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  1. I found a facebook page from someone in Webster, NY. Has some recently taken good drone video of various places around Lake Ontario and Letchworth State Park rail crossing.
  2. Long ago, when I worked for Trans World Express, our corporate base was PHL [Technically, Philly Northeast PNE] so that gave me the excuse to root for PHL. Also wanted to see NE taken down a notch. While watching the game, it was interesting to watch Gisele when the game seemed to be turning in NE favor. All smiling and excited. But then the realization that they were going to lose....not smiling anymore. She looked like the Democrats at the State of the Union. All sad droopy faces.. Ya know that look? How could we have lost?
  3. Your trailer looks awfully low to the ground in between the trailer wheels and your truck. Although it could be an optical illusion. Be careful going over railroad crossings that are humps, rather than flat.
  4. I also have a family of deer in the empty 2 lots next door. Last night, as snow band came through, they just laid their getting covered. A little red fox came through too who I haven't seen in a while. Of course, the squirrels are running around looking for their buried seeds. During the summer, the deer come into my yard and rest under my large Maples. Its like a mini nature preserve. I hope no one ever builds there.
  5. As I was reading through the news items, a news article about tailgates came up. I missed read the title and though there was a mechanical issue with it. So when I clicked on it it was about tailgate thefts. Never heard of it before. The video below shows a theft in progress and I was stunned at how easy it is to pull a tailgate off the truck. So happy I have a garage. If this is a wide spread problem, why are they so popular to steal? If they are not failing, or a huge amount of accidents, what's causing the demand? Selling the metal?
  6. I have power door locks but I've never checked to see if the tailgate is locked. Top of the list today. EDIT Addition: Just checked my truck. Although I have power door locks, I don't have a power tailgate lock. But I do have the key lock. It will be locked at all times.
  7. I'd love to expand my garage. It needs to be taller and deeper to accept my boat. I love to tow my boat. I think I get that from working at the airport. I pushed and pulled various aircraft over the years. LaGuardia was my favorite. It was a challenge pushing a 727-200 out of the gate and getting it turned around. For me, the best part was towing the planes down the taxiways at night to the hard stands. As I was driving the tug, I'd look behind me and smile as I pulled the 737 or MD80's. Occasionally, I would tow an MD80 into the hanger while there were other aircraft inside. Ever so gently to maneuver your plane so you don't "scratch it." I'm the same way with my boat. Always looking in the mirror with a smile. I am also considering getting a trailer. But not likely for the next couple of years. But I'm looking. Have fun!
  8. At the mouth of the Niagara River at Lake Erie, there are a series of buoy cans marking the channel towards the Peace Bridge. They are not lit but have reflective material. Even with a search lite blazing away at night, they are extremely hard to find. Its so bad, I finally put a "way point" on my GPS. One night while "returning to base," I couldn't find it even with the GPS. The next day, I went out looking for it and it was clear that somebody not only hit it, but had torn it in half. Sometime later, I "stumbled" on the other half which was in front of the water intake about a 1/2 mile up river. I notified the CG which informed the Canadian CG and it was eventually replaced. I think newer cans are out there with more reflective material which helps. I would have liked to see the boat that hit it.
  9. Not knowing how difficult it really is to pull your boat out of the water, couldn't you plan to skd something mid season? This would give you an opportunity to IR your engines before you tear them apart. If they look good, defer it until next year. Is your shop usually quiet during mid season or very busy?
  10. When I was in Toronto 2 years ago, I got pulled over. I figured it was due to the only boater flying the US flag. He said I'm going to fast as I came through the channel between the airport and the mainland. I was going well above idle. Before entering the channel, I looked for buoy markers with a speed limit. Back and forth I looked and saw none. I watched the electronic information board for a speed limit and didn't see anything there [southern side of airport]. I told the officer I looked for a speed limit and saw nothing. He said there was. I didn't argue. Last year, I kept the speed down while going through the channel. Again no speed limit markers. But as I came around the north side of the airport where the other electronic info board is, I watched it. And there is was scrolling along......5 knots! While looking at my photos from two years ago, while watching a Dash Q400 land from my boat, I snapped a picture and low and behold, it captures the southern info board with the speed limit on it. It gave me a good laugh. The officer was right after all. Or they updated it.
  11. It's that time of year when everybody is going to or coming from a party. Don't become one of the individuals that we all complain about. Making involuntary contributions to the Police Benevolent Association is never fun. So, like Austin Powers always says:
  12. Your not the only one worried about your boat. My boat is in a well constructed barn. Not heated. While we always have a few spurts of cold weather, this year is making me a bit nervous with the longer cold event which is lowering the temp inside the barn. If my engine cracks, I'll scrap the boat. Will I get another one? I don't know.
