handle the boat. I don't have that advantage. But if I did, and she has the trailer waiting, I can see myself driving my boat onto[over] the trailer. But I would still float it over the trailer up to the hook rather than power it on.
  22. I guess its one preference over another preference but I don't see why there would be an issue for keeping it on the trailer as long as you keep it hooked until the boat is floating. Then unhook it. I'm wondering if the difference between your method and mine is that I put my trailer deep whether launching or retrieving. The boat is completely separated from the trailer except when it's hooked[with slack]. But if you don't like getting your feet wet.....
  23. I just float mine on or off the trailer. And, I don't mind getting my feet wet. I have seen other people drive their boats onto the trailer and can't believe they didn't end up in the back of their vehicle. Just last month I saw a guy trying several times to get it up to the winch on a roller trailer but when he'd disengage the drive, he'd roll back into the water. On the next try he powered up to the winch, left it in gear, and climbed into the bow to hook the strap and hand cranked it tight. While riding my bike along a marina, I saw an armada of boats coming to the ramp to be taken out. So I hung out and watched. It was crazy but everybody kept it smooth. But....there was one guy, backed his trailer down into the water, started his boat and attempted to drive it on the trailer. He was all over the place. I would have never launched my boat until this guy was out. The speed and force he used to get on the trailer was nuts! The one thing I learned with my boat in the beginning was, don't "man-handle" it. I lightly push or pull the boat to where I want it to go and then just let it float.The only time I've had problems with floating my boat onto the trailer was in strong cross-wind conditions. Otherwise, it behaves well.
  24. Years ago, I had a 1996 Saturn SC2. For the first 50K miles or so, the oil level never changed and it was always clean. But as time went on after that, I could barely get to 1K before it was black and had to keep adding oil. Even adding Lucas oil treatment only boosted it a little bit. Compression on that engine was awful. I'd have to do 90 going downhill so I could maintain 30 going up the next hill with my foot on the floor! haha But I really did like that car. No dents. And it did very well in deep snow. My Focus has no oil alerts. Although maybe it has a low level alert but it never gets there anyways.
  25. The Ford dealer where I bought my truck tried to convince me that I needed to change my oil every 3k. I laughed at him. What's really annoying is that the trucks computer has been programmed to alert me every 3K miles to change my oil. My only option is to reset the alert to zero which then starts the "clock" back to 3K miles alert. I can't adjust it to 4K or 5K. The public is brainwashed to the 3K mile rule. The other thing I always wondered about from Ford is the oil conditioning. I asked them what that was. He said it breaks up potential sludge. trucks on blood thinners. My Focus uses semi synthetic oil. I don't get it changed until 7K or 8K. Usually combine tire rotation with the oil change.