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  1. I only have a 23 footer on Lake Erie. Your 310 is gonna be just fine. What I consider rough, you won't even feel it.
  2. Here is the station at Barbuda east of St Maarten. Barometric pressure at this moment is 29.75. Been dropping for awhile. Gonna get nasty. Lots of people have been watching the live cam at St Martin airport[4000]. KLM, JetBlue and COPA have departed. AA canceled. On their live cam of Port St Maarten, I see some boats still docked. Hope they can withstand the surge. Good luck to the Caribbean over the next few days. Good luck to Florida later. If you gotta trailer, head north!
  3. I would not want to open my tank that is nearly full. 20 gallons of gas would come pouring out! With all this screwing and unscrewing of the sending unit, be careful not to strip the hole in the tank. A few years ago, I had a leak problem and I cranked the screw too hard and stripped the hole requiring a new and slightly larger screw. Of course, I did it again last year too. I had to slather the tank, screws and seal with sealant to seal up the tank. Not a drop of moisture has escaped so far. Here's to hoping my sending unit last a long time. I'm not going to edit between the lines.
  4. Just got back from Fort Myers. My uncle called me last week and wanted me to share the drive down. We didn't really know what to expect although we did know that electricity was out and some flooding. After watching the news outlets I was expecting lots of damage. As we crossed into FL on 95 and then 301S to I75, there wasn't much damage. Random trees and branches. Even near the airport there wasn't much. Some gas stations were closed, others were open. When we drove into the neighborhood we could see more tree damage and the lake levels were high with some street flooding. Probably worse earlier in the week. But as far as I could see, no structural damage. We got lucky. The news media had showed the damage to an orange grove[Don't know where or how extensive]. Hundreds and hundreds of oranges blown off the trees and floating in water. Juice prices are headed for the roof or above.
  5. Some nice pictures of all kinds of boats and freighters. I had to smirk when I saw the ship with a bent prop. I've had a few of those.
  6. Unable to watch the video. Probably because I'm not of the exclusive membership of facebook. The weather here in Buffalo the past couple of weeks has been outstanding. I have pretty much made up for all the time lost earlier this season. I crammed 3 days of boating in this week. I'm pooped! But the season is coming close to an end. The leaves are starting to turn and some are falling and the days are getting shorter and cooler. Currently, my boat is covered up in the driveway waiting for the remains of Irma to arrive. She just won't stop. And, I'm headed to RSW in about an hour to help out with my families home so I have to drive through her! I-79.
  7. I look at my F-150 and wonder where its been. I should have researched it better before I bought it. Foolish me. There are parts on the truck that are corroding much further on that I think it should be. Its a 2012. I bought it in 2015. I don't drive it in winter and I don't drive it in the rain [a habit from the Bronco to prevent further corrosion]. For example, the bolts holding the shock absorbers are really rusting. As I was climbing over the front of the engine to get at the oil dipstick, I noticed the shaft for the steering wheel is showing serious corrosion. While being over the top of the engine, I noticed all the screws holding the manifold covers in place are ALL rusted. My Ford Focus is 3 years older and has 50K miles more than the truck [including rain, snow and salt] and has less corrosion. I keep wondering what "they" did with this truck. These are just a few examples. But, it is running great. I did a lot of trailering this season and have had no issues. But I think that the more I run it, the closer I get to "something" happening, which is why I restrict its use.
  8. I've had this annoyance since I acquired it 8 years ago. It's not a new symptom. Discussed it with a mechanic and of course couldn't reproduce the problem so he didn't believe me. It only gets this way when shifting back and forth rapidly while maneuvering the boat into a slip on a windy day, or a strong current or tight spot that requires extra shifting. I'll discuss it with the new mechanic and get his opinion.
  9. Curious to know if this is a standard issue or if mine has a quirk. During normal shifting routines I have no problems. But while pulling into a slip or approaching a wall to tie up, sometimes I have to "finesse" the boat to get it in which means I have to shift multiple times and more quickly than usual. It seems that if I shift to many times and/or too fast, it wont change. It may get stuck in reverse, or stuck in forward and simply remain in neutral despite where the throttle is. There have been several times I've had to shut the engine off to prevent plowing into the dock. Yesterday I came within an inch of a cruisers bow. Thank God in went into reverse. The rest of the day was fine. Is this normal for Alpha One? BTW, new shifting cables recently installed. But this problem existed before hand.
