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  1. dowstrategy


    The Admiral and I both love the Asheville area and I grew up near Knoxville TN. We are considering a move to the area in about 5 years or so but have the option of putting our boat on Norris, Cherokee, Douglas, Ft. Loudon or Watts Bar well before then. Any one have any comments on the lakes, the marinas, or the Chap dealer in Knoxville?
  2. dowstrategy

    TVA Lakes & marinas

    The Admiral and I both love the Asheville area and I grew up near Knoxville TN. We are considering a move to the area in about 5 years or so but have the option of putting our boat on Norris, Cherokee, Douglas, Ft. Loudon or Watts Bar well before then. Any one have any comments on the lakes, the marinas, or the Chap dealer in Knoxville?
  3. dowstrategy

    Alarm went off while running

    Yeah, he is like the energizer bunny during boating season. He wont answer his phone most times but rarely fails to respond to a text.
  4. dowstrategy

    Box Anchor Better Than a Danforth or is all in the technique?

    Thanks for the comments. I realized that I actually have 25' of chain. I rarely anchor in more than 8-10' and for those familiar with Texoma it around the Islands so usually a sand bottom. It would be very difficult to use a 10-12 to 1 scope with the other boats etc. I really feel that is part of the problem but its not the whole problem. The more I read and hear about the box anchor the more inclined I am to try one. $179 or so is well worth the peace of mind the Admiral and I would have it works.
  5. I have had problems off and on trying to anchor my boat. I have about 15' of chain, 100' of rope and a danforth anchor sized for the boat. It just seems hit or miss that the anchor holds. last weekend it just would not set and I had to keep moving to keep from drifting down on other boats. A friend recommended that I get a Box Anchor and swears by it. I looked it up on several web sites and found 99% glowing reviews. Basically they al say drop it and you stay in place with less scope than any other anchor. Anyone here have any experience good or bad with a Box Anchor? What is your surefire technique or tips for setting your anchor?
  6. dowstrategy

    Zebra Mussels

    I had a problem with them getting in the intake for my AC and causing problems. I understand that they are a PITA but it was only a matter of time. The sheer volume of boats being pulled out on the ramp at Highport made that clear. Also, the spillway at the dam has been open so anything downstream was going to have to deal with them sooner or later. I plan of paying much closer attention when the boat is pulled to cleaning any inlets. MPM, my dockmates have seen them in the strainers primarily, so maybe that is a preferred location for them setting up housekeeping.
  7. dowstrategy

    Alarm went off while running

    The alarm problem was a battery issue, battery had a bad cell and the low voltage caused the alarm issue. They also found an oil leak that could have caused issues in the future. Greg also found a problem with the boat internal water pressure pump. As I mentioned, Greg has always been good with his response and issue resolution.
  8. dowstrategy

    Alarm went off while running

    UPDATE; I want to thank Greg Ray and Plano Marine for their exemplerary service. Greg took time between getting ready for a boat show and sleeping to drive up to Texoma and repair my boat. Not only did he fix the problem but he discovered 2 other issues that would have caused problems that I was not aware of and repaired them. Honestly, this is typical of the service I have had from them. We will be buying another Chaparral (larger of course and would not dream of looking elsewhere.
  9. dowstrategy

    Alarm went off while running

    Thanks Wingnut, very useful info. As I read the info there seems to be only 3 alarms that will produce a constant beep. Coolant, oil pressure, and overreved. Overreved seemes to be most probable. But it is possible that something was just jarred loose. It really puzzles me that oil checked fine, overheating seems not to have occured. I am also puzzled by the alarm behavior first kicking in at higher rpms then no alarm then alarm at low RPMs. Still waiting to hear from Plano marine.
  10. dowstrategy

