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  1. kev1n56

    SSX vs. SSi vs. Sunesta

    Hi, I have a 2005 Sunesta 236 with a merc 350 mag powering a bravo 3. Some of its features are an enclosed head with corian countertops, a full camper enclosure with screens when you roll down the eisenglass, 2 sinks with fresh water along with showers at bow and stern. This boat is now the sunesta 244. Great boat!!! Pulls skiers, tubes, cg rated for up to 14 reality is 7-8 passengers. had it to 56 mph gps. I love this boat!
  2. kev1n56

    I want to hoist my boat off the trailer

    You might want to try putting the trailer in the water and floating the boat back a foot or two on the trailer to accommodate the stern strap and have enough room for the bow strap. Lifting by the cletes is way imho.
  3. kev1n56

    VacuFlush vs Pump-Out Porta-Pottie

    I have a Sunesta 236 with the jabsco pump out toilet system. There are three basic toilet systems in chaps as far as I know. There is the vacuflush which is a power system utilizing electronic pumps, the jabsco system using manual pumps and the porta potty which is self contained. I think you have the jabsco manual toilet because of the two hoses and lack of a vacuflush power panel. One hose is the water inlet for flushing the toilet. Mine is connected to a thru hull fitting in the bilge with a sea clock valve to provide water for flushing the toilet. The other hose is a waste outlet hose connected to a holding tank on the port side in the engine compartment adjacent to my fresh water holding tank. There is a manual pump on either the right or left of the toilet with a switch or valve that allows either the water in or the waste out. The pump is a T handle that you use to pump the water in then the waste out. Wow who would have thunk so much talk about crap.......but mine intimidated me until the ladies had to go!
  4. kev1n56

    How do I flush 2013 19 H2O/ 4.3MPI w/catalyst

    Just put the ears on connect to garden hose and let it run up to 175 degrees on temp gauge when the thermostat opens and run for 5 minutes to flush out salt water. Some boats have thru hull fittings which you would see somewhere in the bilge. I don't think this is the case with your boat. Good luck and flush away.
  5. kev1n56

    Looking to buy a 2007 190SSI...advice needed

    +1 on all the above. FYI.... I just saw this boat on eBay for 15 large deer or best offer. Assuming it all checks out, I would go for it....beautiful boat.
  6. kev1n56


    I had same problem last year. After destroying 3 filter wrenches and one strap wrench I was where you are now. A neighbor had a proper oil filter wrench, i looked on in awe.....this sucker was turbocharged and after cooled... He put it on the filter and off it came. It was basically a very sturdy filter wrench, I will ask the brand when I see him later. The 350 mag has a "cool fuel" system. The fuel water separator is not a spin on filter. It is a paper cartridge that installs into a permanent housing on the starboard side of the engine. Looking at the engine, it will be on the left side of the engine just below the alternator. You will see the fuel line going into it. The housing has three machine screws that you remove allowing the canister to drop into your hand. Have some oil absorbent pads handy for over flow. The 350 mags are funny eggs.......but after the initial intimidation.....they are just another engine to play with.
  7. kev1n56

    NADA pricing on 2007 276ssx

    After a frustrating search for a competitive rate and terms on a boat loan I found a company called Lightstream. They require excellent and substantial credit history and in return they gave me an online approval in 15 minutes and wired the funds into my account in 24 hours. The rates range from 1.9% to 6.6% dependent on amount and term. The max term is 7 years and these loans are unsecured meaning you retain title to the boat. I have been with them for thirteen months and it has been a pleasure.
  8. kev1n56

    2007 Chaparral Ssi 204 won't start

    Did you check your kill switch on your throttle?
  9. kev1n56

    Fuel Leak at Fuel Pump Fitting

    The sealant I use on fuel fittings is Permatex aviation form-a-gasket sealant liquid. Comes in a 4oz container with a brush integrated in the cap. Good stuff.
  10. kev1n56

    My First Boat

    Thanks for the replys. Ill try to post another pic....not to sure how to do it like you guys do! http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l630/kev1n56/0022.jpg
  11. kev1n56

    My First Boat

    I have been following the forum for the last 9 months or so amd figured id try a post. The info I have learned has been great.....thanks to everyone!My link