  10. The day after I returned from my vacation, I went down to the repair shop [on a Sunday] to look over my boat. I didn't really expect it to be finished. Just wanted to check it out. When I walked around the corner of the building, I see my boat. But I immediately notice that the boat cover is barely snapped. I then notice that there is tons of water collecting on the cover [like a bowl of water] ready to dump into the boat. I climb onto the swim platform and manage to get the water off. I then hop in the boat and look around. Kind of a mess but not anything to get excited about. But then I notice a beer cap on the floor. Lake Brewing Co. I'm thinking, why is that in my boat. For one, I don't drink and two, I don't usually allow alcohol on the boat. There is no reason for this being onboard. I then notice that my air vent covers are missing. Without them water enters the engine compartment through the vents on the side of the boat. Not happy. I go down on Monday to discuss my boat. I bring up the items above, the mechanic simply says. I dunno. I spoke with the receptionist and she didn't know anything either. No surprise. She said she'd look at the security footage. Never heard a thing about it. I gave them my cell phone number to text me periodically or at least when it was finished. Never heard from them. The only time they text me is the day after I took the boat home. To give me the bill. I towed the boat home and the BANG from towing was much worse than usual. I checked the reservoir and it was empty. I filled it. Its still full. No where is there any evidence of a leak. No oily dirt. I took a screw driver to move the coupler to see what would happen. I got it to move but it would not move back into position. Only partially did it return. I fear the boat will become unhinged if I try and launch the boat. Nearest appointment with a trailer shop is this coming Thursday. Kiss the 4th good bye! Today, I'm sealing up my sending unit and my knee hits something. Its has something to do with fishing tackle with a thin fishing line attached. There is no reason for tackle to be on my boat. I don't fish. Even though I do have fishing gear onboard, its up in the cuddy. I haven't used it since I've acquired the boat. I keep it in remembrance of my brother who owned the boat before me. You'd have to tip the boat straight up and shake it to get this one little piece of tackle out of the cuddy onto the deck floor. I think they partied on my boat while I was out of town. Is this too ludicrous to be true? Has anybody experienced this before? What do I do about it if anything. Hope you all have a good 4th. I'm dry docked.
  11. I agree. Capacity is the amount the trailer can carry. It is not the total combined weight of boat and trailer.
  12. Being sarcastic: It was so nice that Irma came roaring through causing death and destruction all along its path. This giving the news media something else to talk about. I don't know what was more destructive, the hurricane or the constant battering of political news by the experts from nowhere. [Sigh] Sadly, the hurricane is over. No more death and destruction. The hurricane isn't much to talk about anymore. The hurricane is done, back to politics.
  13. A year or two ago I had posted a event that had happened while out boating. The boat was anchored along the beach and while I'm at the restaurant eating, I observe kids getting on my boat and using it as the diving platform. Then a guy comes along with his baby and puts the baby on the swim platform while playing. Needless to say, I was pissed and ran out to the boat and scattered everyone off of it. Seriously annoyed. But yesterday, I was the jerk [based on the above]. I took a ride to Port Colborne, Ontario [Lake Erie was smooth] and tied up in the Canal and went for lunch. When finished, I came out and I see one person standing on the dock looking at my boat. But then I see someone sitting in it. I started yelling that they're crazy for sitting on my boat. GET OFF! The guy standing on the dock walks away. As I get closer and my angle of view changes, I suddenly realize that nobody is sitting on my boat. Do I feel stupid? Yeah. When I walked out of the restaurant and looking at my boat, the giant cleat [not standard], US flag, and my florescent green jacket were precisely lined up making it appear as if somebody was sitting on my boat. I was about 1/4 mile away. I couldn't believe I screwed up so bad. What an optical illusion. As I walked out to my boat, I went up to the guy that was looking at mine and explained what I saw [and the above story] and apologized. Fortunately for me, he was cool about it. Always make sure you get your facts straight before you respond.
  14. This is one of the biggest reasons I'm not buying another used boat. I'll stick with mine till the end.
  15. Aren't you guys glad you did the Bimini run THIS year? It may not exist by the end of the weekend. I did a search for Bimini and I found only 1 reply on Trip Advisor. Something like, "It's gonna take a beating."
  16. If you want to experience a hurricane simulation, stand behind an Insel Air MD80 series aircraft when it departs from SXM. I've done it a couple of times. Don't let go of the fence behind Insel Air. At 2:50 you'll see what I mean.
  17. Interesting you bring up steering. The other day, I went down to our Naval Park and boarded the ship "The Sullivans." Interesting find that there is a steering wheel in the aft section of the ship to steer the ship if the primary steering is unable to due to mechanical problems or damaged. Never knew that.
  18. The greatest "leak" on my boat are the air vents for the engine compartment/blower. Last year, I cut up some vinyl and placed the top section under the boat cover while snapping it down and the rest of it laid over the vents. In a driving rain scenario, water still got in. 200 mph driving rain....won't make a difference. I don't have shore power so if I faced a situation like this, I'd likely keep the drain plug in, run an extension cord to the boat with a battery charger hooked up to keep the battery charged during the storm until loss of electricity and then hope the battery can outlast the remainder of the storm. But at 200 mph and high waters, you'll be lucky if your boat is even there.