    Alarm went off while running

    Returning to marina after day on Texoma. Running at 4000 rpms going south. large cruiser going north passed and we went thru his rather large wake. Got a good bump and alarm went off beeping rapidly. message said oil pressure/engine power limited. shut down immediatlly. checked engine no visible oil leaks in compartment or in the water. . Restarted normally and moved revs up gradually, no overheating at any point. Somewhere around 3500 RPM's alarm went off again same message beeping rapidly. Shut down, checked again and no problems apparent. Restarted and moved revs again up gradually with no problem until I got to my slip. As I was backing into slip at very low RPMs alarm went off again same message beeping rapidly. Shut down and tied boat up. Dealer coming up to look at boat today. Any ideas? My thoughts are its possible I slightly overreved the boat when passing thru the wake. Thus the alarm. Does it require a reset? The engine did not run rough, or overheat and oil levels all seem normal. Engine is Merc 350 2008
  11. dowstrategy

    Any Lake Texoma People on here?

    I keep my boat a Highport. Really enjoy Highport's central location and proximity to the islands. I spend time in the cove Jim called High cliff and enjoy it. Well protected from the usual winds. The Admiral and I try to spend as much time as possible year round on the lake and it still amazes me how few boats are on the lake recently even though weather has been fine. Lots of sailboats though. Last year discovered the brealfast buffett at Pelican Roost resteraunt at Cedar Mills. Nice resteraunt but courtesy slips leave a little to be desired.
  12. Welcome. We have a 2008 Signature 250 with 350 and B IIII The boat is very stable and we like the boat a lot. I do feel that the 350 is a little underpowered after our first year with the boat. The cabin is well laid out but tight. The aft berth Is very tight in my opinion and the access to it is a little uncomfortable. We frequently overnite on the boat. The cockpit is perhaps our only real complaint. We have the convertible rear seat and while the theory of it is good we find in practice it doesn't quite work. I also find the swivel feature of the helm seat to be a little difficult. Overall it's a great boat if your needs and the boat match up. We are currently considering stepping up to a Signature 310.
  13. dowstrategy

    Lake Travis Marinas?

    We love Austin and are thinking about putting our boat (Chap Sig 250 or possibly Sig 310 ) on Lake Travis. Really have no insight into the pros and cons of the primary marinas. Insights and opinions greatly appreciated as well as any additional insight about Travis. Admiral use to have a boat they trailered and used on Travis but over 10 years ago. Thanks.
  14. dowstrategy

    The Admiral Fell In Love With A Signature 330 So Just Maybe!!!

    Well we evaluated both boats this morning and decided the 310 suited us better. The 33o was an excellent boat and well laid out for people who entertain down below. The aft cabin was a real issue for me. I have a knee replacement and felt that acess in and out of the berth would not be comfortable for me. The 310 aft berth was much more acessible and we really liked the layout down below. I liked the steps down in the 330 a little better than the 310 but not a major issue. Cockpits were nice for both boats and either one was suitable. The 310's prior owner had a seperate stereo setup for cockpit and cabin which had a lot of advantages. Really liked the dashboard layout on both. Both boats identically powered with 350's and Bravo III's. The 310 had the lowrance GPS and no radar. 330 had raymarine c80 GPS and radar. In my usage radar is no big deal. Both boats had gensets, AC/Heater, and bilge heaters. Both have 2 TV's and DVR's. Both boats sold new by the dealer and well maintained. The 330 had a fridge in the cockpit while the 310 did not ($1400 to add according to dealer). 330 was blue and 310 was black. Both boats also had windlass. 330 had 95 hrs while 310 had only 30 hrs. Both boats just trade in on new Chaps. The dealer had a 420 Premier Red loaded for 699 big deer. I asked the Admiral if it followed me home could we keep it but she was not amused We decided we liked the 310 more with the cabin layout being a major factor. Waiting for dealer to crunch some numbers and call us.
  15. dowstrategy

    How far do you go to boat?

    Its about an hour and fifteen minutes from my house to our slip at Texoma. There are other closer lakes but none the size and amenities of Texoma