  13. Man that is a nasty story. To think, I almost bought one. I too like the looks of them. My Bronco was always breaking down. But it had over 190K when I acquired it. Also at the time, it was cheaper to keep repairing it than buy a new one. Your line 7 description comes the closest to the Bronco. From the outside, the truck looked like it just came off the assembly line. But underneath, oh so bad! Water was getting in the back under the rug, so it was never noticed. When I found it, my finger went right through and gee, there's the gas tank. The frame was slowly rusting along with everything else. Brake lines and fuel lines etc etc etc. The computers failure was its final end. This is why I put my 150 in the garage and off the road for the winter. Not likely to stop, but to slow wear and tear. I love a good snow storm but I cringe at the salt bath it creates.
  14. This morning I watched the DL 747-400 arrive in Buffalo to pick up the Buffalo Bills to FLL. I myself was late on arrival so I missed getting a video clip. But I caught its departure around 1215pm today. I believe this is Delta's 2nd last 747 flight. The last revenue flight is the football charters return to BUF and then back to DTW likely before the scrape yard. Oh that hurts to say that! Gonna miss that 747.
  15. I was there on its arrival. About 1250am New Years Day. Lots of people. After the crowd departed, only a handful of us remained to watch its departure, 3am. Here is the a/c being de-iced. More like defrosted. Clear skies and sub zero temps will do that.
  16. I'm not certain as to why DL is using the 747 as a charter a/c. But my guess would be as a grand finale to everyone who loves the 747. The FAA mandated a fuel tank modification after the TW800 explosion. I believe that the deadline for the mod is this week. Even though the 747 is still air worthy [a few hours left], nobody really wanted to spend the money for the mod, including United Airlines too. For Buffalo, that means no more 747's unless a foreign air carrier or a freight hauler diverts here. Maybe Toronto will have a ground stop at precisely the right time so Cathay Pacific's 747-8F diverts to Buffalo. That's unlikely as he'll probably head to DTW or ORD. One can dream.
  17. This picture, assuming it works, was last months Bills charger to LAX. After its departure, I followed it across the country and then started watching the live webcam in the cargo area and I caught the 747's arrival with perfect timing. The webcam is constantly scanning the area left to right and then right to left. I was lucky capturing the landing just seconds after touch down.
  18. Error corrected. Haha. But... psychologically, it was indeed the longest day. Todays no better as the rain has converted to snow and I have to do last minute Xmas shopping. Driving with the crazies!
  19. Yesterday, being the shortest day of the year, was a gloomy day with snow and freezing rain with more snow and very low temps in the forecast. But not all is lost. On the same day, I received my paperwork for my new slip this coming season. Water and electric of course. But the biggest change for me is the floating dock. No more worries about Lake Erie surge or leaving it unattended while I'm out of town. The future is looking good on the gloomiest day of the year. Behave during Xmas and enjoy!
  20. Since I've had my boat, I've used the adapted extension cord. I'm only using it while I'm there. Disconnect when I'm not. It just occurred to me that I may have to change my cord. The new slip I'm going into this coming season has electricity but not the standard shore power pedestal. Therefore it may not have the standard shore power plug. Convert the conversion.
  21. Do fresh water snakes move towards somebody swimming or away? You can call me Indiana Jones or anything else....I don't deal well with snakes. A few years ago I was on Kelly's island. I was on the ferry boat dock and saw two. I swore I'd never swim In Lake Erie again.
  22. Out of curiosity, how accurate is your magnetic compass with all that electronic gear surrounding it?
  23. Blue Jays are my favorite birds. Outstanding vid! I wonder how many Blue Jays it would take to lift your boat?
  24. NewBboat 2016: "Yes, trees certainly lose their leaves around here. I'm in Richmond, less than an hour from Ft. Lee. Our leaves are late to fall this year, but are about 75% gone. Maybe I'll wait a week or two and head that direction to see what I can see!" Thanks Newboat for your post. I was about 1 hour from leaving my house to drive down and check it out when I decided to check out the forum. If Cyclops hadn't posted his birthday thread, I wouldn't likely have caught your response. I'll wait for your reply. From the looks of Google Street View, the thinnest area of the tree line is where the RR markings on the road is on Rt36. You can kinda make out the rail gun in the background. BTW, don't get confused with the refurbished rail gun sitting outside along Rt36 near 144. That's not Annie. Annie is sitting on the RR track that crosses Rt36 into the tree line.
  25. Hey guys, I have read various articles on Anzio Annie from WWII. My uncle served in Anzio but was fortunate not to have taken a direct hit from it. But he always knew when the Germans fired it. I have located it in Fort Lee, Va. It is inside "the fence" surrounded by brush and trees not viewable from roadside [google sat images only]. I have emailed "them" and have not received a response. I was curious if anybody on this forum knows somebody that knows somebody that could get me on the the base and get an escort so I could view this monster in person. Anybody?