  19. If I had won the recent $700m+ lotto, I would have definitely upgraded to a larger boat. With that kinda cash I would have skipped over the Sig270[which is my favorite]. But I didn't win so I'm sticking with my 30 year old Cuddy Chap until one of us goes out of service. My friends keep telling me to buy a new one but as mentioned above, to replace my 23 footer would go into the $60K's. Just won't happen under current conditions. Buying another used one potentially brings an unknown problem. With my current Chap, I know it well and its running well [excluding the dinged prop]. She stays!
  20. Isn't it interesting how our elected officials can get along so well and work together when it comes to their paychecks and health care. But pretty much refuse to work together when trying to force a sewage treatment plan for the rest of us. We should be screaming at them to either put us on their health care plan or get them on ours. We scream about everything else...why not add this to the list.
  21. To be clear, my engine was running but not engaged while dealing with the anchor. This is what I normally do. But in this situation, there would not have been enough time between the anchor coming loose and then getting it [and the rope-20ft] on the deck. That's why I chose jumping in the water. At all times I kept one hand on the boat to prevent it from weather vaning. Your right, I actually arrived a bit later than skd. Which led me to anchoring a little farther out. I still had a good view of the beach but then another boater moved his boat closer and it blocked my view. Then a CAT came in and blocked me even more. Eventually he left and I immediately moved in and took his place for a better view of the beach. The other factor for moving in closer was the water temp. Something like 67 degrees.
  22. Check the prop for seaweed. Depending on how thick it is, it could choke it! Yesterday I was in Port Dover Ontario [Long Point]. I was inside the sand bar. Average depth where I navigated was 2.5 feet deep with LOTS of seaweed. Just puttering along everything was fine but each time I tried to accelerate, the bow would rise, stern would get lower which then meant the prop got into the thick of it. The boat shook and vibrated. My Toro lawn mower doesn't work that hard. I had to stop several times to raise the drive and make sure it was clear.
  23. The speedometer has never worked since I've owned the boat. It wasn't an essential requirement because the fish finder provides the speed. But lately I've been thinking about putting it back into service. The reason it isn't working is that the "pitot probe" is missing. So just the black tube is there. Before I order the part, what is a good way to test the gauge to make sure it works?
  24. I gots one more thing to say....... When I posted my reply above, it was the night before I went to Toronto Island on Monday. All was well. Record time over the Peace Bridge and Canadian Customs and up the QEW. I put the boat in and cruised to the island in smooth water. Dropped anchor and relaxed and watched the partial eclipse. Perfect day, but........ The Canadian forecast called for a small increase in winds during the day and then receding late in the day. I eventually maneuver the boat close to the shore and drop anchor. I'm about 30 feet from the beach and maybe 3 feet deep. As the day wears on, the winds pick up. Not concerned. Wave action picks up a little bit...1 foot and no white caps. Still relying on the original forecast that it will calm down later. There are now other boats around me and people swimming around me.....still not concerned but am starting to pay attention as the winds and waves keep mildly strong. About one hour before sunset, I am still seeing consistent winds with a change in direction. I then look up the Canadian forecast and it is updated stating winds and waves will change and increase. My heart starts to race a bit. Not so much because of the forecast but because now I don't think I can get out of my current position without either running aground or hitting something or somebody. The wind and my boat don't get along well. My boat weather vanes quickly and the aft corners [starboard or port] can easily become the "new bow" and be blown ashore in no time flat. So I start running simulations in my head on how to pull the anchors [forward and aft], get to the steering wheel and throttle and get going before I get blown around. I don't have a windlass anchor so I have to pull it up manually. The problem was, what to do with it once I pull it up. Do I stand on the bow and pull it aboard or jump in the water and bring it aft. If I stood on the bow, it would take to much time to get it aboard and stowed on the cuddy deck, then race over the window frame and get it in gear. Or, jumping in the water and pulling anchor, it allows me to pull the anchor while keeping one hand on the haul to keep it from weather vaning. So, I start the engine, pulled the rear anchor, jumped in the water and pulled the front anchor [I was fortunate to have enough line I could put the anchor on the swim platform]. Dropped it on the swim platform while struggling to keep the boat into the wind and also not blown ashore. Eventually, I had no choice but to let it go free while I'll climbed aboard [dragging tons of water with me] ran to the steering wheel and put it in gear. Thank God forward motion. Then two IDIOTS start to swim in front of me! I'm yelling at them, STOP STOP STOP. They look at me with disgust....then giggle and say GO GO GO. Fortunately they stayed out of my way and I had enough speed to maintain directional control and got out of that mess I allowed my self to get into. I relearned one thing. Always pay attention to your surroundings and take note of any changes.....or no changes. The other thing I learned was that a windlass anchor would have helped me out of this BIG TIME. Can a windlass be attached to an 87 Chap? The weather is looking fantastic tomorrow so I'm headed to Port Dover [Long Point, Ont]. I'm finally catching up with Summer.
  25. I'll have to have a second pair of eyes because the pick up tube is maybe 1 foot below the swim platform. I do have a compressor with varying tools so I'm all set. Just add it to the list of things to do. Thanks