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  1. CaptainZac

    Moving: keep or sell my Chap?

    You can get one of the marinas to go get the boat for you it is usually around $1.50 per loaded mile or just rent a trailer I would consider buying a trailer because if you do decide to sell a boat of that size most buyers will trailer EZ loaders are made in Charlotte and you can get them for 100 over invoice of you can get a Wesco from Columbia Harry
  2. CaptainZac

    Moving: keep or sell my Chap?

    Why not dry stack on Lake Norman or Lake Whyle Its only minutes from Charlotte
  3. CaptainZac

    Boat Wax

    go to lake keowee marina rent a trailer or just pay them to lift it out on a weekday and put it on a rack you should be able to buff it out in a few hours Harry
  4. CaptainZac

    Refueling. How to/Safely.

    The fill tube on a car is not in the same vicinity as the motor compartment so the fumes have to travel quite a few feet to reach the engine compartment. The engine compartment of the car is open allowing for no fumes to accumulate The boat is pretty much closed up no air circulation thus needing a blower I think that most safety courses will suggest that you unload the boat But you are the captain do as you see fit Harry
  5. CaptainZac

    Refueling. How to/Safely.

    Hatch closed, blowers off, doors closed, all electrical off. "everyone off the boat" after refueling hatch closed, blowers on 3-5 min, Electrical as needed, everyone on the boat Harry
  6. CaptainZac

    Boat Wax

    Wax only magnifies what is underneath it. it is good to remove any dirt and scratches before you wax (with polish or compound) Some people do not wax at all just polish I have always liked a wipe on wipe off wax after polish I do it 3-4 times per year its therapeutic for me Harry
  7. CaptainZac

    Shining up an 06 Chap 280 sig.

    depending on how bad the oxidation is I would use a 3m polish (with a buffer) if that does not work then try a light 3m compound followed by polish no real need for wax if you use polish but if you wax I like 3m ultra Harry
  8. CaptainZac

    Batteries & drive lube oil

    The reason I asked if you recently had the lube oil changed is on a B3 after and oil change it is very common that you might have to top a few times. when putting new oil in it is very had not to get some air in the lower unit. now since you have not changed the lower unit in several years you might want to reconsider doing it on a yearly basis. It could be as simple as the washers on the drain plugs are seeping out oil due to age I like to change them when I change the oil. When changing the lower unit oil you are doing a few things. One you are looking for water in the oil also it gets very hot in the lower unit so the oil will brake do. Harry
  9. CaptainZac

    Batteries & drive lube oil

    IMO you should have a Cranking bat in the #1 position a deep cycle in the #2 select #1 to check just disconnect one of the bats and see if you loose power if not that is #2 Lube oil was the lower unit oil changed recently? Harry
  10. CaptainZac

    Small Toggle Switch near Perko

    Check and see what bat is connected to the starter looks to me that the blue bat is for starting the other two look to be the house bat
  11. CaptainZac

    Trim tabs on 246 SSI

    I put Lenco's on my 265 SSI easy job Harry
  12. CaptainZac

    Cleaning seats?

    It will work it will clean the seats it will destroy the top coating of the vinyl which is there to protect the vinyl from UV and dirt If you are planning to redo the seats in the next 2 years then go for it you will have white seat for a few years but they will get dirty faster than before Harry
  13. CaptainZac

    Cleaning seats?

    Magic Eraser is one of the worst things you can use If you want to use it just as well use sand paper If you use it you will be removing the top layer of the vinyl Most companies want you to use soap and water 303 cleaner followed by conditioner works well also after they are clean just let them set in the sun that will help the white vinyl Harry
  14. CaptainZac

    Removing mildew from canvas bimini

    clean it very well (303 cleaner) the dirt and the moisture causes the mildew lay it out in the sun (facing the sun clean it some more let it lay out in the sun more Then after it is gone re-install now every time you go to the boat and every time you leave the boat spray it with lysol (it will help to cut down the bacteria
  15. CaptainZac

    Surface Preparation Order

    I have a lot of practice with a buffer I used to buff show cars that were painted with straight lacquer we only had grinders at the time not the nice buffers they have now