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  1. R.W.L.

    Emergency backup engine

    No kidding!!!! I gotta get another one for my admiral, might even make no wake speed.
  2. R.W.L.

    Emergency backup engine

    This is my back up engine.
  3. R.W.L.

    What kind of boat or boater do you find more annoying?

    Bass boaters are a PITA down here. They fly by with no regaurd for anyone.
  4. R.W.L.

    Window Tint

    I would recommend Llumar brand tint, and install it on the inside of the glass.
  5. R.W.L.

    Some people are idiots.

    I used to own a Ford Taurus SHO v-8 That thing would hit 140 mph with ease and back in the mid 90's 28,000 wasn't just chump change. I beat the #$^% outta that car and eventually donated it to charity still running with over 150,000 miles on her.
  6. R.W.L.

    cleaning stainless steel

    Bar keepers friend is the best. Wear gloves when you use it it'll suck all the oil out of your skin.
  7. R.W.L.

    Armor All on Carpets

    We have a saying down here, "Armorcrap" It works but you have to keep using it or else what ever you use it on will deteriorate a lot faster than if you never used it.
  8. R.W.L.

    cranking but won't start

    Not to make the lesson your friend taught you about seem wrong, but,....... There are only 3 things that make an internal combustion engine work. Fire Fuel Compression. If you have all of those the engine will run, how well it runs depends on how many computer controlled sensors that are functioning properly. No computer controlled functions = a boat running down the river if it has those MAIN 3 components. It's the same thing for the vehicle that takes you to work or whatever.
  9. R.W.L.

    Some people are idiots.

    Nothing worse than a guy that stopped to ask me what model Harley Davidson I had. I took the time to inform him it wasn't a Harley but a V-Star (division of Yamaha) built to look like a hardtail. He thanked me and went on his way. Being ignorant is different than being an idiot.
  10. R.W.L.

    Recommended onboard tools & parts

    You only need 3 things, life preserver, marine radio, flares, oh and a 4th thing, patience. Everything else don't matter. Well at least on the waters I travel anyway, ya gotta use common sense for the most part and it sounds to me like you got a pretty good bead on things. Keep in mind the more junk you load in = less time on the water. Might wanna throw in an extra fuel cannister or 2 if you plan on making it a day or more. GPS ABOVE ALL and a first aid kit
  11. R.W.L.

    STOLEN: Truck & Trailer

    Hadta be rookie chop shop crooks that they didn't take the SRS Air Bags, 2 screws hold either in and they are not cheap at all. That truck will be a total. #%^$&%$ I hate to see it, not just because how bad I'd feel if it were mine, but I'm a (Ford man) thru and thru (actually had that on my old tag)
  12. R.W.L.

    Hit submerged object. Will insurance cover?

    I was driving along in my 4x4 suv and felt a thump. Turned out to be a Hyundai Sonata, yes the insurance covered it.
  13. Don't know for certain but I do know if I turn the water hose wide open on my outboard engine, nothing comes out the little hole to let you know the cooling water is flowing so I close the valve on the spigot a little and it works fine, I forget who told me but it was someone on this forum and they explained that municiple water pressure can keep the thermostat closed and not allow water to flow.
  14. Lower the water pressure.
  15. R.W.L.

    Memorial Day.

    I was Navy 82-83 but I don't feel I deserve vet status. Was never in any action or conflict cept maybe that one time my CO pissed me off, I nearly rung his bell but sitting in the brig over the weekend didn't appeal to me, so SALUTE to all those that REALLY DESERVE this holiday, me I'm just gonna chill out.